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  1. And added.
  2. OP edited: Kenshiro99's Piccolo has been updated!
  3. OP edited: Added ACID's Teen Gohan! Finally an EB-sprited Teen Gohan that isn't a Choujin spriteswap.
  4. OP EDITED 1: Added the Z2i edit of TheAnswer's Cell (by giliboy98) (Answer tried it and he said its kinda jank). 2: Added Nycollas Matheus' edit of Ryon's SSGSSj Goku. 3: Added Mugen Br's Portuguese soundpack for Kenshiro99's Vegeta. 4: Added a Spanish voicepatch for Boryema's Goku. 5: Added adoriendson's Tenorio Vegito. 6: Added Powerew's Golden Cell (It's Kenshiro's).
  5. https://youtu.be/wBzRx7LXlJ4 Same as the previous Raditz thread, but I haven't posted in it for so long it closed :p. Might make a more comprehensive video later.
  6. OP edited: 1: Added Super Saiyan God Vegeta (it's an edit of Sustina's Super Vegeta). 2: Added SSjBlue Kaioken Goku (an edit of Boryema's SSj Goku).
  7. OP edited 1: Added a Brazilian voicepatch for Goku Black. 2: Added Adoriendson Tenorio's Copy Vegeta (it's edited from LegendTTA's EB-sprited Vegeta). 3: Added KOFM edits of Boryema's Raditz, Axelelgamer's Kid Buu, Gknux19's Nappa, Nightmare's Beerus, and Boryema's Cell. (The only edited are the stats, which are increased to be in line with KOFM. That's it -_-).