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  1. Okay so I tested both of em out and they are waaaaaaaaaay too much for my roster... Most of their attacks have this extended range or something.. I'll keep them cause they're so cool but I'll disable them from being picked by the AI. Thanks for the answer btw.
  2. I don't get which ones are cheap... Is it the one with the Black Text? Or the one with the Red Text? Or are all of the edits cheap? I want to get some characters like Gloria and Labyrinth cause they look they're nice killer edits but I rather not have them tearing my characters a new one...
  3. The stretching seems to happen only when I'm using a screenpack that is a default widescreen. Apparently it forces "Stage Fit" that's why it streches... My bad ?
  4. Checking each of your posts intrigues me with your example characters. Who's the character on the left?
  5. Preview doesn't exist for me... Having thoughts if I should blind test this or not ~
  6. They look amusing enough to warrant a download <3 They may be a joke character but I'll put them in my Mugen as a bonus boss character..
  7. Sonafu--- This is the best version of Iyazoi I've ever play tested... Actually, all of your characters are very accurate to the originals. You sir, deserve an award for them.
  8. Tried it on a widescreen-edit of mugen and it somehows stretches everything in the background.. Not a problem, good work on the stage. Also, where did you get those two characters? Lilly and Lilith?
  9. None of the pictures are working for me xd Request for it be fixed~
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