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  1. I wasn't able to put them sadly!
  2. I could imagine if all of them were brutal.
  3. SCRATCH Imagine. Program. Share. This collection is for every single MUGEN character based around the Scratch website. Key note: MSP denotes that the character was made with Microsoft Paint sprites. Brown denotes a crap character. Purple denotes a cheap/overpowered/frustrating to beat character. Red denotes a character that is missing/offline. Yellow denotes that a character is a spriteswap of a template. Select your character! Scratch Cat Smashfan41 | Mashu the blob Giga Not MUGENi
  4. Haven't noticed a GIGA game category.
  5. This place needs a character category for PvZ. I need it already!

    1. Ryou


      i was working on that until it dawned on me that it's hard to come up with good image previews. i'll probably have another attempt at it later.

  6. Go play PvZ instead of S&TSS, you paper plumbers.

    1. Mister Fael
    2. Isaac


      PvZ is better than Shantae lmao

  7. Bootleg Delfino Plaza be like: This stage (that's cool bruh)
  8. AngryBirdCooler's Baldi is best Baldi
  9. The Angry Birds Space characters' link is dead!
  10. Isaac


    Kinda looks good.
  11. Good choice! The problem is that the links... they're dead.
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