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  1. I got in trouble for wanting Baldi in Smash after YKun's masterpiece showed me the sheer potential. Ruler Rush for days.


    "What's wrong with you? Thinking emojis"


    Well I like outlandish concepts... Just none of what Nintendo has done after Smash 64. Could be worse, could have thrown out the Mugen OC ideas.

    1. HelloMyNameIsAAA


      Could be worse. You could be those guys who sent death threats to Sakurai because Waluigi isn't a playable character.

    2. SSBKing65✯


      The Waluigi fanbase will never give up their obsession for him, it's terrible. 

      And people thought I was crazy when I wanted Daisy in Smash Bros... she is way too overhated.

    3. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Could be even worse. you could be THOSE people who wanted Sans from Undertale in Smash.

  2. I've seen that effect before. Not on many characters however, and sometimes brutal A.I. isn't the only offender. Have to get down faster to punish I suppose.
  3. If anyone remembers it, Smash Flash 2 got a big update today. Don't have details today though.

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    2. Nep Heart

      Nep Heart

       I remember playing it back in 2013-2014. Surprisingly fun fan game, but I dropped it ever since SSB4 got released and the fact my PC wasn't optimized to play it regularly. May consider revisiting it someday now that it's gone a long way since.

    3. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      super smash false advertising flash 2, hooray, i can't wait for whatever they copypasted this time. Who cares about originality.

    4. Pluscross





  4. There's another Baldi's School stage. It's featured in Playtime's release video.
  5. Nathan Drake made the news yesterday. He has an amazing gimmick that lets him survive ridicolous gunfights. It's called luck. Turns out he rarely gets shot, the red and black and white screen fading BS is just his luck running out. He dies if he gets shot once.


    This would be cool, but PSASBR happened, so Drake is a hellspawn basically.

    1. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      So, Nathan Drake is a hellspawn...yet no one in the Uncharted world knew about it?

  6. Anyone know the name or author of a certain Mario based stage around MFFA somewhere? I really cannot find it again. It's not directly Mario related, but you can tell it was the stage's main inspiration. It was a very bright, sunny stage, had ? Blocks floating in the center, and two pipes on the edges of each side. There was a river in the background too. I can only remember it being named Super Retro Land or something similar, but did not have Mario in the title. It was a "MvC" styled stage as well, the characters fought on a wide brick path. I remember lots of pink in the stage as well. Anyone got an idea of what stage I'm talking about?
  7. Are we allowed to share our votes or do we need to keep them private? Half of this list is too exciting.
  8. That Mario on the right. He's an odd beast... Yeah, there's a couple NES Marios similar to FC Mario. Wonder if it's OK to edit Basara's old Mario to try to be more like FC... So happy they converted Haggar Mario instead, that custom Goomba grab gets me every time, how did we just uncover him when he was made over a decade ago for Mugen?
  9. Wait, my bad for the confusion. B-Mario and Mario FC are two Marios I really wanted in Knuckle Fighters Alpha. I used to have B-Mario but lost him in a laptop crash. Don't think they're W.I.P. conversions. Cannot wait for that Micheal Jackson conversion. He shoots Tetris blocks and has SMB hammers, I was hoping he'd get converted someday. Very surprised Yotoman hasn't been made yet, thought he was pretty much a seconary mascot for the engine. SUNZ's OCs either, they're pretty impressive. If I could add one suggestion, a method of getting stage photos. I've seen some collections back in the times that had nice clean little stage photos, like the old Eternal Fighters Zero collection
  10. What the hell is that death portrait? Is that trying to imitate Jojo's hyper defeat portrait..? Is it animated/play a sound...? Now I'm scared to see what he did to Fred...
  11. Lol, mistaking Pac-Man for a chicken. Or Courage. I really want to hear the thought behind that. ...As well as giving Homer Yu-Torahu's Super Mugen Bros death animation... I could see potentially Peter, but Homer?
  12. (Picture) (Download) (Comment) A tribal jungle type stage, I think. I think it may have been made from a picture, or a series of pictures at least. Probably must have been a memeatic jungle vacation, judging by the little furry thing with Ronald's head... I don't really know who's home stage it is, either, if anyone's. There's actually some animation here, like those bouncing totems and that Ronald thing, and there's another 2 on the left. That drummer's hands are slightly animated, and some tribal guy also pops up every now and then all the way on the left, too. The music here, named "nof" fits the stage very well, and also may be a remix, because a similar song plays during one of Possibility of Chizuru's winposes.
  13. Alright. 3 years later long after my silly Nijikaku phase, and I learned this stage's song is an interesting remix of a song (possibly) named Deja Vu from something named Initial D. Just a neat little fun fact.
  14. I may have to ignore him... But he did edit Fred Flinstone. It HAS to be something good, right?
  15. Has Jojo beaten out DBZ yet, or does it still have a way to go until that point...?


    I mean as like... The most popular anime in the U.S. and the like. Super seems to have turned away a lot of people, but it did get Fighterz...

  16. I guess I have to give credit where credit is due, thank you so much for removing those extremely poor sound clips. Classic Crow, Walkman quality audio... EDIT: There is nothing in the new .rar file.
  17. This SpongeBob really needed some tweaks to truly be the best. Hope you changed him up a bunch, that picture is exciting me.
  18. Anime makes my eyes hurt.

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    2. Pluscross


      Yeah, Adventure Time, SU, Clarence and whatever that is are easier on my eyes than anime.


      Where did I put that hilarious Tweet about a Japanese animator making fun of modern cartoons over here. What does Arbueta even mean?

    3. HelloMyNameIsAAA


      I think this is the tweet you are talking about.



    4. Pluscross


      For once, the anime sadly looks more interesting.

  19. I think I'm liking this Kemono Friends takeover as opposed to more Jojo or Gundam or so. They're pretty cute aside from the vague school outfit motif.
  20. Is this a "cardboard box" character? Or is it a sophisticated joke? Got released at the perfect time, too...
  21. Mario is the highest tier character fully shown on Melee's box art.


    Yeah, Fox. But he's not one of the main 4 fighting on it.

    1. Doomguy


      As of 2017, it's actually Pikachu.

  22. Thank you so much man. Your rarities are numbered, Sano.
  23. That looks too hilarious. I really hope someone comes around with it, bouncing tomahawks though.
  24. I'm terribly bored of "I'm not feeling so good" already. It's been less than a week too. This is why I'm into Mugen OCs and not men in spandex.


    Even Kirb was a step above this. And Kirb is only slightly higher than that awful Knuckles, because Sonic is for edgy preteens. And both pale to Drake and Josh Get Stuck... And they all pale to Whoa.

    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      Funny you mentioned Kirb, I'm making one myself. 

      Kirb/Kerbe sprite (Claymizer styled)


    2. Pluscross


       Also, I'm Not Feeling So Good is classified as a spoiler meme. At LEAST Snape Killed Dumbledor had a lot of funny and clever parodies. Not much you can do with INFSG...


      These memes and trends just get stupider and stupider.

  25. Thank you again, have to keep saying thank you every set, they just get better and better. That is not what I would have expected from anything named Child's March though. What happens if you play at Apartment with the Scan Line filter?