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  1. Dumanios' Videos

  2. Dumanios' Videos

    Kunagi is a tough fight. I included Closed Captioning to give a bit of what I was thinking during the fight. EDIT
  3. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden

    OP edited 1: Added 214's Goku. 2: Added Aleistor Henrickson's Raditz (it's an edit of Heal the World's with an English voice). 3: Added ThiagoAssis' Transforming Trunks, under base Trunks. (It starts in base but can transform to SSj and SSj2. It's also jank as all hell and a spriteswap of some typical DBZ Mugen char) 4: Added ThiagoAssis' Vegito. (Starts in base, can become SSj, and is a spriteswap of someone's Goku lol) 5: Added Oscar123's Perfect Cell (edited from Heal the World's version, has DBZ Fighters effects and stuff) 6: Added Adoriendson Tenorio's SSj3 Goku (it's an edit of HELL's Goku) 7: Added Isair's Golden Cell (it's Choujin's Cell essentially)
  4. Dewman's WIP Thread

    Working on Morshu from Faces of Evil, using the GM Spectre sprites. Raditz is still in progress still. Morshu's going to be a four-buttoned character with a shortcut for power-charging.
  5. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden

    OP edited: Added Kenshiro's Gotenks in the OP and added DBZ vs. One Piece under full-games.
  6. Screenshots Mffa Style

    Taunts are fun sometimes.
  7. Dumanios' Videos

  8. Dumanios' Videos

  9. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden

    Added Ryon's Cell.
  10. Dumanios' Videos

  11. Dumanios' Videos

  12. Dumanios' Videos

  13. Dumanios' Videos

  14. Dumanios' Videos

  15. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden

    And added.