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  1. Yes, this status is about that Logan Paul's incident:


    As someone who suffered from depression enough to consider suicide, and as someone who made a big progress in this regards thanks to starting studying Japanese language, I relate a lot to this video and I feel like it should be viewed by as many people as possible:



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    2. Eduardo Merenda

      Eduardo Merenda

      Dear Mr. RobotMonkeyHæd, it is very interesting to know a little bit of Japanese grammar. It seems that, in a way, this language has a certain poetic potential, surely it has much more than dull Portuguese ...
      And thank you for showing me that without a sharp Japanese I do not just lose understanding of the pornographic games.


      About Logan Paul, I have only one patriophobic opinion:
      If he made this kind of video on the Tea Viaduct or the Santa Ifigênia Viaduct (bland versions of the Golden Gate), it would be full of people throwing themselves off the bridges because "there is an American recording about suicides and I have to throw myself because I have to become famous ".


      In Brazil, every American is treated as a god.

    3. Rimu



      Japanese is a beautiful language.  I've studied it a little myself.

      I agree so much with this. Just because learning Japanese is hard it doesn't mean that it isn't fun.


      I only know enough Japanese enough to fun purposes, like translating one or other manga I happen to enjoy. But I intend learn enough to use it for professional purposes, like professional translation and teaching.


      There's so many incorrect information about the Japanese language that can be clarified in a matter of minutes, I really think I can do a good job in this regard.



      In Brazil, every American is treated as a god.

      Well, as a Brazilian (and from São Paulo, on top of that) I can sort of confirm what you say. But what I want to expose is something different.


      What makes me feel mad about that incident is much more than the fact that he used human misery as a tool for getting views, due to shock value potential.


      What makes me mad is his overall attitude in regard to foreign cultures as a whole:



      Not to mention, as somebody who deals with depression on a daily basis, I know how a person looks when he feels truly ashamed of his behavior.


      Watching his alledged apologize video, I can't see any kind of emotion in what he says.




      What makes me mad isn't only the shock value of his video in Aokigahara. It's how he promotes prejudice against other cultures, doesn't show signs of remorse for that and Youtube doesn't take any action against the content he uploads there.

    4. Eduardo Merenda

      Eduardo Merenda

      All this leaves me with a doubt: Can a YouTuber make less money than it usually gets when it submits a video that receives several dislikes?


      It's because I'm going to throw stones at him for acting cowardly (if you did the shit, then you should be man enough to take what you did and not hide the mistake), but I do not know if he's a cowardly buffoon or a greedy coward.


      And this Logan just confirmed that YouTube is contemporaneum version of the Neverland.