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    games and anime nearly all fighting games i also like Skyrim and Fallout l like anime like Dragonball z,One Piece,Cowboy Bebop,Trigun,Samurai Deeper Kyo,Yu Yu Hakusho,Hakuto no Ken and many others

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  1. eh i dont really mind like in KOF XIV it may not look as good as other fighters but if the gameplay is solid them im happy.....also Strider finally has an air super it seems lol
  2. i swear to god man i want Groot to be in Marvel vs capcom would be amazing

  3. bruh the story trailer just dropped
  4. damn Loki is a giant dick to Thor lol
  5. my god playing Yamazaki in KOF XIV is so damn fun lol he's a beast and so is his theme

  6. made some renders from the NGBC concept art for Moriya and Genjuro I really like the style I think its cool anyway here they are






  7. oh REDHOT made a Megaman I gotta try him out
  8. a Yakuza 1 remake for the PS4 in August for 30 dollars (WITH THE STEEL BOOK) and Bayonetta for PC? damn Sega is killing it right now....also Sonic Mania too that will be awesome

  9. you know life is good when you have the Popeye the Sailor man song stuck in your head lol 

  10. these look great man really nice colours and all that gonna grab a little short on dbz stage anyway lol
  11. been trying out a new screenpack the Mugen Tournament HD one by Devon
  12. you ever just scroll through a gallery of SNK stage gifs and SNK made some awesome stages back in the day some of the Samurai Shodown stages look beautiful

    1. Pluscross


      What's SNK doing now?

    2. Infinite Kyo

      Infinite Kyo

      well they just released DLC for the KOF XIV so idk might be a while before they do another game tho the company just got back on its feet but id love a new Samurai Shodown or Garou Mark of the Wolves 2