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  1. Yeah, it's pretty bad.
  2. OP edited: 1: Isair's SSB Goku is now under style characters. 2: Added Kibito and Gine. 3: Corrected names for the 2nd + 3rd form Friezas.

    Happy birthday mi amigo


  4. OP edited. 1: Updated the link to Kenshiro99's Vegeta.
  5. OP edited. 1: Added Adoriendson Tenorio's SSj Bardock (it's edited from HtW's Bardock). 2: Added Migue84's Frost (slight edit of Kenshiro99's Frieza).
  6. Who's worse: the man who complains, or the man who complains about people complaining?

    1. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Probably the man who complains. Los of people have that feeling

    2. Zio the Phantom

      Zio the Phantom

      The man who looks for something to complain about are worse than those two.

  7. OP edited. 1: ShinLucho's Trunks' link fixed (thank you CozySquirtle) 2: Added Sheld's Bills/Beerus.
  8. OP edited 1: Updated link for Kenshiro99's Goku (character has been updated). 2: Added Migue84's Golden Frieza (it's more or less a reskin of Shinraishi's Frieza). 3: Added a Latin American voicepatch for TheAnswer's Nappa. 4: Added Axel Marin's Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black (weirdly enough, he commits sudoku whenever he does a move). 5: Added Shametal's base Gotenks (it's essentially Sui's Gotenks). 6: Added Adoriendso Tenorio's Golden Frieza (it's like Migue84's Golden Frieza). 7: Added ytgokou's Super Saiyan Blue Goku/"Transcendant God Goku" (it's really cheap lol). 8: Added Buzzard1's Super Saiyan Blue Goku (it's a slightly edited version of Heal the World's version). 9: Added Skydroiid123's Super Saiyan Blue Goku (he's got Kaioken, but mostly plays like a typical DBZ char).
  9. You're welcome. OP edited: All links for Boryema's characters that were broken are now working again. In addition, I added some AI patches and voicepatches I found on MugenArchive into the Add-ons section.
  10. OP edited: Added Boryema's Black Goku and his Beta released Piccolo.
  11. OP Edited Added that Son Bra character. As far as anything other than spriting goes, it's literally G-knux19's Eighteen.