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  1. While Kiryu was sleeping peacefully he was suddenly woken up by something Kiryu: what the hell.......why does my chest feel so heavy? Kiryu then looks up at his chest and sees Morrigan laying on his chest giving him a playful and curious. look Kiryu got up quickly as he was startled at the succubus' sudden appearance. Morrigan: oh sorry did i wake you? i came to see what you were doing Kiryu: you need to keep your voice down.......and how did you get in here anyway? Morrigan: oh thats a i went and took a look at your dreams out of have been through many hardships it seems Kiryu Kiryu gave Morrigan a surprised look and leaned in towards her speaking in a much softer tone Kiryu: look i dont know if i mind a succubus doing weird stuff like that leave my dreams alone Morrigan: well its not like i had a choice i needed energy from somewhere! Kiryu: *sigh* Just keep your voice down Kirimuri is asleep over there too y'know Morrigan: oh maybe i should go play with him too! Kiryu: i dont think thats such a good idea.....he'd probably enjoy that a little too much.....can you leave so i can get some sleep? not to be rude but i was sorta enjoying that sleep Morrigan: oh alright...but i wont give up just yet mr kiryu Morrigan gave out a chuckle and then seemingly dissapeared into thin air. Kiryu then layed back down in bed and started thinking about things untill he fell asleep
  2. Decent MVC2 Rogue and Sentinel?

    best MVC2 Rogue and Sentinel? so i've been putting some X-men in my roster recently and couldn't quite track down a good Rogue or sentinel so yeah lol anyhting will do long as its decent
  3. Thank you for your cooperation. I hope everyone enjoys their stay Kiryu chuckled under his breathe and walked into the room he then took off his suit jacket and sat cross legged on the bed thinking about the events that have happened Kiryu: "well it certainly is weird being in a completely different world.....dont know what lies ahead but i hope im ready" Kyo and Morrigans room As Kyo lays on the bed with his arms behind his head staring at the ceiling he thinks about his current situation he closes his eyes. and opens them again to see Morrigan floating above him. seeing this Kyo was a little startled Kyo: what the hell are you doing? Morrigan: well i got bored and decided to see if you were still looks like you're not which is good because i wanna have some fun! Kyo: why do i feel like your definition of fun is twisted as hell? just let me sleep in peace and if you touch me i'll burn you like a log on an open fire Morrigan: oh fine you stick in the mud but dont think i will give up so easily Kyo pulls the blanket over himself while Morrigan floats over to her bed as she lays down she sends her bats away again before she too pulled the blanket over herself too.
  4. when Hokuto Shinken is invincible 


  5. The trio followed the robot maid to their room they opened the door and looked around, the room was quite spacious with 2 beds one single, and one queen sized a small one person kitchen with a fridge and small apliances such as a microwave, a toaster etc Kyo: yo this room is awesome! Morrigan: its quite lovely i love what they've done with the interior Kiryu: it sure is bigger than any room i've ever slept in Kyo: so there are 2 beds and 3 of us.....who stays and who goes? Morrigan: im not going! i like this room Kiryu: nah its fine you two can stay i'll look for another room im sure i'll find somewhere to sleep heh Kyo: well alright man if you insist im sure the other rooms are nice as hell too As Kiryu nods his head at them he continues down the hallway Kyo then closes the door and turns around to see Morrigan sitting on the queen sized bed Morrigan: i hope you weren't thinking of taking the queen sized bed because i am awfully tired.........or you could sleep in here with me there is room for two Kyo: nah i think i'll just gonna take the single bed Morrigan: geez you guys are no fun wont you at least play along im bored as heck over here!? Kyo: calm the hell down i dont wanna hear it right now.....besides im pretty sure that robot maid would kick our ass if you tried anything like "that" and how do i know you wont steal my soul or something? Morrigan: oh i wont do that........that'd be too boring anyway there alot of ways Aensland succubi feed off their *ahem* victims sometimes they can extract peoples fantasies you know peoples lewd thoughts and stuff? like how a teenager would imagine his teacher nake- Kyo: OK STOP RIGHT THERE TOO MUCH INFO......i need to sit down (this chick is all types of messed up and weird) As Kyo sat on the single bed he took off his jacket and sat with his back to the wall, while Morrigan's wings desolved into bats and then the bats dissapered they both sat on their beds going to continue the conversation even if Kyo liked it or not. Meanwhile Kiryu continues walking down the hallway then stops at Kirimuri's room the door was half open so he knocked on the door slightly before opening Kiryu: oh Kirimuri this is your can i sleep here? Kyo and Morrigan are sleeping in the other room and there sorta wasn't enough beds to go around @DuckMannnn
  6. Melina's question broke Kiryu's train of thought he then begins to answer her question Kiryu: yo Melina its nice to see you....these two are Kyo and Morrigan Morrigan: its a pleasure to meet you Kyo: yeah what they said nice to meet ya
  7. Screenshots Mffa Style

    the CLANG was too strong
  8. As the Discussion continued in the meeting room Kyo stepped up to tell them what he had learned while traveling to the slums Kyo: we did see a lot of soldiers it was sure weird.....there were a hell of a lot of criminals around though Kyo then turns to Lightflare Kyo: its been a long time hasn't it man you sure have changed. at least in looks haha @LightFlare_Da_Realest Kiryu: Kyo maybe we should get back on track here how about telling everyone that thing that attacked us Morrigan stares at Lightflare with a curious gaze from across the room. Morrigan: (oh my what an intense amount of spiritual energy) Kyo then turns back to Kiryu Kyo: alright, alright so anyway I could sense this weird ominous energy coming from one of the abandoned buildings in the slums. I went to check it out and.......I found something really weird and creepy. basically it was a pitch black version of me with red eyes and it uses purple flames instead of normal ones like mine. some kind of doppleganger or something it was weird it was a pretty close match. it copied every single one of my moves Kiryu and Morrigan showed up a little bit after Kiryu: I've thought a lot of stange things in my day but that was certainly unique it was faster than I could see too. Morrigan swooped in and saved me id be dead right now if it wasn't for her the shadow-thing fled as soon as he found out he'd been outnumbered he was so fast we couldn't even hope to catch it
  9. Kiryu opens the door to the so called meeting room. the trio walked into the room filled with unfamiliar faces Kyo then proceeds to speak what is on his mind Kyo: so all these people got torn from their worlds too huh? there sure is a lot of em Morrigan: you are right but I still don't think they are all here I can sense some strong spirits back in the city Kiryu: well whatever the case may be. its better to unite against a common enemy than facing it on our own guess we'll have to get along with eachother heh. The trio walked further down the room hoping to find somewhere to sit.
  10. As Kyo, Kiryu and Morrigan walk down the street they see the entrance to the warriors hangout in sight Kiryu: I see it its just up ahead Kyo: alright the entrance looks pretty cool I guess but have you been to this place before Kiryu? Kiryu: yeah once before it was nice great interior also Morrigan: well I hope that's true I'm becoming quite tired of all this running around As the three walked into the hangout Kyo and Morrigan say what's on their minds Kyo: man you weren't lying this place looks awesome and there is a lot of maids around Morrigan: I have to agree what a lovely place Upon saying that they head further into the hangout
  11. After resting on a bench next to the fountain Kyo senses something close by, he doesn't know what who or what it could be but it is strong Kyo: hey guys I....gotta do something i'll be back in a minute Kiryu: alright if you need us we'll be here Morrigan: just don't be too long okay? i'd hate to search for you if you get lost heh Kyo heads off with haste towards an abandoned car garage. he then walks through it into a showroom where the cars were helled at one time. he stops as he looks at the blank white wall with a huge black spot on it. which looked like it was paint Kyo: what the hell? Kyo takes a few steps towards the huge black splodge on the wall. but then the black splodge falls off the wall and starts tansforming into something. it was an identical version of Kyo but pitch black and with an ominous purple aura around it. it also had red eyes ????:.... Kyo becomes a bit confused, yet furious at the same time Kyo: what the hell are you supposed to be? and why do you look like me!!?. (I guess this is what I was sensing this power is weird I don't think I've sensed it before ) so asshole you gonna fight me or what? As Kyo gets into his fighting stance the shadowy figure does it too only its the exact same as Kyo's which pissed him off quite a bit BGM: Yakuza 0 Arch nemesis Kyo: okay thats it IM GONNA KICK YOUR ASS Kyo infuses his right fist in flames. he winds back and charges straight towards the shadowy figure but the figure does the exact same attack KOF XIII Nests kyo's neomax move As their fists collide a giant explosion of red and purple filled the somewhat big showroom. all the windows shattered from the force of the impact and the fire scorched the floor and ceiling Kyo and the shadowy figure get blasted backwards by the force of their attacks colliding. Kyo lands on his feet but so does the shadow Kyo: holy crap this guy can copy my every move.....its like fighting your own reflection....what a pain in the ass ????:........... Kyo and the shadow stare each other down waiting for the moment to strike. Meanwhile outside Morrigan and Kiryu hear the explosion Morrigan: my what was that? you don't think it was Kyo do you? Kiryu: I don't know but he did head off in that direction didn't he? this could be bad that explosion must have been huge by the sounds off it lets go Kiryu and Morrigan head off in Kyo's direction to help him
  12. After getting his wound tended to Kiryu walks out of the medical clinic still a bit sore around the lower back area. he then meets Kyo is waiting outside Kyo: well you look a lot better they must have knew what they were doing in there. so what happened to going to that "warriors hangout" place?" Kiryu: this place was closer....besides I don't really know the way back from here I could try to retrace my steps..... Kyo: meh its not like we need to go there anyway also I heard a commotion over the other side of town a couple of explosions too seems like quite the party Kiryu: well that does sound serious..wonder what happened.....well regardless we probably shou- Just as Kiryu was about to finish his sentence Morrigan pops up out of seemingly nowhere Morrigan: yes it does look exiting doesn't it Kyo: who is the chick with the huge rack and bat wings? (and where the hell did she come from) Morrigan: my name is Morrigan are you one of Kiryu's friends also I'm a succubus Kiryu: Good grief Morrigan don't just appear out of nowhere like that. and do you really think you should be telling everyone you meet you are a succubus?. it could go really wrong if you told the wrong person Kyo: a Succubus huh? that's interesting and don't worry man I wont flip out I already know how strong she by looking at her (and she is pretty damn strong) Morrigan: well you more common sense than I thought I must admit although you do seem capable of handling yourse- Morrigan quickly turns around and stares down the street with a surprised look on her face. seeing this Kiryu then asks Kiryu: oi Morrigan are you alright? you just suddenly did a 180 mid sentence Morrigan: oh its nothing...I just thought I heard someone calling my name is all (what was that presence I felt just then it was....enormous but was it evil? I couldn't really tell damn it) Kiryu stares at Morrigan then lets out a deep sigh Kyo lets out a slight chuckle Kyo: say we should probably get out of here before we get in trouble for loitering or some bs heh Kiryu: sounds like a aren't gonna fly off again are ya Morrigan? heh Morrigan: no I'm done sight seeing at least for the moment haha The three of them start walking out of the alleyway and into the street they begin going towards a nice marketplace with various shops and a huge water fountain in the middle
  13. What are you listening to right now?

  14. Kyo proceeds to walk towards Kiryu as he does he asks a couple of questions Kyo: yo are you alright man? it looks like they got you real good. just who were they anyway? Kiryu pulls out a bottle of water and proceeds to drink from it he then looks back at Kyo Kiryu I don't know who they are but I think they might have wanted to get revenge for a couple of guys I beat up anyway thanks for the help and whats with the fire ability thing? Kyo ignited his index finger and started waving it as though to show off Kyo: what you mean this? I guess the short version of the story is that it just runs in the family haha Kyo then stopped and stared at Kiryu's wound and the blood patch on his suit Kyo: so we should get that looked at I know you must be one tough bastard and all but we cant just leave it you'll be leaking all over the street Kiryu stops and thinks of a certain place Kiryu: I know a place It shouldn't be too far from here its called the warriors hangout I'm sure they'd have medical staff or at least someone who knows how to bandage a wound Kyo: well then lets go was looking for somewhere to sit and relax anyway heh The two head back towards the warriors hangout with Kiryu grasping his wound and Kyo making sure he doesn't collapse in the street