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  1. As Morrigan and Kiryu continue walking they are suddenly are stopped by a group of about 10 young people who then asked if they could get some pictures taken with Morrigan it seemed they had mistaken her for a cosplayer and seem really insistent on It -they seem to think you are a cosplayer haha -my word.....well I shouldn't disappoint them then (its not like I can tell them I am a real succubus that would just cause a commotion) Kiryu then spots a public bathroom -well you do that i'll be back in a second -alright then I'll still be here when you get back Morrigan starts posing for the group and nudges in the middle for some group photos -sheesh she seems waay to into that A couple of minutes later after Kiryu goes to wash his hands two men dressed in cheap suits one in black and one in grey and with very pissed off looks on their faces walk into the public bathroom Kiryu glances at them through the mirror -(hmm they seem like Yakuza.....but could they be? why would they be seems like a shakedown they might be aiming for me geez figures knowing my luck lets see if I can get out of this without knocking their teeth out
  2. on a bench next to a 24 hour convenience store Kiryu sits and smokes one of his cigarettes and Morrigan walks up to him after wandering around -my you are still here aren't you curious as to what this city holds? -well I'm not really that interested....we could go to that "warriors hangout" place although this city is like a maze I don't really wanna get lost -but getting lost Is half the fun you really need to stop being so stiff get into a fight or something -eh that wouldn't be a good idea.....also are you feeling better or something? -YES actually thanks for asking as soon as I entered the city my head wasn't spinning haha weird huh -that is weird......I guess we aren't gonna get anything done sitting here lets move Kiryu got up from the bench and him and Morrigan started walking down the street as they did the passed some street thugs making a loud commotion -(heh I didn't know the gutter trash were in this part of town I better not get involved) {they continued on as they were passing them and unknowingly walking toward the slums}
  3. As Morrigan and Kiryu enter Candor city Kiryu cant help but feel overwhelmed -this city is freaking huge it makes Kamurocho look tiny in comparison -so what was this kamurocho place like? it sounds interesting {Kiryu folds his arms and tries to explain} - -well interesting is one way to put it Yakuza families are fighting for power and there are thugs and criminals everywhere.....but they do have nice food and it may be corrupt as hell but its where the Dojima family is located so I don't have much of a choice -haha that sounds fun maybe I should visit one day and you could show me around also you said you were part of a family too? so your a yakuza hmm interesting do you have any proof though? {Kiryu starts to take off his jacket and suit} -is this enough proof? -my that is solid proof I love the design by the way {Kiryu puts his shirt and jacked back on} -lets have a look around town although I don't have any money its still a huge city there could be something interesting going on although lets take the mecha maids advice and not stray too much all right {they continue to walk through the street they were currently on observing the shops and buildings}
  4. As the batte rages on Morrigan watches from the side but something seems to be bothering her -why do I feel all dizzy all of a sudden? damn it am I really in that much of a weakened state? as she says that though Kiryu comes back to see if she was alright -whats wrong? you don't look so good - just feel a little dizzy is a all nothing to be concerned about how is everyone doing? -well the majority of the enemies are gonna but I think there are still some left but by the rate everyone's going it should be over soon -I see I'm going to go sit down my head is spinning too fast for me to concentrate -hmm I hope she's okay she didn't look so good
  5. Kiryu sees the creature hugging tommy trying to set him ablaze -shit that's bad I gotta do something Kiryu jumps over the flames as if they were hurdles and sprints over to Tommy he then lines the creatures head up and furiously kicks It in the side of its head making it fly off tommy and roll across the ground. he then takes his shoe off and starts slamming it on the ground to put out the flames -well this is worrying I better get out of here before I get toasted
  6. Kiryu and Morrigan watch the chaotic fight from the side -well this is pure chaos there is fire everywhere and we are getting attacked by little green creatures? good grief -don't you think we should help out somehow you seem to be able to handle yourself in a fight kiryu -well I can fight quite well but regardless of that we cant just jump in any reckless actions could have dire consequences and besides unlike you I'm a human I burn easily and I know better than to just jump into a LITERAL burning ring of fire
  7. -I think we should get moving to Candor first instead of worrying about back massages -I have to agree I'm getting rather sick of this forest to be honest
  8. {Morrigan started to float in the air and looked down at Tommy and Kirimuri} -oh my that must be terrible you sure are have a unique personality and personally I find it intriguing -well he certainly is unique although I have met similar people.....although they weren't aliens
  9. @Darkflare @NijikakuFan61 {Morrigan stares at Tommy with a curious grin} -oh my it seems you have it seems there was another one.....and he is kinda cute -well......that was certainly unexpected and this really isn't the time for that Morrigan -what I was only saying that he was cute -so I take it he's one of your friends? {Kiryu asks Hisui with a curious look on his face}
  10. {Kiryu looks at the mecha maid with a confused face} -huh where the hell did you come from.....and what do you mean by offer assistance? {Morrigan laughs under her breath at Kiryu in shock} -my word that was quite an entrance I suppose she wants to help us out she doesn't seem hostile {Kiryu tries to grasp the situation. although he was still quite cautious of the mecha maid} -well we kinda need help right now if she can get us out of this forest then I'm more than glad to accept her assistance if it gets me the hell outta this place
  11. @DuckMannnn -well I guess that is true there is no such thing as too prepared I suppose -that was a....intriguing story to say the least haha
  12. @DuckMannnn {Morrigan takes three big sips out of the canteen.} -ah that hit the spot I feel so refreshed!! {Kiryu looks at all the things Kirimuri scattered across the grass floor} -you sure seem well equipped wherever you were before must have been rough to have all of these things on you at once
  13. {Kiryu picks up the sandwhich and takes a bite then a surprised look grew on his face as he took another bite} -this aint bad actually I haven't eaten anything at all since i got here {Morrigan decides to pass on the offer though} -I think i'll be alright I'm not particually hungry at the moment although do you have anything to drink? I'm thirsty after Kiryu made me fly up onto the tree tops {as Kiryu swallows the sandwich he looks at her with a angry look} -you make it sound as though I made you do it but all I did was ask........anyway we should get moving soon {Kiryu takes out another cigarette lights it and sits cross legged and blows smoke up into the air as he thinks to himself} -[I wonder who the asshole was that teleported me here anyway this day just keeps getting stranger I mean I befriended a goddamn succubus for crying out loud] @DuckMannnn
  14. AFRO FUCKING SAMURAI Also Jolyne Kujo from JoJo part 6
  15. when you spend all damn day in photoshop editing images for your Mugen portraits......bruh I feel dead lol