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  1. Hellzone Here. Here is a screenshot of what i am working on right now. This screen shot is just a place holder till i can make a video About Her 3 Buttons Auto Combo's Elemental Bullet System ( like my other 2 draglade Characters) Elements I want Her To Have Earth Fire - -Wind Water Thanks For Reading. i will post a video soon
  2. Hey! Been so busy have not had the time to post this thread. Here is my first character in 3 years. i tried some new things All Feedback is appericated I'll Do My Best To Fix All Bugs DL Link 1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/v3c4ob5xex69nq2/Tsuna_Sawada.rar/file DL Link 2 https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnNIEDhzLNQegQ0wB94jJrThYXZM Thanks Hellzone
  3. this means that you did not properly index your sprites when you ripped them. Here is a video by ryon that should help
  4. Happy Birthday! i hope you have a wonderful day

  5. Another Update! Some things i changed/updated. -Increased Animation Times -Adjusted Some Sounds -Adjusted Strikers -Adjusted Envshake On All Specials -Adjusted Animation Times on Special Moves -Added His Transformation -Adjusted Hitdefs -Adjusted Hitframes -4 Custom Sprites -Added Crouching Sprites -Added Crouch Block -Adjusted Hitspark Placement -Reworked his power charge -Adjusted Air Attacks Here is a quick Video Thanks For Reading
  6. what type of coding do i need to use to fade out a helper?
  7. I'm Back into mugen


    1. shun shun shun

      shun shun shun

      Welcome back nice to meet you

    2. Hellzone


      Thank you & nice to meet you too


  8. Sound update. There are still some sounds that i need and i just find to find them. Thank you looking
  9. Hey Guys Hellzone Here!, here is a quick video of my W.I.P He will be a 3 button style gameplay. He will have auto combos. He will have a custom gameplay. Stay Tuned For More Updates Over & Out Hellzone
  10. Happy Birth Everyone!!! Hope you all have great and wonderful days !


  11. Happy Birthday Ky!

    1. CozySquirtle


      Thanks, Hellzone!

  12. Happy Birthday! Hope You Have A Great Day

    1. TopKirby8305


      Thanks Hellzone!  Appreciate it!  :)

  13. That new idle stance is amazing, i really like it alot. ^_^
  14. man the sans fight is no joke, i got rekt before i could even do anything. wow just wow. looks like i got alot of practice before i will be able to take him down. ^_^

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    2. Galvatron



      LOL!  you didn't had to spoiled that to him. XD

      but its cool though. :-)


      Indeed that fight with San is a hard one you just got to hang in their tell the end.


    3. SSBKing65✯


      I was helping him, so he wouldn't fall for Sans trick.

    4. Galvatron


      I understand cause i admit I felt for it in the first bout with Sans I was like WHAAAAAAAT!: :dead:

      but it was so funny though LOL! XD

  15. i completed my first playthrew of undertale

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    2. SSBKing65✯


      There's a Post Genocide Ending that alters the True Pacifist ending, so you may not get the happy ending you were expecting.

    3. Agni Blackheart

      Agni Blackheart

      I completed the True Pacifist ending where shows everyone on the outside world, I'm already happy with that. I don't have the guts to do the other routes, I admit.

    4. SSBKing65✯


      Good, cause what happens after Genocide is pretty creepy, confusing too.

  16. i hope everyone had a good christmas !

    1. SSBKing65✯


      I did, but my mother wasn't with us, how was yours?

  17. Happy 100th birthday xD

    1. Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      You know, a old man gotta keep himself looking young :D

  18. i love pokemon

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    2. Hellzone
    3. Mimir


      Show is still bad, always was.

      Games are still good, always were.  They suffer from repetition, but nearly every gaming franchise I can think of does at this point.

    4. Galvatron


      Yeah I always like Pokemon mainly the games (never like the anime)

      kind of sad for me that soon I am retiring after Gen 6. :-(

      I guess after awhile you grow out some things you like.

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