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  3. Now has AI
  4. Spark Kung Fu Man by tmtm (RESOLVED) Black Pet by GM/DENMOU Ah Owatta by Y77+ Priere by IF (to clarify, the one that's approx 20megs compressed, has strong AI and Vanguard Princess strikers, and the only living link is hidden by a password nobody knows anymore) Stormbringer Alma (aka $7[]2(V)|3[Z//&_4||v|^ ) by siocha (RESOLVED) The following DEMAN characters: D.Emptydoll, D.Pandora's Box, Neo Sekundes, Celsius, Cless Alvein
  5. OMF2097 AIs!APiFFLjypuHRpUQ&id=E31F1620B3D6CB69!112&cid=E31F1620B3D6CB69
  6. Heya Guy, hope you could attempt to do AI Patches for that Aqua for Konosuba that was recently released and perhaps Nanoha & Fate in the 

    Magical Lyrical Nanoha section.


    Nanoha and Fate have solid AI but I feel they are going to need to be tougher for some of my bigger & badder teams so I hope you can intensify them further.

    1. IDGCaptainRussia


      Don't do it, please. I used to make AI patches for him, and now he's blocked me and treats me like crap.

      Don't make the same mistake I made.

  7. New patches of January 2017: Albert Roseman by Hanyu-maru, Angry Ninja by Basara-kun, Axe PQ by Ryon, Byakki by Websta, Frosty Ninja by Basara-kun, Kagetsura by Websta, Kikugoro by Hanyu-maru, Mario SMB1 by Basara-kun, Marufoi by mas2 (easily my most shameful patch yet, I mainly made this one as a joke and to test a theory), Max PQ by Ryon, Reggie Skatore by MelvanaInChains, Speed PQ by Ryon, Tetris/Tetromino by Basara-kun.
  8. Chart: Direct link to folder: NOTE: 1.0+ ONLY, WILL NOT WORK IN WINMUGEN These are AI patches for the following characters: Cecil Harvey by AnkokuNaitou, DQ2 by sylphyne, Ickybod Clay by LordShade67, joker_SF by NGI, Keiji Thomas by Basara-kun, Michael Sobut by envymask666, Mister X by Basara-kun, Mr Bater by Nyan Kiryu, Ryumaou by Hanyu-maru, and Sniper Joe by Basara-kun. I still have some more AI patches, which I'll publicly release when I get around to it. Some of them need a little more fine-tuning.
  9. After all these years, someone out there finally found Bonkers by Jango. Comes with an AI patch.
  10. Suika Pon: AI patch in case you want it:!218&cid=62E022FD4AD94A55
  11. Battle Dome. It was funny at first, but now I just find it annoying.
  12. I have enough Ronald/Donald McDonalds to make an entire roster. The original Donald (Kishio's), Ronald (Donalddesu's edit), Dark Donald, Dark Excellent Donald, Void Donald, Sweets Donald, and Mega Donald just to name a few.