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  1. i will wait the new links :) when you release if possible share in full games section or in my group of mugen too ok
  2. Hi friends its me again I found the first screenpack too see: CERENAS SCREEN PACK by CERENAS http://www.4shared.com/rar/dvahTSIk/cerenasss1-cerenas.html or http://www.4shared-china.com/rar/dvahTSIk/cerenasss1-cerenas.html Now we need that somebody reupload or say where to download the screenpack 3 and 4 by CERENAS
  3. hi friends i found this screenpack: CERENAS SCREEN PACK 2 by CERENAS http://www.4shared.com/rar/ToAlqXxt/CerenasSS2.html or http://www.4shared-china.com/rar/ToAlqXxt/CerenasSS2.html
  4. thx for share :) the link in another server i only disable the automatic AI of this great char ok all the credits to author Hell
  5. Yuyustars You or anybody could reupload this great screenpack again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niIyBEQ3gYY ?
  6. all the links is offline, dont work more '' Biguag8 '' you or one good person could reupload this game again?
  7. von_doom20 you could upload this char again because the link is offline
  8. thanks for share the link again Ryoucchi (y)
  9. thanks for share with everyone friend ShiniGami Addi
  10. thanks for share with everyone ZombieBrock Shogun Of MFFA :)
  11. very good Galvatron thanks for share the link with everyone :)
  12. Sachiel Type-l by Rikard and Áú°×·½ http://www.4shared.com/rar/HGmHkAyj/sachiel_type-l.html password: zirious1992
  13. Kaze No Ken link is dead if possible you or someone reupload because dont have this char on internet anymore
  14. Ishiro The Third your link is down if possible reupload