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  1. Oh hey, Galeo's doing their thing again. Now I wish Galeo would patch Mewtwo Y so I can have a good patch.
  2. That's a relief, knowing you're going to skim over some releases.
  3. Galacta Knight was spared of corruption, but it seems Mewtwo was not so lucky.
    At least she went out with one hell of a bang.

    1. Pluscross


      It corrupts people? Huh.


      Also that Melee character is a girl? She sounds super weird.

    2. Solarflared


      Actually, I'm not talking about the Smash Bros. Mewtwo. They're probably male/genderless, for I know.
      I'm talking about me and Gladiacloud's own Mega Mewtwo Y.

  4. A few things...one, I'm probably not gonna make another stage again.
    Two, been planning on updating a few characters; you might've seen my progress on one on my youtube channel, but I'm debating on whether or not I should publicly release it, or jsut only put it out to trusted friends.

    1. PlasmoidThunder


      I genuinely don't get why you're so bothered about them being uploaded to MA, as it happens to pretty much everyone and such is inevitable on a public release. They'll find their way onto MA one way or another.


      Heck, I have your stuff hosted in the event they go offline, mandated by me running a collection with them in.

  5. Just call it MadOldCrow1105's Toro, please, not MadOldCrow1105 and Dylanius9000's (AKA, me) Toro. I had little involvement in that char whatsoever, since whatever ideas I tried to pitch MoC just tossed aside like nothing.
  6. And like that, it's already happened. Fucking Leon.
  7. "This is one battle you can't afford to lose!" Hoo boy, I released a stage, of all things. It's basically a recreation of the place where you fight Proto Man in MM8BDM. There's two .def files. One with Proto and one without him. Download here, if you're interested. Hopefully, I won't get discouraged with releasing stages as I have with releasing characters, nowadays...
  8. Ok, so...
    I guess it wouldn't hurt to try releasing a stage instead of a character...?
    I mean, I haven't made a thread about it on here yet, so...

  9. Today fills me with such despair.

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