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  1. Also don't forget about Quake Both stages are from III: Arena Q3DM6 by Most_Mysterious Q3DM17 by Most_Mysterious Postal 2 has one stage Hospital by Kamek And Wolfenstein 3D too Wolfenstein 3D Stage Pack by 성진
  2. i got an obscure doom relic from 2012 DOOM HELL by spidermastermind100
  3. Creator's Collection: Kamek / Neo-Kamek. the Shout out to my boi Alan Dracula update. - Moved most of the krap to google drive - Added lost krap - Added the ":" after Creator's Collection - and also don't buy Postal III
  4. Finally, a new year, a edit of a screenpack by kater15 with my very first attempt at making a Lifebar Screens Download: Google Drive Mediafire
  5. SELECT YOUR FIGHTER: Kwon: ProtoMan1997 Murkeva: Harron & Bannana OTHER STUFF: STAGES Stages by Cenobite53 SPRITES Atari ST Sprite Rips in Spriters Resource Amstrad CPC Sprite Rips in Spriters Resource Amstrad CPC Sprite Rips in Sprites Database
  6. Since, the version of WlanmaniaX's Luke Skywalker in this collection was the beta version of him i did however have a version dating back from 07/23/2013 https://www.mediafire.com/file/hnqpwp4c6c01dde/lukeskywalker.rar/file
  7. guys my asus win 8.1 notebook fuckin died for no reason and now i forced to use my bro's old ass cromebook now all my mugen work is gone,

    1. bluengineer43


      oh shit that sucks dude.


      hopefully you will be able to back up your stuff

  8. - Added both the 2002 and 2006 versions of Sailor Jupiter
  9. Sorry, i can't find the alt fight.snd for his Lifebars but, lost in time.
  10. well i've ported a stage from a lesser known pc fighting game from like 2006, Since nobody had ever ported the stages from this game but now i've port this stage in M.U.G.E.N. also includes 1.1 compatible .def for zooming Winner is standing side of grounded loser.
  11. The Test Stage from SSBM this stage took me 1 or 2 hours to make Debug Mode Powers Activate
  12. Sorry, But only the staff have the ability to lock topics
  13. http://www.mediafire.com/file/7fd0qha1nl8vgho/The_Miz.rar/file Enjoy
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