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  3. AI patch for Z.A.I.'s Trainheartnet I'm looking for Ryusei's AI patch for Train Heartnet (Z.A.I.'s version). I'm somehow missing this file (I managed to get everything else), and the only link I know of is dead because closed its free services at the end of January.
  4. guykazama

    Something only on the archive
  5. guykazama

    Dong Dong Never Die

    Looks like Baidu cooperated with me just long enough for me to get Xiami's Terminator. Mirrored for everyone who is also having trouble with that site currently.
  6. guykazama

    Dong Dong Never Die

    Xiami made Terminator recently (New Years Eve). Too bad Baidu isn't letting me download anything, so if anyone has a Mediafire/Dropbox/Mega mirror, thanks in advance.
  7. [Mutant Fighter/Death Brade] Pon by Cannon Musume
  9. guykazama

    Sukapon by [email protected] and These Lifebars
  10. guykazama

    Character requests

    Bump with a few new requests.
  11. guykazama

    Uighur Gameboy Char?!581&cid=B2A5283F15176F7D
  13. Now has AI
  14. guykazama

    Character requests

    Spark Kung Fu Man by tmtm (RESOLVED) Black Pet by GM/DENMOU Ah Owatta by Y77+ Priere by IF (to clarify, the one that's approx 20megs compressed, has strong AI and Vanguard Princess strikers, and the only living link is hidden by a password nobody knows anymore) Stormbringer Alma (aka $7[]2(V)|3[Z//&_4||v|^ ) by siocha (RESOLVED) The following DEMAN characters: D.Emptydoll, D.Pandora's Box, Neo Sekundes, Celsius, Cless Alvein Dugtrio/Dagutorio by Don (only evidence of its existence I could find is nns' AI patch) Shiro by TYOwwOMAww Dongon by Lonisaka (ロニ坂氏)
  15. guykazama

    kn.godzilla by K

    OMF2097 AIs!APiFFLjypuHRpUQ&id=E31F1620B3D6CB69!112&cid=E31F1620B3D6CB69