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  1. Chart: Direct link to folder: NOTE: 1.0+ ONLY, WILL NOT WORK IN WINMUGEN These are AI patches for the following characters: Cecil Harvey by AnkokuNaitou, DQ2 by sylphyne, Ickybod Clay by LordShade67, joker_SF by NGI, Keiji Thomas by Basara-kun, Michael Sobut by envymask666, Mister X by Basara-kun, Mr Bater by Nyan Kiryu, Ryumaou by Hanyu-maru, and Sniper Joe by Basara-kun. I still have some more AI patches, which I'll publicly release when I get around to it. Some of them need a little more fine-tuning.
  2. After all these years, someone out there finally found Bonkers by Jango. Comes with an AI patch.
  3. Battle Dome. It was funny at first, but now I just find it annoying.
  4. I have enough Ronald/Donald McDonalds to make an entire roster. The original Donald (Kishio's), Ronald (Donalddesu's edit), Dark Donald, Dark Excellent Donald, Void Donald, Sweets Donald, and Mega Donald just to name a few.
  7. Characters from the fighting game battles of The Adventures of Little Ralph Violent Storm characters (besides Drigger) Mo Shu Shi, Ming Boy, and Mario from Dong Dong Never Die Super Cosplay War Ultra characters (besides Rario), especially Evil Doraemon, Ogi, Sin (at least this one's a WIP), and Z-Mega
  8. Gordon Bowman from Kizuna Encounter (the only one I know of is a stiff piece of crap that doesn't even have all his required frames) Riot from Cyberbots (in other words, one not made by Kong) Travis Touchdown
  9. Everything ever made by Googoo64.
  10.!435&authkey=!AHuF6vi1R8H3Ylo Here's the new location of his content.
  12. Ado AI Patch (アドレーヌえーあい)!384&cid=510DFF84D836D345&group=0 Kyoso/Aum AI Patch (can't remember the password that allowed me access to the contents in the first place, but I happened to have it unzipped in a folder somewhere, so rearchived/rehosting with no PW)
  15. Here's a couple enemies from the game. Seiji Moribe by Hanyu-maru:!319&cid=BD490209893AF833&group=0 KoroKoromushi by nankotsu_curry (WARNING: CHEAP):