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  1. um yeah, I can't use discord because it lags my fucking browser and also causes my voice to skip. Is there a way you could plug what's going on in the discord chat via bot in the regular chat? (which btw is still around.)
  2. The stage probably would have looked better if it used SOR graphics rather than something else, unless the game's a character and it can be played on any stage. As for the minigame itself, the sprites look a bit too upscaled. Looks amazing otherwise though. Before someone mentions anything about SORR v5 stuff being stolen here, Most of the devs don't care anymore as long as they're credited. It's been five years and judging by what Criss (a SORR spriter) said on SOROnline's forums, they're tired of trying to enforce it. Though, you'll have to find the rips if you wanna use them, or rip them yourself. A lot of them seem to be in this minigame's data though so you probably won't have to go far to look. You may need to ask who sprited what though to credit them properly. Criss sprited Adam, I can tell you that now. Daors did Elle and a lot of the custom Electrocution sprites. As for a lot of the other stuff, I couldn't tell you. I suggest checking on SORR's new forums and asking. If anyone wants a link to their new forums, let me know.
  3. The stages look awesome. When I get myself back into Mugen I'm going to have to download them.
  4. Cybaster's tool is meant to start the progress Shawn. You have to add things to make it your own. It wasn't intended for a quick and dirty stage conversion tool. There's still work you have to do yourself like animations and effects.
  5. The custom MMPR movie voice pack I did for Ivan Ooze isn't listed on this page but here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/download/649e6j7468tx6ye/%21Ooze-o.snd
  6. Looks impressive. If I wasn't hurting for harddrive space I'd try this bad boy out myself.
  7. Really kinda bored here. I want more people to talk to in chat. If anyone wants, feel free to stop by. It's kinda dead and boring atm

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    2. Niitris


      I'm just about done too. Chat seems to be busier on the weekdays from the little I've learned here.

    3. Noside


      There are a lot of chat rooms out there on the net.

    4. Glisp


      I know. I kinda wanted to chat here though.

  8. Recorded off of my PS4, this video was initially me testing the PS4 recording capability. I have to say I'm quite impressed. As for Gameplay, considering this was a blind run of this difficulty up to this point, I did pretty well, even if I did take a crapload of damage at times. Fortunately, I never died and ended up getting an S Rank which actually isn't really too applaudable because unless you die a lot you'll usually get one in LDK mode. I might have done a little better but I've been having Carple Tunnel problems as of late, which has really affected the way I play. Anyway though, enjoy.
  9. Inb4 fart joke parodies of the song. Also inb4 someone makes a mugen hentai character. As for the character itself, knowing his past work it should be decent. Though I know a lot of people that don't like his work because of his DBZ characters (if this is the same guy I'm thinking of) because anything that's fast or does high damage is considered cheap and broken by the community. Personally, as long as a character functions properly, I'm not concerned with that. If I had enough space for it, I'd probably be playing Mugen to try it out. I really want to say more about this character because I feel it was an interesting choice but really, I don't know what else to say.
  10. an MKP character that's actually good? I'm impressed. Most of the MKP characters I've used have been glitchy messes.
  11. Kat o Nine tails is from DKC 2 not from 3 btw. (unless he appears in 3 which I don't think he does due to the drastic difference of enemies)
  12. Another Snorlax that uses Japanese anime voices I assume? I really wish some of the creators would surprise me and either use US anime voices or gameboy cries. Though by the sound of it, it's an edit and not a very good one.
  13. Well i know a couple of characters that do regular taunts: Supermystery's Eternal Champion and Dark Eternal Champion. Both of them love spamming taunts. Dark EC even does it after a certain combo like he does in the game. So you could probably get her to enter rage mode more frequently if you're fighting one or both of these two. I'd love to try it out myself but I don't have my Mugen installed on this computer atm due to harddrive space reasons.
  14. I got a little bored so I started this thread. These are mainly images using models from Deviantart and posing them. Anyway, here's most of the stuff I've done thus far. Just a heads up though, these images are quite large. Balder (Corrupted) - I made this image for my Avatar, as you can see to the left. Balder (Past) - The feather actually comes from Father Balder's model. It's the feather he uses to comb his hair (which Past Balder does also when he wins Tag Climax. Past Balder also throws them like darts.) Well that's all I have to show for now.
  15. 'God chat is soooooo fucking boring right now. Can someone please come in there and liven it up a bit? (within rules mind you)

    1. Galvatron


      We would have but alot of us be sleeping Glisp........-_-

  16. Well thus far, nothing's really going on in chat. If anyone's reading this, come on into chat and see if you can get a conversation started.

    1. Big Green

      Big Green

      I'll actually try to see if this chat surpasses the Wikia chat...

  17. I have no doubt you will Neo Fire. I was just saying Enerjak would have been a cool boss.
  18. Are Patrick's pants even attached to his body? They look like they're in front of him lol. The character looks bad. At least Spougebob's face looks decent, but the good things stop there...
  19. It's too bad there aren't any sprites for Enerjak (I think that's how you spell it, been a while since I looked) that I'm aware of. Would be a cool boss.
  20. Still want a Bayonetta character. I don't care if she's a modified version of the chibi sprites from the Angel Land HTML5 game. As well as a character of Father Rodin. Gotta love that OP boss.
  21. Glisp


    Still just as ugly IMO. tbh, there aren't any good looking peach characters for mugen.
  22. added a new track to castlevania mixes. Battle of the Holy from Castlevania Adventure.
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