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  1. The Best Ikemen GO (x64) Author: evildarklxs New Web: https://edl7.es.tl Version Ikemen GO: 0.96.1 Version TBIG: 2021.2 Slots : 1107 Resolution: 1280x720 - Online - Simul (4v4) - Tag (4v4) - Turns (8v8) - Ratio - Storymode - Time Attack - Boss Rush - Survival - Survival Co-op - vs100 - Time Challenge - Score Challenge - Bonus Games - Ranking - Tournament (not implemented) - Trials (not implemented)
  2. This version has a problem with RAM memory, the next version will be in Ikemen Go
  3. --- This version has a lot of problem with the game RAM --- To temporarily fix it, you can change the name of any franchise (or subfolder) of characters within the chars folder Recommendation for: Others Games/Blazblue Anime/Ougon Musou Kyoku PS: The game starts at 1,9 Gb and not at 2,8 GB --- The game for default starts at 2,8 Gb of memory and about 3,4 Gb crashes --- --- The next version will improve this RAM problem --- Infomation: Size: 47,2 GB Date: May 2020 System Requirements: 4 GB RAM Characters: 2069 Stages: 2533
  4. my version 1.0 is very old, 1.1 beta is available, soon I will release a 1.1 beta 2 version which has corrected many details
  5. Select: Chars : 415 Stages : 500 Size: 6,83 GB Preview Gameplay Download: Mediafire
  6. Author: evildarklxs New Web: https://edl7.es.tl Version Mugen: 1.1 Version TBM: 10.2019 Slots : 1041 Resolution : 1280x720 Preview : Screens: EXE : Fixed - Change folder "Chars" to "Data\01" - Add ReShade Info : Fixed - New Sprite Logo : Done Intro : Fixed - Optimized - New images Gam
  7. here are the 31 stages links there are 8 new stages that are missing upload (are hosted in mugenarchive)
  8. Select: Chars : 102 Stages : 113 Size: 2,1GB Download: Link
  9. I uploaded 31 stages in <BLACKLISTED URL>
  10. This version is beta (for now) Info: Official Web: TBM Resolution: 1280x720 1732 characters with their respective stage. (ALL TESTED) 1958 stages with their respective background music. (there may be error path) Directories ordered by games, so much characters, stages and music. 10 battles, single round. Real Size = 48,3 GB Mode: Window Mode fullscreen: Alt+Enter Games included: Akatsuki Blitzkampf Arcana Heart Art Of Fighter Big Bang Beat
  11. LOL sorry, but I edit a convert by Speedster stage. (Sprites made by ~ fool) Here just I put the surface of land and water top. And the other 3 stages shown by Speedster, are created by me (evildarklxs), only the file (.def) that uses the previous stage (waterfall). I made the mistake of not start from 0 .def file. Here I haven’t problem to publish my stages, :D thk! (open souce) It is an honor to contribute to the community.
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