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  1. OP edited 1: Updated link for Kenshiro99's Goku (character has been updated). 2: Added Migue84's Golden Frieza (it's more or less a reskin of Shinraishi's Frieza). 3: Added a Latin American voicepatch for TheAnswer's Nappa. 4: Added Axel Marin's Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black (weirdly enough, he commits sudoku whenever he does a move). 5: Added Shametal's base Gotenks (it's essentially Sui's Gotenks). 6: Added Adoriendso Tenorio's Golden Frieza (it's like Migue84's Golden Frieza). 7: Added ytgokou's Super Saiyan Blue Goku/"Transcendant God Goku" (it's really cheap lol). 8: Added Buzzard1's Super Saiyan Blue Goku (it's a slightly edited version of Heal the World's version). 9: Added Skydroiid123's Super Saiyan Blue Goku (he's got Kaioken, but mostly plays like a typical DBZ char).
  2. You're welcome. OP edited: All links for Boryema's characters that were broken are now working again. In addition, I added some AI patches and voicepatches I found on MugenArchive into the Add-ons section.
  3. OP edited: Added Boryema's Black Goku and his Beta released Piccolo.
  4. OP Edited Added that Son Bra character. As far as anything other than spriting goes, it's literally G-knux19's Eighteen.