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  1. All of the download links only redirect me to this topic and it won't download.
  2. Hey guys. I have a weird problem and it just started happening recently. Everytime I open the MUGEN application, it thinks I'm holding down on one of the main buttons (A, B, C, X, Y, Z, Start), while my fingers are clearly not pressing anything on the keyboard, leaving me absolutely no time to move my selection over. I did not change anything before I ran the engine. I am also using MUGEN 1.0. Help on fixing this is appreciated.
  3. Alerkina4's sprites in his creations look like they're drawn in MS Paint. Somebody's on a low budget.
  4. I kinda find it weird that everything is drawn out except for the logo on the TV monitors
  5. Hello. If you don't know me yet, my name is NationOfOranges696. I'm more known in the YouTube Poop community for YTPs on various sources, with Garfield being my most recognized ones, and I've been making poops since 2012. Why have I joined Mugen Free For All? This is because Mugen is also one of my favorite interests right up there with YTPs. I have discovered Mugen in 2007 through YouTube videos that showcased characters fighting each other. Over the years, I have contributed to the Mugen Wiki, which I have left from visiting it very often due to the decreasing number of first release characters/stages that are posted on the wiki. Then there's Mugen Archive. Even though I visit there often, it felt more of a storage site rather than an actual Mugen host site. Then I found this site, MFFA. IMO it feels like where everything is now that took off from the Mugen Wiki, except its in a form of a forum site. Who knows. It could put a better experience on me since the functionality of replying to first release creations is better than it is on the Wiki. For Mugen itself, 90% of the time it's just me watching CPUs battle each other. There are times where I go into Training to practice some characters' moves, but I just found CPU battles to be more amusing. I also use Fighter Factory, and I have the ability to code certain stuff that I know, along with creating new palettes and tweaking animations. I may or may not know some of the people that are on this site, but all I can say is that I am a fan of these creators who visit this site: - RoySquadRocks - Gladiacloud - WlanmaniaX - Dylanius - Warner Hopefully my sign on to the site will be worth it.
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