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  1. Fun Fact: Spider-Man (2002) is the best selling DVD of all time.

    Another Fun Fact: Frozen (the 2013 Disney movie) is the best selling Blu-Ray of all time.


  2. I can't remember but I remember seeing a image comparing the two.
  3. These are ripped from the PS1 game based on the show. And the same guy also did stages from the Kuuga and Ryuki Ps1 games as well.
  4. Just installed my new WIFI 6/Bluetooth 5.1 wireless card to my PC.

  5. Finally, my favorite mobile armor in the Gundam franchise is in MUGEN now.
  6. However, the PS2 version is inferior to the Dreamcast and Arcade versions though.
  7. I feel like it would've had a control scheme mode similar to Capcom VS. SNK 2 EO's Easy Operation mode.
  8. I can not believe Steve from Minecraft is now in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Super Smash Bros. franchise has really jumped the shark at this point and Sakurai sure is running out of ideas.

    1. TheWhiteDevil27


      That makes me glad that it stopped paying attention to Smash a while ago.....

    2. PlasmoidThunder


      You imply Sakurai is behind every inclusion, which he isn't. He even said during the presentation that Nintendo approached him with the idea.


      But sure, adding in representation from the best selling video game of all time is jumping the shark 😛

    3. TheWhiteDevil27


      I don't care. I hate Minecraft and its cancerous fanbase and this announcement has made Smash worse for me.

      Also, really? Minecraft is the best selling video game of all time? I honestly thought that title went to either GTA V or Wii Sports. Huh....That's something I did not know about until now.....

  9. The hashmal.zip file doesn't even contain the character. It only contains a stage.
  10. So, how this game works is that somebody explains a certain movie, tv show, book, or video game plot badly and somebody else tries to guess what tv show/video game/book/movie plot they were describing. The person who posted their poorly explained plot may give a few hints but may never give out the exact answer. If somebody gets one correct, then they may proceed to explain another movie, tv show, book, or video game plot badly and the whole process repeats. Okay, let's get started. Shall we? Japanese girl and blonde foreigner become best friends all because one of them hit the oth
  11. Is it really considered incest if I ship Signum and Shamal from the Lyrical Nanoha franchise together as they were both created by the Tome of the Night Sky/Book of Darkness?

  12. And another one as I just watched the movie for the very first time today: I do not like Logan (2017). You can read more about my opinion on my Letterboxd review of it: https://letterboxd.com/thewhitedevil27/film/logan-2017/ But to make a long story short, it flanderizes Logan's/Wolverine's character to bits, the plot drags on longer than it should, and it tries way too hard to be gritty and edgy. Just saying.
  13. I am back with a new computer. I know it isn't perfect with the lack of a dedicated graphics card (which blocks me from most modern PC games) and blu-ray/dvd drive but it is still better than my old Dell laptop by far.

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