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  1. OP edited: 1: Added Super Saiyan God Vegeta (it's an edit of Sustina's Super Vegeta). 2: Added SSjBlue Kaioken Goku (an edit of Boryema's SSj Goku).
  2. OP edited 1: Added a Brazilian voicepatch for Goku Black. 2: Added Adoriendson Tenorio's Copy Vegeta (it's edited from LegendTTA's EB-sprited Vegeta). 3: Added KOFM edits of Boryema's Raditz, Axelelgamer's Kid Buu, Gknux19's Nappa, Nightmare's Beerus, and Boryema's Cell. (The only edited are the stats, which are increased to be in line with KOFM. That's it -_-).
  3. This was something I released on April 1st on Guild but forgot to release here. Since the day has already concluded, I'll be honest about this character. DL Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lbijpjbgb8poop3/ModokDu.rar It's essentially the Multiverse Modok but with the sprites edited into Donald Trump. And yes, this is something that actually exists in Marvel. Also I fixed the infinites the original had and gave him a whole bunch of Trump quotes as SFX. And he has some unique intros.
  4. OP edited 1: Updated the link to Kenshiro99's Bills - it's better than ever with this new update. 2: Added a Brazilian voicepatch for Axelel's Majin Buu. 3: Added LegendTTA's Beerus. 4: Added the Oozaru character (it's literally Hirudegarn, don't bother with it. IT STILL HAS SOME OF HIRUDEGARN'S SPRITES). 5: Added Shinraishi's Beerus. 6: Added a Zamasu (it sucks). 7: Added Kouzyoutyou2621's Beerus (it's cheap like Transcendant God Goku). 8: Added the Smash Bros version of Son Bra (IE, only compatable with the Smash Bros mugeh).
  5. OP edited: Updated the link to Boryema's Goku.
  6. How is MFG the "real drama specialist" when you're the one who bumps the thread every time you come back to that site?
  7. That's right everyone of my race can become a giant gorilla

    1. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      Let that child alone

    2. Darkflare


      *As long as they have their tails and there's a full moon.

  8. Game updated, with the new Goku.
  9. And added to the collection.
  10. Either is fine by me.
  11. OP edited: Added Sustina's Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta (it actually plays kinda differently than Sustina's other Vegeta. Still OP tho) Added Kaito's Golden Cell (it's an OP edit of Choujin's Cell -_-). Added Skydroiid123's resprited JUS Goku Black (it's pretty bad). Added Skydroiid123's edit of Heal the World's Goku Black (it's got some new supers. The MErged Zamasu super is a OHKO.) Added Skydroiid123's SSj2 Gohan (it's essentially Choujin's with new sprites. Again).
  12. That sounds great. I'll take 'em.
  13. >Shaggy Rogers >Gold hair There once was a man named Gold Roger
  14. >says own thread is "informative" >calls people with opinions differing from himself are "lackeys".