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  1. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/kokoronoheionwomotometudukeru
  2. The Powerpuff Girls

    Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline. CHARACTER SELECT - THE POWERPUFF GIRLS Blossom OmegaPsycho / TBM & CS (MVC) / DoomGuy: - Old - New - Lucky's Edit / Daigoro Bubbles 007 / TBM & CS (MVC) / DoomGuy: Old - New / Daigoro Buttercup Ssonic / Ssonic + KenshinHimura / TBM & CS (MVC) / DoomGuy: Old - New Brick AireDaleDogz Boomer Red Buttercup Butch Red Buttercup Jomo Momo Szemi EDITS Shadow Blossom CoolAkramTV Dead Blossom CoolAkramTV CHARACTER SELECT - POWERPUFF GIRLS D Blossom KenshinHimura / DuckSS: Old - New Bubbles KenshinHimura / CreamyGoodness / DuckSS Buttercup PGreedRGB / DuckSS Bell DuckSS STAGE AND OTHER STUFF SELECT Stages: Powerpuff Girls' House by Brandon Ninja || Powerpuff Girls' Room by Brandon Ninja || PPGD - Mandy's Home by GaryCXJk Voicepack: English Voicepack (007's Bubbles) by Barrysun Full Games: Powerpuff Girls D Tech Demo / Powerpuff Girls D Paradox by DuckSS
  3. Kamen Rider Series

    Click on the author names to download. Red: Offline Yellow: WIP Blue: of questionable quality / unplayable IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you download from any of the Kamen Rider Production Wiki Uploader, please check their update notes on the top of the page to refer to the correct files! CHARACTERS - GAME SPRITED SNES KAMEN RIDER RIDER #1 RIDER #2 IKADEVIL SHOCKERS GARAGARANDA Kamen Rider #1: Kifune / Andre Marquez Kamen Rider #2: Kifune Ikadevil: Muu Shocker Troopers: Unknown Author Garagaranda: Muu SNES KAMEN RIDER - EDITS SKYRIDER Skyrider: Kurokawa CHARACTERS - RESPRITED SHOWA ERA CHARACTERS KAMEN RIDER GREAT LEADER Shocker's Great Leader: Oki KAMEN RIDER X X Kamen Rider X: Shota2580 / Shota2580 + Metaljack333 KAMEN RIDER STRONGER STRONGER STRONGER Kamen Rider Stronger: 1st: Kurokawa / 2nd: Kurokawa & MaitoK KAMEN RIDER BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK Kamen Rider Black: 1st: Unknown Author / Knightblue777 / 2nd: Nijikaku / 3rd: Way-Oh KAMEN RIDER BLACK RX BLACK RX BLACK RX BLACK RX BLACK RX BLACK RX SHADOWMOON SHADOWMOON SHADOWMOON Kamen Rider Black RX : 1st: Joe / 2nd: Cutter / 3rd: Otot121020 / 4th: Watati / 5h: Nijikaku Century King Shadowmoon: 1st: Nijikaku / 2nd: Cutter / 3rd: Zektard KAMEN RIDER ZO ZO Kamen Rider ZO: Way-Oh HEISEI ERA CHARACTERS KAMEN RIDER KUUGA KUUGA KUUGA ULTIMATE KUUGA GO-BAADA-BAA GOURAM Kamen Rider Kuuga: 1st: Ruina & Azuma / Ruina & Azuma + Nipa3008 / 2nd: TheMura Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate Form: qzak Go-Baada-Baa: KEI166 Armor Machine Gouram: Unknown Author KAMEN RIDER AGITO AGITO ANOTHER AGITO G3 G3-X GILLS GILLS Kamen Rider Agito: qzak / Ruina & Azuma / Barbatos / Ennki / TheMura / aaa Another Agito: KEI166 Kamen Rider G3: Otot1210200 Kamen Rider G3- X: Miyaji Kamen Rider Gills:1st: qzak / Otot1210200 / 2nd: KEI166 KAMEN RIDER RYUKI RYUKI RYUGA KNIGHT OHJA OHJA SCISSORS ZOLDA ZOLDA TIGER DRAGREDER Kamen Rider Ryuki: qzak / Nanabe / Zassou / Ninefreeman Kamen Rider Ryuga: Zassou / Nanabe Kamen Rider Knight: KEI166 Kamen Rider Ohja: 1st: Nanaka / 2nd: Tommy-Gun Kamen Rider Scissors: Iseebi Kamen Rider Zolda: 1st: Greenman / 2nd: Iseebi Kamen Rider Tiger: Fujiyama Unrivaled Dragon Dragreder: Unknown Author KAMEN RIDER 555 FAIZ FAIZ FAIZ KAIXA KAIXA DELTA PSYGA RIOTROOPERS Kamen Rider Faiz: 1st: qzak / ONess / Zassou / Ninefreeman / 2nd: Mokusen / 3rd: Nijikaku Kamen Rider Kaixa: 1st: Fuddyfunny / 2nd: Nijikaku Kamen Rider Delta: Guanghui Kamen Rider Psyga: P-Poke Riotroopers: P-Poke: Bonus Game / Playable KAMEN RIDER BLADE BLADE BLADE BLADE BLADE BLADE GARREN GARREN JUNICHI TAIYAKI MEIJIN CHALICE Kamen Rider Blade: 1st: qzak / Ninefreeman / 2nd: Amada / 3rd: A-Jin / 4th: Jaki Kamen Rider Blade King Form: Nanaka Kamen Rider Garren: 1st: Jaki / 2nd: Nijikaku Junichi and Glaive: Amada Taiyaki Meijin Ultimate Form: Fujiyama Kamen Rider Chalice: Jaki KAMEN RIDER HIBIKI HIBIKI HIBIKI HIBIKI Kamen Rider Hibiki: 1st: qzak / Ninefreeman / 2nd: Nekomaru3 / 3rd: Jaki KAMEN RIDER KABUTO KABUTO KABUTO D. KABUTO GATACK SASWORD SASWORD SASWORD DRAKE THEBEE HOPPERS Kamen Rider Kabuto: 1st: Alf / Alf + ev133 / 2nd: qzak / Azuma Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto: Azuma Kamen Rider Gatack: Ashwolf Kamen Rider Sasword: 1st: Guanghui / 2nd: P-Poke / 3rd: Tetsuo9999 Kamen Rider Drake: Tetsuo9999 Kamen Rider TheBee: Tetsuo9999 Kick Hopper and Punch Hopper: Jaki / Otot1210200: K. Hopper / P. Hopper KAMEN RIDER DEN-O DEN-O DEN-O AX ZERONOS NEGA DEN-O Kamen Rider Den-O: qzak - with Zeronos / Otot1210200 Kamen Rider Den-O Ax Form: Guanghui Kamen Rider Zeronos: Fujiyama Kamen Rider Nega Den-O: qzak + Nipa3008 KAMEN RIDER KIVA KIVA IXA SAGA Kamen Rider Kiva: Jaki / qzak Kamen Rider IXA: Iseebi Kamen Rider Saga: P-Poke KAMEN RIDER DCD DECADE DECADE DCD #1 DCD KUUGA DCD KIVA DIEND KUUGA DARK DECADE Kamen Rider Decade: 1st: qzak - with W / Azuma / Ennki / Ninefreeman / 2nd: Takenowa Kamen Rider Decade #1: qzak Kamen Rider Decade Kuuga: qzak Kamen Rider Decade Kiva: qzak Kamen Rider Diend: Project Diend / Ninefreeman Kamen Rider Kuuga -Yuusuke Onodera: Nanabe Kamen Rider Dark Decade: Venom KAMEN RIDER W W W FANG JOKER W FANG JOKER JOKER JOKER ACCEL ACCEL ACCEL BIKE ETERNAL WEATHER DOPANT Kamen Rider W: qzak / Narumi Detective Agency / Zassou / Ninefreeman / Arumikan / Anomipolis (KOFM) Kamen Rider W FangJoker: 1st: Unknown Author / 2nd: Arumikan Kamen Rider Joker: 1st: Nipa3008 / Barbatos / Venom / 2nd: Arumikan Kamen Rider Accel: 1st: Otot1210200 / 2nd: Arumikan Kamen Rider Accel Bike Form: Ruina & Azuma Kamen Rider Eternal: Guanghui Weather Dopant: Heal The World KAMEN RIDER OOO OOO OOO ANKH BIRTH Kamen Rider OOO: qzak - New Version / Ninefreeman / Anomipolis (KOFM) Kamen Rider OOO Purple Eyes: Ninefreeman Ankh: Unknown Author Kamen Rider Birth: Otot1210200 KAMEN RIDER FOURZE FOURZE FOURZE GENTAROU METEOR Kamen Rider Fourze: 1st: Kamen Rider Club / Kamen Rider Club + Nipa3008 / Otot1210200 / 2nd: Jaki Gentarou & Fourze: Takenowa Kamen Rider Meteor: Otot1210200 KAMEN RIDER WIZARD WIZARD Kamen Rider Wizard: Omokagedou / Omokagedou + Nipa3008 / Otot1210200 KAMEN RIDER GAIM GAIM GAIM GAIM BUJIN GAIM DUKE Kamen Rider Gaim: 1st: Team Gaim / 2nd: Guanghui / 3rd: Guanghui Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim: Team Gaim + Nipa3008 Kamen Rider Duke: Miyaji KAMEN RIDER DRIVE NO IMAGE DRIVE PROTO DRIVE MACH TRIDORON Kamen Rider Drive: Team Drive Kamen Rider Proto Drive: Team Drive Kamen Rider Mach: Shota2580 Machine Tridoron: Shota2580 KAMEN RIDER GHOST GHOST YURUSEN Kamen Rider Ghost: Tenkuuji Temple Yurusen: Miyaji KAMEN RIDER EX-AID EX-AID EX-AID GENM Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: 1st: Shota2580 / 2nd: Computer Rescuing Center Kamen Rider Genm: Shota2580 SPECIAL MOVIES KAMEN RIDER THE FIRST / THE NEXT RIDER #1 RIDER #2 Kamen Rider #1: Way-Oh Kamen Rider #2: Way-Oh SUPERHERO TAISEN GP: KAMEN RIDER #3 RIDER #3 Kamen Rider #3: qzak WEBSERIES KAMEN RIDER AMAZONS AMAZON ALPHA Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha: Shota2580 - Anomipolis' edit FANMADE KAMEN RIDERS GAIDEN RUST SPARTAN Kamen Rider Gaiden: Kiske Otoko Kamen Rider Rust: Mothra67 Spartan Rider: Mothra67 STAGES SNES KAMEN RIDER Bio Plant Area / Skyway Area / Sand Area by OldGamer Rider Street by Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster CUSTOM Team Gaim's Garage and CR Room Stage Various KR Stages by Fujiyama FULL GAME / COMPILATION Street Rider by Maskedo Rider Battle OOO by Nipa3008 Kamen Rider compiled by Unknown Kamen Rider Battle compiled by Unknown Kamen Rider Super Climax compiled by Unknown ADD-ONS Fix patch: Mura's Agito by Ennki Fix patch: Team Gaim's Gaim by qeg_mugeso AI patch: Makedo's Agito by Ouchi AI patch: Maskedo's Ryuki, Faiz, Hibiki, Den-O and Decade by No-Name AI patch: Maskedo's Kabuto by Marktwo AI patch: Kurokawa's Stronger by Medesu AI patch: Nipa3008's OOO, W and Diend by Anomipolis Voice patch: Maskedo's Decade and Decade Kiva by Five Various voice patch by かぢゅみ Intro patch: Alf's Kabuto by Jaki Kamen Rider Decade Intro by VeNoM Kamen Rider W Intro by TAW Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes Intro by VeNoM Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Lifebars by Ennki
  4. Arcana Heart Series

    Click on the author names to download. Red: Offline Yellow: WIP CHARACTERS - REGULAR VERSIONS Akane Inuwaka by Ahuron [AH2] - RagnarokSenshI's edit [AH2] || by ミマァ [AH3] Angelia Avalonne by or2=3 || by M3 [Persona 4] || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] Catherine Kyohbashi by BaraI [AH3] || by Uru [MVC] - RagnarokSenshi's edit [MVC] Clarice Di Lanza by Ahuron [AH2] - RagnarokSenshi's edit [AH2] || by Barai [AH3] || by Ina [AH2] || by Barai [Custom] Dorothy Albright by ミマァ [AH3] || by YU-TOHARU Eko / Kazu by Yasai [AH3] || by The_None [Kazu] || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] Elsa La Conti by Barai [AH3] || by Flowrallia [AH3] || by Ina [AH2] - RagnarokSenshI's edit [AH2] || by Nadagetsu || by Barai [Custom] || by DHQ [Custom] || by Flowrallia: OMK / GG Fiona Mayfield by 匿名スマブラー [AH3] || by Drowin || by Suigin [SS6] Heart Aino by Fraya || by Ina [AH2] || by Nadagetsu || by Ryo&Jo || by DHQ [Custom] || by Flowrallia: HNK / GG / KOFXIII || by HM [Custom] || by Kmym [WW7] || by Ryun: F_Heart / KOFXIII / F_Heart_2nd / KOFXIII / F_Heart_Climax / KOFXIII Kamui Tokinomiya by 匿名スマブラー [AH3] - DHQ's edit [Custom] || by Drowin || by Ina [AH2] || by DHQ [Custom] || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] || by Ryun [S_Kamui / KOFXIII] Kira Daidohji by Aokmaniac13 || by Choiyer || by NHK Konoha by Ahuron [AH2] || by Fraya || by Ryo&Jo || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] || by Unkoman [MVC] || by Uru [SS] Liesellote Achenbach by Ahuron [AH2] || by ミマァ [AH3] || by Ryun [K_Lieselotte / KOFXII] Lilica Felchenerow by Ina [AH2] || by Ryo&Jo || by Zecruss || by Ryun [I_Lilica / KOFXIII] Maori Kasuga by Ahuron [AH2] || by Incurable || by Ryun: T_Maori / KOFXIII / T_Maori_Climax / KOFXIII Mei-Fang by Aokmaniac13 || by Ina [AH2] || by Ryo&Jo || by DHQ [Custom] || Ryun [Mei-Fang_R / KOFXIII] Mildred Avalonne by Ina [AH2] || by Incurable [Coccoon Form] Minori Amanohara by Flowrallia [AH3] Nazuna Inuwaka by Huton || by Huton + RagnarokSenshi Parace L'Sia by Incurable - RagnarokSenshi's edit || by ミマァ [AH3] Petra Johanna Lagerkvist by Bey || by Ina [AH2] || by Ryun [Petra_R / KOFXIII] Saki Tsuzura by Drowin || by Hyperhiroro || by Ina [AH2] || by AO [Sa-tan / Custom] || by Cruz [CVS] || by Flowrallia: ABK / GG || by Ryun: L_Saki / KOFXIII / L_Saki_2nd / KOFXIII / L_Saki_Climax / KOFXIII || by Uru [MVC] Scharlarchrot by M3 [AH3] [1.1 Only] || by Aki: Old [Custom] - New [Custom] || by Flowrallia [GG] || by M3 [Persona 4] || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] Weiss by Bey || by ミマァ [AH3] - DHQ's edit [Custom] || by Aki: Old [Custom] - New [Custom] || by DHQ [Custom] || by Flowrallia: GG / Daemon Bride || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] || by Ryun [F_Weiss / KOFXIII] || by U9 [Custom] by ShowBuySpirit [En-Eins Perfektewelt] Yoriko Yasuzumi by Huton || by Uru [MVC] Zenia Valov by 匿名スマブラー [AH3] || by Bey || by Ina [AH2] - RagnarokSenshI's edit [AH2] || by DHQ [Custom] || by Ryun: B_Zenia / KOFXIII / Bio_Zenia_R / KOFXIII CHARACTERS - SPECIAL VERSIONS / EDITS Alsa by Felicity [UMVC3] || G-Fiona by Felicity [UMVC3] || Black Heart by HM || Captain Heart by Felicity [UMVC3] || Dirty Heart by AO || Soul Aino by AO || Millennium Keeper by Flowrallia [KOFXIII] || Kirakira by Sakuraka Maori Howard by Sight [KOFXI] || EINS by Rei [GG] || Yun Fang by Felicity [UMVC3] || Iron Petra by Felicity [UMVC3] || Sa-tan by AO || Mighty Thar by Felicity [UMVC3] || Crimson Valkyrie by Flowrallia False Valkyrie by Flowrallia || C-Zenia by Felicity [UMVC3] || ZWEI by Rei [GG] || Tenko & Tenko 2nd by AO STAGES Arcana Heart Stages by by Choiyer || Arcana Heart Stages by by Lightoss || Arcana Heart Stages by Type-Wild || Arcana Heart 2 Stages by ExShadow || Arcana Heart 2 Stages by M3] [1.1 Only] Arcana Heart 3 Stages by TENE || Misono Academy Main Plaza & Clock Tower by Aokmaniac13 SCREENPACKS Arcana Heart FULL! Screenpack by Drowin [Winmugen+ / 320x240] LIFEBARS Arcana Heart 2 Lifebars by Kohaku [Winmugen+ / 320x240] Arcana Heart 3 Lifebars by Shwa [1.0 and Winmugen+ / 640x480] ADD-ONS Sprite fix for or2=3's Angelia, Ina's Clarice, Petra and Zenia by Nighteye7 Heart Aino ending by GuyZero32k4 RESOURCES Arcana Heart / Arcana Heart 2 sprite rips by Kaihoku Arcana Heart 3 sprite rips by Aokmaniac13
  5. A. Vyssinis (NSFW)

    Author's Blog // Mediafire by Ninnniku. Her appearance is self explanatory.....
  6. Tekken Series

    Click the author name to download. Feel free to post any missing stuffs. CHARACTER SELECT - GAME SPRITED TEKKEN 2 Paul Phoenix: FM || Devil Kazuya: FM TEKKEN 3 Hwoarang: Junior Chillage / RobotMonkeyHead / Silver / TC || Jin Kazama: MAN.OF.ACTION / TC || Heihachi Mishima: Muko TEKKEN 2 [NES BOOTLEG] Kazuya Mishima: Excalamation_Question || Paul Phoenix: Duck@SS / Excalamation_Question || Nina Williams: Excalamation_Question || Michelle Chang: Excalamation_Question || Marshall Law: Excalamation_Question || King: Excalamation_Question Wang Jinrei: Excalamation_Question || Heihachi Mishima: Excalamation_Question TEKKEN 2 / V.R FIGHTER VS TAKEN 2 [SNES BOOTLEG] Kazuya Mishima: Unknown Author || Paul Phoenix: Excalamation_Question / OCariocaNildo || Lee Chaolan: Hanyu-Maru || Jun Kazama: YochiThMaster333 / Unsigned NAMCO X CAPCOM Armor King: Darkwolf13 / Kidthunder / Shimon: Version 1 - Version 2 || Devil Kazuya: Darkwolf13 || Heihachi Mishima: Shimon / ikuzeexodia || Jin Kazama: Josh / TKW / Tetsuo9999 / S. Nara || King: Shimon + Iron-Angelus || Mokujin: Shimon Proto Jack: Darkwolf13 STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN Jin Kazama: Dragon972 / Qi Yue China || Alisa Bosconovitch: Qi Yue China || Paul Phoenix: Dragon972 || Lili de Rochefort: Qi Yue China: Normal Outfit - Custom Outfit || Nina Williams: Qi Yue China: Normal Outfit - Custom Outfit1 - Custom Outfit2 Marshall Law: Qi Yue China PROJECT X ZONE Young Heihachi: Mikel8888 CHARACTER SELECT - CUSTOM SPRITED CAPCOM STYLED Jin Kazama: 1st: Byakko / CVS ArtisT [SC] / 2nd: Chuchoryu / Duracelleur [MVC] / 3rd: SeanAltly / SeanAltly + XSZ105 [VF] / Zeiba || Devil Jin: Chuchoryu: Old - Recent || Kazuya Mishima: 1st: Chuchoryu / Chuchoryu + Captain Mugen / Duracelleur [MVC] / 2nd: Sdot_Thadon / Sdot_Thadon & BetoSSJ4 [MVC] Heihachi Mishima: Chuchoryu / Duracelleur [MVC] || Young Heihachi: Chuchoryu || Paul Phoenix: Chuchoryu / Meldo / Duracelleur [MVC] || Marshall Law: Chuchoryu || Forrest Law: Skiff || Steve Fox: Chuchoryu / Chuchoryu + XSZ105 / Duracelleur [MVC] Bruce Irving: Chuchoryu / Duracelleur [MVC] || Bryan Fury: Chuchoryu || Lee Chaolan: Chuchoryu || King: Chuchoryu || Kuma: Chuchoryu: Old1 - Old2 - Recent || Jack: Chuchoryu: Old [Jack-2] - Recent [Jack-M] / Hedler Santos [HR Filter] Ling Xiaoyu: Chuchoryu: Old1 - Old2 - Recent || Asuka Kazama: Chuchoryu: Old1 - Old2 - Recent || Anna Williams: Chuchoryu || Nina Williams: Chuchoryu || Unknown: Chuchoryu || Kunimitsu: Chuchoryu Ogre: Chuchoryu / Duracelleur [MVC] || True Ogre: Chuchoryu || Yoshimitsu: Chuchoryu || Combot: Chuchoryu || Mokujin: Chuchoryu || Proto Jack: Chuchoryu Kazumi Mishima: Chuchoryu || Moku Pac-Man: Chuchoryu / Hedler Santos [HR Filter] || Hwoarang: Chuchoryu || Christie Monteiro: Chuchoryu SNK STYLED Kazuya Mishima: Chuchoryu || Asuka Kazama: Chuchoryu || Heihachi Mishima: Tommy-Gun [Misshimar X] HI-RES STYLED Kazuya Mishima: SilviaZeroShift 3D STYLED Yoshimitsu: DA_MAVERIK OTHER STYLED Yoshimitsu: DarkonMK || Gon: Kidthunder CRAPS Devil Jin by TC || Devil Jin by S. Nara || King by Lumpowracca MISSING CHARACTERS Armor King by HiryoXeoni [Custom] ....and might be more.... STAGE SELECT TEKKEN 1 Chicago by Mh77 || Marin Stadium by Mh77 || Kazuya's Stage by Tamez TEKKEN 2 Devil Kazuya's Stage by GLB TEKKEN 3 Forest by Tradt Pro. || HK Street by Tradt Pro. || Lab Courtyard by Tradt Pro. || Martial Arts Dojo by Tradt Pro. || Mexican Temple by Tradt Pro. Ogre's Temple by Tradt Pro. || Punk Alley by Tradt Pro. || Taekwondo Dojo by Tradt Pro. || Tekken Force: Act 1 by Mh77 TEKKEN 5 Acid Rain by ExShadow || Cathedral by Hydyeondk || Urban Jungle by ExShadow TEKKEN 6 Anger of The Earth by NoZ || Fallen Colony by Luneth || Manji Valley by ExShadow || Noh Theatre by NoZ || Urban Warzone by ExShadow The Cemetery by ExShadow TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Fontana Di Trevi by xX-Nero-Xx || Moonlit Wilderness by xX-Nero-Xx TEKKEN MOBILE Acid Rain by KMMouse || Manji Valley by KMMouse || Tilted Land by KMMouse BOOTLEG GAMES Tekken II & Tekken III SNES Stages by Tamez ORIGINAL AND EDITS Jin's Dojo by TapionMG || Moonlit Wilderness by Hihoshi SCREENPACK SELECT Mugen Tag Tournament Screnpack by Renzoku [Winmugen+ / 320x240] Tekken Tag Tournament Screenpack by Kyokano [Mugen 1.1 / 640x480] Tekken TT2 Screenpack by MegaTroySmith [Mugen 1.0 / 640x480] Tekken 2 Screenpack by MegaTroySmith [Mugen 1.0 / 640x480] Tekken 3 Screenpack by Kyokano [Mugen 1.0 / 640x480] Tekken 6 Screenpack by Cpt. Mugen [Mugen 1.0 / 640x480] LIFEBAR SELECT Tekken Advance Lifebars by Muko [Winmugen+ / 320x240] Tekken Advance Lifebars by Toxic [Mugen 1.0 / 640x480] Tekken 3 Lifebars by Alpyne D [Mugen 1.0 / 640x480] Tekken 4 Lifebars by Most Unbalance [Winmugen+ / 320x240] OTHER STUFF SELECT Tekken 2 & Tekken 5 Intro by MegaTroySmith Tekken 3 Intro by Dhillon521 SEE ALSO Soul Calibur Series Virtua Fighter Series
  7. Terraformer

    http://sdrv.ms/1b6A9tu By Gokurakusyugisya, not sure what is this supposed to be.
  8. Guilty Gear Series

    Click on the author names to download. Red: Offline Yellow: WIP CHARACTER SELECT GUILTY GEAR: THE MISSING LINK Sol Badguy: AOAO / Scott / Wakarohi / Yutomi / SeanAltly [CVTW] / ShinRei [CVS] Ky Kiske: AOAO / HK / Lucifer7 / Yutomi / ShinRei [CVS] Eddie / Zato-1: Third / 叶あかね & 参 号 Testament: AOAO / M.I.T - EX Version / The Man Axl Low: DopeFiend / Kayui Uma Chipp Zanuff: Angel Myst / The Man Dr Baldhead: Bad Darkness Justice: AOAO / The Man / Yutomi Potemkin: Fujy [Mecha-Potemkin] Baiken Seishino: Angel Myst / Zkil May: Staran Millia Rage: AOAO / Tuki no Turugi GUILTY GEAR: JUDGMENT Judgment: Kishio / DeUcEoVsPaDeZ / Boryema [CVS] GUILTY GEAR PETIT Chip Zanuff: Allen || Sol Badguy: Ixnaydk GUILTY GEAR X/XX/XXAC/XXAC+/XXS/XXR A.B.A: Fraya / Muteki Anji Mito: MEKA / MEKA + Neat Unsou / Muteki / Takazaki Baiken Seishino: Fraya / Muteki / Nanashi-Saso / Takazaki Axl Low: Meka / Muteki / Boryema [CVS] Bridget: EL / Fraya / James / Muteki Eddie / Zato-1: Muteki / Ponta Faust/Dr. Baldhead: Muteki Dizzy: Chikuchikugonzales / EL / Fraya / Muteki / Nana / Taiyaki / Third / Tokei Chipp Zanuff: Meka / Muteki / Muteki + Chu-Nin / Boryema [CVS] I-No: Ashman / Fraya: Regular - Boss / Meka / Muteki / Boryema [CVS]: Regular / Boss Jam Kuradoberi: AOAO / Fraya / Muteki / Rem / Boryema [CVS] Ky Kiske: Akutagawa / Diogo M / Meka / N.I.J / Muteki / Rei / Boryema [CVS] / Shuu [HNK] / Way-Oh [En-Eins Perfektewelt] Justice: Carbuncle / Muteki / Tonan Johnny: AOAO / Fraya / Muteki / The K.M.D. / Kisaragiryuto [Melty Blood] / ShouBuySpirit [SS] Kliff Undersn: Muteki / Lazerrobotduck / Boryema [CVS] May: EL / Meka / Muteki / Tuki no Turugi / Reikyuunakimono / Boryema [CVS] Robo-KY: MIMI / Muteki / Ukege / Boryema [CVS] Millia Rage: Fraya / Muteki / Nana / R-R / Boryema [CVS] Holy Order Sol: Akutagawa / Djfue / Fraya: Regular - Boss / Muteki / Boryema [CVS] / Flowrallia [HNK] / Flowrallia [KOFXIII] Sol Badguy: Amachi / AOAO / Fraya / Muteki / Boryema [CVS] / Flowrallia [Arcana Heart] / Way-Oh [En-Eins Perfektewelt] Venom: Muteki Potemkin: Muteki / Ponta / Tin / Boryema [CVS] / Tokage [Potemkin Ogre / Blazblue] Testament: Muteki / Boryema [CVS] Slayer: Fraya / Lupanda76 / Muteki / Boryema [CVS] Zappa: EL / Fraya / Muteki GUILTY GEAR ISUKA Robo-KY MK-II: MIMI / Ukege Zako-Dan: Aotsuki / Zako-1 Leopaldon: Kurogane / SUI GUILTY GEAR DUST STRIKERS Gig: Cyanide GUILTY GEAR XRD -SIGN- Ramlethal Valentine: Eiton ORIGINAL CHARACTERS Old Robo-KY: Ukege Robo-KY MK-III: Ukege Robo-Jam: Ukege Robo-Sol: Ukege / Boryema [CVS] Kyko Kiske: Panda & Way-Oh / Panda & Beppu / Zero-Sennin Xechs: Rei Fidei: SoloRazr EDITED CHARACTERS Toneire: Togami Bleyze: Togami Satsujinki: Ageha Seiren: Ageha Omni Psych Super Dizzy: Seven Dark Order Sol: Daimonmau Sol Engrenado: Daimonmau True Power Sol: T.O.P.S Hyper Justice: T.O.P.S Robo KY Type-P: Rei Super Dizzy Angel: Seven Omni Psych Jam: Seven Omni Psych Justice: Seven Omni Psych Chipp: Seven Ky & Sol: Qwerty SoLaR: BlackCurl Copy Dizzy: Rei STAGE SELECT GUILTY GEAR: THE MISSING LINK Stage Pack by XGargoyle || Stages by BadDarkness || Axl's Stage by Dark Saviour || Justice's Stage by Margatroid [1.1] GUILTY GEAR JUDGMENT Fatal Judgment & Rural Chaos by Kung Fu Man GUILTY GEAR X Stages by MEKA || Stages by Type Wild || Faust's Stage by Scal || Justice's Stage by Sensei Yoda || Kilff's Stage by BadDarkenss || Dizzy & Testament's Stage by Neat Unsou GUILTY GEAR X ADVANCE Stages by Cenobite53 GUILTY GEAR XX Stages by Choiyer || Stages by Black Dahlia Isis || Stages by ExShadow [1.1] || Stages by MEKA || Stages by Type Wild GUILTY GEAR XXAC Stages by Doburoku || Stages by Type Wild || Holy Order Sol's Stage (Custom) by Excahm || Paris (Custom) by Kuroneko || Baiken & Anji's Stage (Custom) by Namu Ami Dabutu GUILTY GEAR XXR Stages by Choiyer || Stages by Type Wild || Kliff's Stage by Tetsuo9999 GUILTY GEAR XXS Stages by Choiyer || Stages by Doburoku || Nirvana by DartzPie || Nirvana (Custom) by ExShadow: v1 - v2 || Paris by ExShadow GUILTY GEAR ISUKA Stages by Neat Unsou || Stages by MEKA || Sol & Ky's Stage by DABA SCREENPACK SELECT Guilty Gear X Screenpack by Doorhenge [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear X Screenpack by Kannazuki [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear xX Screenpack by Sword Dancer [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear XX Screenpack by Lost Time [Winmugen+/320x240] LIFEBARS SELECT Guilty Gear XX Lifebars by Illure [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear XX Lifebars by Falcon Kick [1.0/640X480/1280X720] Guilty Gear XX Lifebars by Lost Time [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear XXAC Lifbars by Qwerty [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear XXS Lifebars by Lost Time [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear XXR Lifebars by Lost Time [Winmugen+/320x240] Guilty Gear Xrd Lifebars by Rayzo & Shichibukai [Mugen 1.1/1280,720] ADD-ONS SELECT Guilty Gear XXAC Intro by Kronos Guilty Gear XXAC+ Intro by Celest Guilty Gear XXS Intro by Fenrir Guilty Gear X/XXS Character Ending by Lost Time Guilty Gear XXAC Hitsparks by Unholy Freeman GGXrd "Costume Patch" for Muteki's Ky by 酷斯査 波里諾 FULL GAME SELECT Guilty Gear XXAC+ Ultimate Mugen by Zinesis Guilty Gear Xrd Arc Wars v1 by Mustard Seed Comics RESOURCES SELECT Guilty Gear XXS/Guilty Gear ISUKA Sprite Rips by Kaihoku Guilty Gear XXR Sprite Rips by Xenozip & Blip
  9. Click on the author names to download. Red: Offline CHARACTER SELECT Chizuru Takamori Mer Elza Kanagusuku NyanKiryu Emily Barnet Mer / NS Katana Jinguuji NS Kiriko Koumiyouji Mer Mai Maino NS Marcia Utterback NS Miyuki Matsuda NS Reika Kanbe Mer Ryuuhou NyanKiryu Shinobu Kirigakure NS The Great Takagami UNCONVERTED STAGE SELECT Stages by Cenobite53 || Stages by NyanKiryu || Stages by Ryoucchi & Toaster
  10. Click the link below images (do not click the image themselves) to get the desired version of the characters. Red text means a character is offline. Important: How to use UMA's characters in Mugen 1.0 and up. Open their common1.cns files and with notepad find and replace feature, replace "displaytoclipboard" with "null". Save it afterwards. CHARACTER SELECT - THE ULTRAS Ultraman: 1st: A-Jin / Bakisimu / 2nd: UMA / 3rd: Kuma || Zoffy: Bakisimu || Ultraseven: 1st: Bakisimu / 2nd: UMA || Ultraman Jack: Bakisimu Ultraman Ace: Bakisimu || Ultraman Taro: Bakisimu || Ultraman Leo: Bakisimu || Ultraman Great: Lord Sinistro / Syquest || Ultraman Tiga: Bakisimu || Ultraman Dyna: Bakisimu || Ultraman Gaia: Bakisimu Ultraman Agul: Bakisimu || Ultraman Mebius: Bakisimu || Ultraman Zero: A-Jin / Bakisimu || Ultraman X: Bakisimu || SD Ultraman: Gorjeador || SD Ultraseven: Gorjeador CHARACTER SELECT - THE KAIJUUS AND SEIJINS ULTRA Q (1966) Pagos: Bakisimu || Sudar: Kirbey ULTRAMAN (1966) Bemular: A-Jin / Mothra67 / UMA || Alien Baltan: Sugio / UMA / julio.mendoza0105: II / III || Neronga: UMA || Antlar: Kirbey / UMA || Redking: Mothra67 / UMA || Pigmon: Bakisimu || Gabora: Bakisimu Bullton: UMA || Alien Zarab: Bakisimu || Aboras: Bakisimu || Kemular: Bakisimu || Jamila: Sugio / UMA || Telesdon: UMA || Dorako: Kirbey Gomora: Nadagetsu / UMA || Alien Mefilas: Nadagetsu / UMA || Gelonimon: UMA || Re-Telesdon: Kirbey ||Alien Zetton: Kirbey || Zetton: UMA / Kakeypyurai || Re-Dorako: Zektard SD Redking: Gorjeador ULTRASEVEN (1967) Eleking: GodzillaK90 / UMA || Alien Metron: UMA || Alien Chibull: GooGoo64 || King Joe: UMA || Gyeron: Mature4Evr / by UMA || Alien Bado: Zagisan || Alien Borg: UMA Dinosaur Tank: Bakisimu / julio.mendoza0105 [Snow Dinotank] || Darii: UMA || Alien Guts: UMA || Robot Ultraseven: Bakisimu || Pandon: Bakisimu || Reconstructed Pandon: UMA || Gandar: A-Jin / UMA Capsule Monsters: UMA || Windom: julio.mendoza0105 || Rigger: Kirbey || Alien Pegassa: Kirbey || Alien Pega: Kirbey THE RETURN OF ULTRAMAN (1971) Detton*: Zektard & Muu || Zetton II: Bakisimu || Muruchi: Zektard || Black King: Bakisimu / julio.mendoza0105: Symbiote Black King / Black King.exe || Twin Tail: Bakisimu *filename is Telesdon but it is actually Detton ULTRAMAN ACE (1972) Ace Killer: 1st: Bakisimu / 2nd: Kirbey || Baraba: Kirbey || Vakishim: Bakisimu / julio.mendoza0105 [ Symbiote Vakishim] || Doragory: Bakisimu ULTRAMAN TARO (1973) Re-Eleking: Kirbey || Tyrant: Bakisimu ULTRAMAN LEO (1974) Sevenger: Kirbey || Black End: Kirbey || Silver Bloome: Bakisimu ULTRAMAN 80 (1980) Dark Seven: Kirbey || Baltan VI: Bakisimu || Redking III: Kirbey || Gomora II: Kirbey || Salamandra: Bakisimu / Zektard || Gymaira: Zektard ULTRAMAN: TOWARDS THE FUTURE (1990) Majaba: Mature4Evr || Gudis: Bakisimu || Barrangas: Bakisimu / Mature4Evr || Degola: Bakisimu || Bogun: Bakisimu || Kodalar: UMA || Shiralee: UMA ULTRAMAN: THE ULTIMATE HERO (1993) Powered Baltan: M78 ULTRAMAN TIGA (1996) Melba: M78 || Golza: Kirbey || Gatanothor: Bakisimu || Gagi: Zektard - Snowwolf's Edit ULTRAMAN DYNA (1997) Reigubas: Bakisimu ULTRAMAN NEXUS (2004) Megaflash: Zagisan || Kutuura: First Lt. Smith || Lafleya: Zagisan ULTRAMAN MAX (2005) Dark Baltan: Tokuiten ULTRAMAN MEBIUS (2006) EX Zetton: Tokuiten ULTRA GALAXY NEO (2008) EX Redking:GooGoo64 ULTRA MONSTER PERSONIFICATION PROJECT Zetton-san: UMA + Amiba CHARACTER SELECT - THE EARTH DEFENSE TEAMS S.S.S.P. Member: Saoet || VTOL Jet: Saoet || Pelicider: Saoet || Space Pendragon: Saoet STAGE SELECT ULTRAMAN (SFC) Stages by 徐庶元直: Four Dimensional Space / Japanese Alps / S.S.S.P. Base / Convention Center / Midnight City / Lake Ryugamori / Chain of Mountains / Osaka Castle / Rocky Mountains ULTRASEVEN (SFC) Stages by Kozeni: Mt. Kumagatake / Inside Kaori's Body / Lake Agatsuma / Showdown at 140o Below Zero / Izumigaoka / Midnight Graveyard / Mountain / Cape Irago / Kobe Harbor / Kitagawa Town / Point 580 ULTRAMAN: TOWARDS THE FUTURE (SNES) Stages by HeeJun184: Bogun's Stage / Degola's Stage / Gudis' Stage / Super Gudis' Stage / Shiralee's Stage / Kodalar's Stage / Zebokon's Stage || Stages by Mature4Evr: Gudis' Stage / Majaba's Stage / Ultraman Great's Stage
  11. Click the author names to download. CHARACTER SELECT - 3D STYLED Skullomania: DEMAN [SFEX] || Garuda: DEMAN [SFEX] || Shadow Geist: DEMAN [SFEX] || Allen Snider: Dragon972 || Kairi: Mondu_The_Fat || Hokuto Mizukami: DEMAN [SFEX2] CHARACTER SELECT - 2D STYLED CAPCOM STYLED Ryu: Armin_Iuf: Old - Update || Ken: Armin_Iuf || Allen Snider: Chuchoryu || Skullomania: DivineWolf [CVS] / SeanAltly [CVTW] || Garuda: 1st: Armin_Iuf / 2nd: Chuchoryu || Kairi: 1st: Mr. Karate JKA [CVS] / 2nd: Chuchoryu || Blair Dame: 1st: K.O.D / XCB / DivineWolf [CVS] / 2nd: RyouWin & Dampir || Hokuto Mizukami: Chuchoryu [CVS] / Marvel-Arika [CVS] / 2nd: Armin_Iuf || Dark Hokuto: Chuchoryu || Doctrine Dark: Armin_Iuf || Nanase: Armin_Iuf - Gatorison's edit || Sharon: Armin_Iuf || Cracker Jack: Armin_Iuf || Area: Armin_Iuf || Darun Mister: Armin_Iuf || Pullum Purna: Armin_Iuf - Gatorison's edit: Edit 1 - Final Edit 1 - Edit 2 - Final Edit 2 || Shin Bison: 1st: Kamekaze [CVS] / 2nd: B.Skryo-Rextrion [SFA] SNK STYLED Kairi: Chuchoryu - Duracelleur's edit [KOFA] || Allen Snider: Chuchoryu - Duracelleur's edit [KOFA] STAGE SELECT [SFEX] Stages by NEON 7 || [SFEX] Stages by Yamori X || [SFEX 2] Amusementive Crime 2 by Yamori X || [SFEX 2] Pearl in The Sky by Yamori X [SFEX 2] Lost Sea by Yamori X || SFEX 2+] Flash Train by Yamori X || [SFEX 2+] Infinite Earth by Yamori X ADD-ONS SELECT SFEX+ α Screenpack by Phantom Blood [Mugen 1.0/640x480] SFEX+ α Screenpack by Phantom Blood, edited by Toxic [Mugen 1.0/640x480] SFEX 3 Announcer Voice by JMAMUGENFanKid1991
  12. K-On!

    Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline. CHARACTER SELECT Yui Hirasawa || Mio Akiyama || Tsumugi Kotobuki | Ritsu Tainaka || Azusa Nakano All made by Dissidia Yui Hirasawa: Hello1z - SFF fix by Ryoucchi || Yatteyaru-Death: Fuddyfunny STAGE SELECT K-On! On Stage by Hiiragi || K-On! Music Room by Ouchi || Sakuragaoka High School Light Music Club by Dissidia
  13. Eternal Fighter ZERO

    Click on the author names to download. Red: Offline Yellow: WIP CHARACTER SELECT Game Characters List of Characters Akane Satomura by 586 || by Reiga || Rakurai [R_Akane / Custom] Akiko Minase by Iyo ||by Ryon || by Shimon || by Uma Ayu Tsukimiya by 586 || by Arche || by Iyo || by Rekku || by Shikokku || by Shikokku & JNG || by Gu [Touhou] || by Seravy [Custom] Doppel-Nanase by Frule || by Kuri Ikumi Amasawa by 586 || by Nana || by Toshi Kannabi no Mikoto by 586 || by Kuri || by Good Girls [Custom] || by Mikage [Custom] || by Uru [Marvel vs Capcom] Kano Kirishima by 586 || by KM || by Gu [Touhou] || by Seravy [Custom] Kaori Misaka by DABA || by Frule || by KM ||by Rouge Noir || by Rekku - Old Version Mai Kawasumi by 586 || by Kuri || by Mikage || by 586 [Marvel vs Capcom] || by Ina [Persona 4] || by Shikokku [Custom] Makoto Sawatari by 586 || by BF || by EL || by Reiga || by Golden G. Gunner [Makoto The Gunner / DFO] Mayu Shiina by 586 || by BF || by Shimon Minagi Tohno by 586 || by Toshi || by Rakurai [A_Minagi / Custom] Mio Kouzuki by DABA || by Sudara13 [Custom] Misaki Kawana by 586 || by Reiga - Old Version || by Rouge Noir Mishio Amano by 586 || by Rekku || by R-R || by Toma || by aaa [A-Mishio / Custom] || by Gu [Touhou] || by Javelinyaa [Samurai Shodown] || by Kohaku [Custom] Misuzu Kamio by 586 || by Hanma || by Kuri || by Good Girls [Custom] || by Markyjoe1990 [Misuzu_M / Custom] || by Gu [Touhou] Mizuka Nagamori (by Ina || by Hanma || by R-R || by Toshi || by Rakurai [E_Nagamori / Custom] Nayuki Minase by 586 || by BF || by Bluishcat || by EL || by Javelinyaa [Nayuki The Runner / Custom] || by Rakurai [G_Nayu / Custom] || by Sudara13 [Custom] Nayuki Minase (Asleep) (by Frule || by Tuki no Turugi Rumi Nanase by Frule || by Kuri || by Maruta || by Rekku - Old Version || by Uma || by Uru [Marvel vs Capcom] || by ミマァ [Arcana Heart 3] Sayuri Kurata by 586 || by Doppel || by Lightoss || by Mill || by Roque || by Golden G. Gunner [Sayuri Bernstein / KOF] || by Seravy [Custom] || by Sudara13 [Custom] Shiori Misaka by DABA || by Shimon || by Gu [Touhou] || by Seravy [Touhou] || by Sudara13 [Custom] UNKNOWN by 586 || by Hanma || by Kuri || by 586 [Marvel vs Capcom] || by Gu [Touhou] || by Seravy [Custom] Assist Characters List of Characters Chibi Mai by Nachel || by Kagenui Keropii by Johanjesmee Michiru by Rouge Noir Shiiko Yuzuki by Rekku || by LJH Resprited Characters List of Characters Mai Sougetsu by Maruta & ALL & Koutetsu Mai Kawasumi by ZETA Kakusei Sayurin by Unknown Carnavi by Ohgaki STAGE SELECT Pack: EFZ Stage Pack by DABA EFZ Stage Pack + Zoom by OldGamer Individuals: Park on the Path to School by タケシ The Infinite Air by タケシ Shinto Shrine Near the Sky by タケシ In Front of The Kamio House by タケシ Abandoned Station by タケシ FARGO Research Facilities by タケシ Mionomi Hill by タケシ SCREENPACK SELECT EFZ Memorial Screenpack by Sword†Dancer [Win+ / 320x240] EFZ Memorial Screenpack by OldGamer [1.0 /1.1 / 640x480] LIFEBAR SELECT EFZ Lifebar by DABA [Win+ / 320x240] Custom EFZ Lifebar by FAY418 [Win+ / 320x240] OTHER STUFF SELECT AI + voice patches for 586's Characters by HAL AI + voice patches for 586's Characters by Shao Various AI patches by Eruki Various patches by Yuka Various AI patches by Netyzh Various voice patches by 郡民 EFZ CPS2 concept themes by NoMoreHeroes2012 SEE ALSO
  14. Terrordrome

    Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline. CHARACTER SELECT Ash Williams: Lumppowraca || Candyman: Lumppowraca || Chucky: Lumppowraca || Jason Voorhess: Lumppowraca / Jermaine Kidd [MK] || Ghostface: Lumppowraca Freddy Kruger: Mix Engineer: Rominucka || Leatherface: Lumppowraca || Maniac Cop: Lumppowraca || Michael Myers: Lumppowraca / Jermaine Kidd [MK] Tallman: Lumppowraca || Tallman's Army: Lumppowraca || Pinhead: Ioriy30 || Undead Jason: Lumppowraca / Dobusasori STAGE SELECT The Mausoleum & Miskatonic Lab by RU Design || Camp Crystal Lake by Kain The Supreme
  15. Melty Blood Series

    Click on the author names to download. Red: Offline Yellow: WIP Note: Not including most edits like the Nanaya / Shiki edits, etc. CHARACTER SELECT - MB/MBRA/MBAC/MBAA/MBAACC Akiha Tohno by Daba || by Nana || by Nekozuki@ || by Nekozuki@ + Nana || by Tukemon || by Tukemon + HAL || by Qwerty || by Anomipolis [Arrange] || by Bluishcat [Custom] || by Michaelarmaros [Custom] Seifuku Akiha by ⑨: MBAACC || by Chikuchikugonzales || by IQS Akiha Vermillion by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA || by Sion_Love: MBAC - MBRA [pass: mugen] || by Kohaku [CVS + Custom] Aoko Aozaki by ⑨: MBAC / AI Only - MBAACC] || by BD || by Ex-Inferis || by Huton || by IQS: Normal - EX || by Shadow Skye || by Raien Makoto ||by Wakuwaku || by エス [Aoko-IF / Custom] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] || by Totoria [NGBC] || Zero-Sennin [Custom] Arcueid Brunestud by 586 [Dark Arcueid] || by Asuka-Masaki / A-Jin || by Chotto Komaru: MBRA - Custom || by IQS: Normal - New || by Kuro & ⑨ [MBAC] || by Shiroto [Akaitsuki] || by Sion_Love: MBRA - Muscle Bomber [pass: mugen] || by M3 [Vampire Savior] || by Menes [JJBA] || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] Red Arcueid / Warcueid by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by Sumi || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Toma || by Toma + Raien Makoto || by Qwerty || by Rellua [UMVC3] || by Ryun [KOFXIII] Archetype:Earth by 41: 1.0 - 1.1 || by IQS || by Ina [Arrange]: Site Link - Mirror || by Ryun [KOFXIII] Ciel by IQS: Normal - EX || by Sumi || by Shiroto || by Qwerty || by Bluishcat [Psycho Ciel / Custom] || by Drowin [Arcana Heart] || by Sion_Love [MVC] [pass: mugen] Powerd Ciel by Doburoku || by Deer || by IQS || by SxVector || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by TENE: MBRA - MBAACC || by Ryun [KOFXIII] Hisui by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by IQS || by R-R || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Toma || by Sennou-Room [CVS]: Old - New Mech-Hisui by BD || by Ex-Inferis || by Kannaduki + Tokinokuni-Kei + Ibukah || by Kuro || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Ururyun || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] || by Sennou-Room [Mech Hisui 404 / CVS + Custom] Kohaku by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by IQS: Normal - EX || by Mucc || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Toshi || by Ina [Arrange]: Site Link - Mirror || by Kohaku [CVS + Custom] || by M3 [Vampire Savior] || by M3: UNiB - Kohaku_OR2 / Custom || by Sudara13 [UMVC3] Kouma Kishima by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by Drowin || by IQS || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] by HM [MOTW] || by Ryun [KOFXIII] || by Zero-Sennin [Custom] Len by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by ミマァ [D4 Filter] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] White Len by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA || by Juke Kisaragi || by Kisaragiryuto [Absolute White Len] || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Kohaku [CVS + Custom] || by M3 [Custom] || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] Michael Roa Valdamjong by ⑨: MBAA - MBAACC || by HM [MOTW] || by Kamekaze [Custom] || Rajaa [CVS + Custom] Miyako Arima by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by Alice || by IQS: Normal - New || by Juke Kisaragi || by Kisaragiryuto [COH] || by R-R || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Tokinokuni-Kei || by Aohige [Miyako Rock-Style / KOF] || by Deretun [Yaminabe Miyako / SBX] || by Drowin [Arcana Heart] || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] || by Ruri [KOF] Neco-Arc by Doburoku || by Otto || by Shimori || by TENE || by Toma || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] Neco-Arc Chaos by Doburoku: Normal - Damien Armies || by Otto: Normal - Abyss || by TENE Nrvnqsr Chaos by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by BD || by Ex-Inferis || by Kamikaze || by Tuki no Turugi || by BahamianKing100 [CVS] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] Riesbyfe Stridberg by ⑨: MBAA - MBAACC] || by IQS: Normal - EX - New || by Sion_Love: MBRA - Eclipse Style - KOF2K2UM - MVC [pass: mugen] || by Aki [KOF + Custom] || by Ikaruga [Chaos Breaker] || by Kn [MOTW] || by Kira [Arrange] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] || by Ryun: KOFXIII - Fortress Riesbyfe / Custom] Satsuki Yumizuka by ⑨: MBAC - MBRA - MBAA - MBAACC || by IQS: Normal - EX - New || by Kisaragiryuto [Vampire Satsuki] || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Anomipolis [Arrange] || by Drowin [Arcana Heart] || by M3: Vampire Savior - Satsuki_OR2 / Custom || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] Shiki Ryougi by 41: 1.0 - 1.1 || by 無名 [pass: 37564] - Alternate Link || by IQS: Normal - EX - New || by Youngkirei & Take K.: MBAA - MBAACC || by Kira [Ryougi EXVS / Custom] || by Kohaku [CVS + Custom] || by M3: Vampire Savior - Ryougi_OR / Custom - Ryougi_OR2 / Custom || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] Shiki Nanaya by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by Chanmoo || by Ibukah || by IQS: Normal - EX - New || by Kisaragiryuto || by K-K || by Kamikaze || by Sennou-Room || by Toma || by Toma + Raien Makoto || by Anomipolis [Arrange] || by Ina [Arrange]: Site Link - Mirror || by Kn [MOTW] || by Kohaku [CVS + Custom] || by Zero-Sennin [Custom] || by ZZZ Shiki Tohno by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by BD || by Daba || by Ibukah || by Ina: Site Link - Mirror || by IQS: Normal - EX - New || by Kisaragiryuto [Vampire Shiki] || by Micatuki ||by Rouge Noir || by Tuki no Turugi || by Zecruss || by 1% [Grappler Shiki / Custom] || by Dino [KOF2K2UM] ||by Gyrax [Street Fighter] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] || by Zero-Sennin [Custom] Sion Eltnam Atlasia by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA || by IQS: Normal - EX - New || by Kisaragiryuto [COH] || by Makoto || by Shiroto || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] || by Sion_Love: Arrange - Alien Challenge - HNK: Old - New - KOF2K2UM - KOFXIII - MVC - Muscle Bomber - 3 Count Bout - "Magical" - "NESTS" [pass: mugen] || by Totoria [KOF] Sion TATARI by ⑨: MBAACC || by Chotto Komaru || by Drowin || by IQS: Normal - EX - New || by Wraith || by Shiroto || by Sion_Love: Arrange: TATARI - Vampire - KOF2K2UM [pass: mugen] || by Ina [Arrange]: Site Link - Mirror Dust of Osiris by Shiroto The Night of Wallachia by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by 1024byte || by 586 ||by Meka || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass:mugen] || by Wraith || by Wraith + Doro no Tsume || by Toma || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] Neco Black Chaos G666 by Doburoku G-Akiha by Doburoku [G-Akiha Nightmare] || Drowin || by Syacho || by TENE || by YoungKirei & Take.K CHARACTERS - TAG TEAM Arcueid Brunestud & Red Arcueid : Qwerty || Len & White Len : Kn || Shiki Tohno & Shiki Nanaya: Qwerty || Kohaku & Hisui: R-R [MB] / R-R [MBAC] Mech-Hisui & Neco-Arc: Mucc || White Len & Shiki Nanaya: KANNDUME CHARACTERS - MBAC HACK Satsuki Yumizuka: Y [MBAC Hack / NSFW?] CHARACTERS - SPECIAL VERSIONS Amber Dragon: Nadagetsu *appeared in Kohaku's Last Arc Akiha EX: Syacho || Another Akiha: Scarlet Moon || Satsuki EX: Syacho / LJH Swimsuit Miyako: Unknown [NSFW] || Swimsuit Len: Unknown [NSFW] China Kohaku: Incurable / MANUELL213XP || Catgirl Kohaku: Konton no Kotowari || Female Shiki: Fennes, ChiyurI & エス Neco-Arc Z: SUI CHARACTERS - 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    Click each author names below the characters for download! Some characters linked to their author website, if the website down please tell me and i'll provide a mirror. Tips: use CTRL+F to make your search easier. Feel free to help us growing this thread! Ask me for assistance if you need any help when browsing some confusing Japanese author site. Please check another database, since this collection might be a bit irrelevant. See also MFG Database, Seravy's Database, Xenomic's Database. and Electrocaid's Mugen Museum. Thank you very much to these following people for helping this thread grow. Hell, I am nothing without all your help. Slyphoria for posting the original thread. The Magic Toaster for providing info regarding updates/recent WIPs and mirror links. Anime2013Freak for providing rare edit characters, as well as the source websites/blogs. V-Nix, Phantom Blood, Mr. KOtik, electrocaid and horrorship for providing offline characters. 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CHARACTER SELECT Tasofro-styled Sprites Touhou 1 | 東方靈異伝~ Highly Responsive to Prayers Reimu Hakurei*: Gu / Kurogane / LJH [STG Style] / Nadeshiko / Nachel / NNS / ABAB [C3 Reimu / Melty Blood + Custom] / Basara-kun [Fighting Reimu / Custom] / DennisRemake [MKvsSF] / GAB [Fureimu / Custom] / Kirisameshow [MBAA] / Otto [Chain Combo Reimu / Custom] / Rimu [Pseudo-Rumble Fish] / Ricepigeon [Custom] / ROCK Marisa [TOUGH Reimu / HNK + Custom] / RoySquadRocks [Custom] / Ryun [KOFXIII] / Seravy [Custom] / Zero-Sennin [Custom] / 1/8192 [Tales of Series Director Cut] Konngara: Nachel and Sunakuzira / Nagi Mima: Barai & Harudi / Ricepigeon: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / Seravy - RP-Styled [Custom] Kikuri: Acari Touhou 2 | 東方封魔録 ~ The Story of Eastern Wonderland Marisa Kirisame*: Frule / Gu / by Mikage: SWR - Soku / Toma / Toma + Mugenload / Otto [STG Style] / Kazami [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] / Kirisameshow [MBAA] / Kohaku: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / TBM [SSB] / Rellua [UMVC3] / Ricepigeon [Custom] / Seravy [Custom] / Zero-Sennin [Custom] Touhou 3 | 東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream Yumemi Okazaki: .DAT Touhou 4 | 東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story Yuuka Kazami: 1st: Moiky / Ricepigeon [Custom] / 2nd: Oga: Normal - Gore Version [NSFW] Mugetsu: Acari / Shiroto Gengetsu: Pre-To Touhou 5 | 東方怪綺談 ~ Mystic Square Alice Margatroid*: Atusi / Gu / Mikage: SWR - Soku / Nenmin [Alice Dolls] / Sai Jack / Souki / SUI / Tadanokakashi [STG Style] / Ricepigeon [Custom] Shinki: 1st: Kurogane / 2nd: Teruru / Netamidoku Yuki: Acari / Shiroto [KOF] Yumeko: 1st: Karasumasubaru / 2nd: Doudou [pass: yumeko] Touhou 6 | 東方紅魔郷 ~ The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Rumia: Nenmin Daiyousei: 1st: Arima / NNS / 2nd: BK Cirno *: 1st: Frule / Seravy [Custom] / Ricepigeon [Custom] / 2nd: Kokekoko / Yoshimune / Karakuyakumi [Saikyo Cirno / Custom] / Moiky [Saikyo Cirno / Custom] / Moiky [Sugoi Cirno / Custom] / MichaelArmaros [Custom] / Midori Margatroid / RGM [Custom + Megaman-Inspired] Hong Meiling*: Aotsuki / Barai / Frule / Krn / Mikage [SWR] / Tuki / Daiya [Custom] / Deoxgigas [Rainbow Meiling / Custom] / GAB [Chaborin / Custom] / GATT [Chu-Goku / Custom] / Hato + Chu-nin [Kang Fu Meirin / Custom] / Kohaku [Custom] / Hetare [Master China / Custom] / IDKLED [En-Eins Perfektewelt] / Kuroneko [Custom] / MichaelArmaros [Custom] / Ricepigeon: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / SSSB-Inspired Sakuya Izayoi*: Aotsuki / ENAP / Gu (Two Versions) / Nukenashi / 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL [Maple Story] / GATT [Sakuya OS / Custom] / Kohaku [Custom]) / Kisaragiryuto [Melty Blood] / MichaelArmaros [Custom] / Ricepigeon [Custom] / Seravy [Custom] Sakuya Izayoi: 2nd: Barai / Deretun / Felicity [Final Fight] / Ryun [KOFXIII] / U9 [Custom] Patchouli Knowledge*: Akakedama / Gu (Two Versions) / Kurogane / Souki / Toma / Dylanius9000 [Fighting is Magic] / Hiroyuki [Custom] / Unknown [MBAA] / Ricepigeon [Custom] / Seravy [Custom] Koakuma: SomuE [SWR / Soku] / Midori Margatroid [RP-Styled / Custom] /MichaelArmaros [Custom] Remilia Scarlet*: Akakedama / Gu / ENAP / Kuri / Mikage: SWR - Soku / Nachel / Ni-San / Yoshimune / Felicity [Darkstalkers] / GAB [LOMRIA / Custom] / Huihui [Gemilia / Kaiser Knuckle] / Kohaku [Custom] / Kirisameshow [MBAA / MichaelArmaros [Custom] / Mif [Destiny Remilia / Gundam Battle Assault] / Seravy [Custom] Flandre Scarlet: 1st: Kurogane / Daniel9999999 [Custom] / Ricepigeon: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / Seravy - RP-Styled [Custom] / 2nd: Koma / 3rd: Koma Touhou 7 | 東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom Yukari Yakumo*: Gu / Kurogane / NNS / Daiya [Custom / MegaMari-Inspired] / Fhqwhqads7 (IWBTG) / Not_Ricepigeon [SSB] / Ricepigeon: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / Seravy: Seravy-Styled [Custom] - RP-Styled [Custom] / Shiroto [Melty Blood] Ran Yakumo: 1st: Omoti / 2nd: Barai / Ricepigeon [Unreleased] / Midori Margatroid / 3rd: Otto [STG Style] Chen: Gomashio / Karakuyakumi [Tiger Chen / AOF] OUTDATED / Ricepigeon [Custom] Shanghai Doll: Gu / IF / RoySquadRocks / Souki Yuyuko Saigyouji*: Akakedama / Barai / Deretun / Kurogane / Kuri / Souki / Otto [Chain Combo Yuyuko / Custom] / Rellua [UMVC3] /Ricepigeon: Old Version [Custom - New Version [Custom] / Seravy: Seravy-Styled [Custom] - RP-Styled [Custom] / Shiroto [Melty Blood] Youmu Konpaku*: Barai / Black-Air / Deretun / FAY418 / Karakuyakumi / Kurogane / Mikage: SWR - Soku / Rouge Noir / Ryu / Vein / しらんな。[SnKoS Youmu / Custom] / Ali [SS3] / Dala & Ildanaf [Last Blade] / GAB [Chabo Youmu / Custom] / Kohaku [Custom] / Pinko [Samurai Spirits] / Rellua [UMVC3] / Ricepigeon [Custom] / Ryun [KOFXIII] / Sai Jack [Melty Blood] / Seravy [Custom] / Suigin [SS6] / Togami: Guilty Gear - Sengoku Basara X / Zero-Sennin [Custom] Lunasa Prismriver: Minoo / Space Mouse Lily White & Lily Black: Hetyo Letty Whiterock: 1st: Nenmin / 2nd: (゚∇゚) Touhou 7.5 | 東 方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power Suika Ibuki: Aotsuki / Ibukah / Ina / Mikage [SWR] / Nachel [Giant Suika] / Nachel + Eldaidcat [Giant Suika] / NNS / BF [Gudea-Suika / Super Robot Wars] / Otto [Fullmoon Suika / Melty Blood] / Rellua [UMVC3] / Seravy [Custom] / SLKMugen [Custom] / Tamago Kanten [Suika-Pon / Joy Mech Fight] / Togami [Guilty Gear] / Veanko [Alice (Bootleg Suika) / Custom] Touhou 8 | 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night Wriggle Nightbug: 1st: Minoo / Waribashi / 2nd: Kibokura Mystia Lorelei: Minoo Keine Kamishirasawa: Minoo EX Keine: G-Sho: New / Old Fujiwara no Mokou: 1st: Isu / Ricepigeon [Custom] / 2nd: Minoo / Space Mouse / Ricepigeon - Old Version [Custom] Reisen Udongein Inaba*: 1st: Akakedama / Atusi / Gu / Dolein / Mikage: SWR - Soku / RGM [Custom] / Sekt [Custom] / Shiroto [Melty Blood] / 2nd: Reddosukato - turn off AI / Ricepigeon [Custom] / 3rd: Deretun / 4th: Ju Tewi Inaba: 1st: KON / NNS / HAL [Last Blade] / 2nd: Pikapon: Normal - Kung Fu Rabbit - Non-NSFW Eirin Yagokoro: 1st: KON / Ricepigeon [Custom] Eirin Yagokoro: 2nd: Yasiro / 3rd: KON / Shiroto / Minoo / Gyuki [Ultimate Pretty Eirin] Kaguya Houraisan: G-Sho / Yasai / Seravy [Custom] Touhou 9 | 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View Aya Shameimaru*: Aotsuki / Atusi / ENAP / EST / Mikage: SWR - Soku / Frule [Eternal Fighter Zero] / Kohaku: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / Kirisameshow [MBAA] / Rellua [UMVC3] / Zero-Sennin [Custom] Medicine Melancholy: Cabbage Komachi Onozuka*: Dobio / Miikage: SWR - Soku / Ali [SS3] / En [Melty Blood] / Felicity [Samurai Spirits] / Ricepigeon: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] - SSSB-Inspired / Suigin [SS6] / Zero-Sennin [Custom] Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu: 1st: Korogiya / 2nd: Nenmin / 3rd: PoL-09 [Judgment Eiki / Guilty Gear] Touhou 10 | 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith Sanae Kochiya*: 1st: Akakedama / Dolein / Frule / N-Fox / Deer [MBAA] / GAB [Sanaeclair / Custom] / Kohaku: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / Raven [Custom + Armored Core] [pass: sanae] /Ricepigeon: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / RP + Daniel9999999 [Custom] / Tamago Kanten [UMVC3] / 2nd: Gomashio / 3rd: Nenmin / 4th: Huihui Kanako Yasaka: 1st: Cabbage / 2nd: Shiroto / Ricepigeon: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] Suwako Moriya*: Mikage: SWR - Soku / Veanko Suwako Moriya: 2nd: Deretun / 3rd: En [Melty Blood] / 4th: Seapon Minoriko Aki: Moiky Shizuha Aki: Stel2 Hina Kagiyama: Minoo / Ricepigeon - Old Version [Custom] Nitori Kawashiro: Minoo: Normal - Freedom (Gundam) / Space Mouse / RGM [Custom] / Seravy [Custom] Momiji Inubashiri: 1st: Minoo / Minoo + Almond / 2nd: Kurotsubame and Felicity [UMVC3] Touhou 10.5 | 東 方緋想天 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Iku Nagae*: Kurogane / NNS / Tomottuxi / Himojoe [Fullmoon Iku / Melty Blood] / IkuTronHD [Custom / RP-Styled] / Frule [Eternal Fighter Zero] / Unknown Author [Melty Blood] Tenshi Hinanawi*: Gu / Heat / NNS / Amagami [Guilty Gear + Custom] / Deoxgigas [Aurora Tenshi / Custom] / Fragile [Custom] / IkuTronHD [Custom / RP-Styled] / Kohaku: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / Otto [Melty Magic Tenko / Melty Blood] / Otto + Chu-Nin [Melty Magic Tenko / Melty Blood] / Ryun [KOFXIII] / Seravy [Custom] / Sekt [Custom] / Togami [Guilty Gear] / Unknown Author ["POTS Style"] / Zlc32 [Tenko_L / Custom] / Zlc32 [Tenshi_V / Custom] Touhou 11 | 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism Satori Komeiji: 1st: Hetyo / Seravy [Custom] / 2nd: Hetyo + Unknown Author / 3rd: Waribashi / 4th: Yoru Koishi Komeiji: 1st: Chiguma / 2nd: BIYO / Ricepigeon [Custom] Utsuho Reiuji*: Fhqwhqads7 / Deoxgigas [Stardust Utsuho / Custom] / Kohaku: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / Ricepigeon [Custom] / Rufuto [Megaman + Custom] Utsuho Reiuji: 2nd: Aonashi / Cabbage / 3rd: BIYO / Etoile [Akatsuki Blitzkampf] / 4th: BIYO Rin Kaenbyou: 1st: Sukuemon / 2nd: Hetyo / 3rd: BIYO / 4th: Orin Project Yuugi Hoshiguma: Minoo / Ricepigeon [Custom] Parsee Mizuhashi: Hetyo Yamame Kurodani: .DAT Kisume: Kita Touhou 12 | 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object Byakuren Hijiri: 1st: Gomashio / Ricepigeon [Custom] / Seravy [Custom] / 2nd: Pre-To Nue Houjuu: 1st: Suneo / 2nd: Saru / 3rd: Saru / Wariboshi Murasa Minamitsu: Minoo / Space Mouse Kogasa Tatara: Minoo Ichirin Kumoi: 1st: Koma / 2nd: Acari / 3rd: KON / Ricepigeon [Custom] Shou Toramaru: Minoo / Space Mouse Nazrin: .DAT Touhou 12.3 | 東方非想天則 ~ Hisoutensoku Unnamed Giant Catfish*: Frule Goliath Doll*: IF / Otto / Soruzin Touhou 12.5 | 東方文花帖 ~ Double Spoiler Hatate Himekaidou: Nenmin Touhou 12.8 | 東方三月精 ~ Great Fairy Wars Sunny Milk: Hetyo Touhou 13 | 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires Soga no Tojiko: Hetyo / Etoile [Akatsuki Blitzkampf] Mamizou Futatsuiwa: 1st: Minoo / Space Mouse / 2nd: Etoile [Akatsuki Blitzkampf] / Ricepigeon [Custom] Kyouko Kasodani: Minoo Seiga Kaku: Moiky Yoshika Miyako: Moiky Touhou 13.5 | 東方心綺楼 ~ Hopeless Masquerade Hata no Kokoro: Hetyo Touhou 14 | 東方輝針城 ~ Double Dealing Character Wakasagihime: Pikapon Sekibanki: 1st: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL / Etoile / 2nd: Isu Kagerou Imaizumi: Minoo Touhou 15 | 東方紺珠伝 ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom Sagume Kishin: Minoo Touhou Printwork | 東方香霖堂 ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia Rinnosuke Morichika: KON Tokiko: 1st: Hetyo / 2nd: Siocha [STG Style] Touhou Printwork | 東方儚月抄 ~ Silent Sinner in Blue Watatsuki no Toyohime: Minoo / Minoo + LJH / Space Mouse / Shiroto [Melty Blood] Watatsuki no Yorihime: Minoo / Shiroto [Melty Blood] Reisen: Minoo / Minoo + Felicity [Custom] / Minoo + Mario Moon Rabbit: Minoo Touhou Printwork | 東方茨歌仙 ~ Wild and Horned Hermit Kasen Ibaraki: Hetyo Touhou Printwork | 東方求聞史紀 ~ Perfect Memento in Strict Sense Hieda no Akyuu: Neneco Other Characters Kedama: by Krn Unused Characters Touhou 6 | 東方紅魔郷 ~ The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Rin Satsuki: Hetyo Fan-made Characters Fan Games Touhou Rekkaden | 東方烈華伝 ~ Rift in a Friendship Game Lie Meiling: Ricepigeon: Old Version - 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New Parsee Mizuhashi: Shin Touhou 12 | 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object Nue Houjuu: Rien / Maten Shou Toramaru: Rien / Maten Touhou Printwork | 東方香霖堂 ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia Rinnosuke Morichika / Villager (?): Yano Advent Cirno by Ushiki Yoshitaka| アドベントチルノ Advent Cirno: Pre-to Advent Letty: Pre-To Job Change Series | ジョブチェンジシリーズ J-Change Cirno: Pre-To J-Change Flandre: Pre-To J-Change Marisa: Pre-To J-Change Tenshi: Pre-To J-Change Yukari: Pre-To / Papitto Other Fan-made Characters Hybrid: Cycbeam [MVC] Head swaps Mokou Rugal: Yamakan Ol' Style Reimu: POTS + Unknown Double Res Sprites Reimu Hakurei: Hatiue / Jurica Daiyousei: G2 Cirno: Yuureisou Hong Meiling: 1st: Furikake / 2nd: Maitake Alice Margatroid: aka65535 Chen: Yuureisou Suwako Moriya: Robo Nitori Kawashiro: Ria-Coarst Tenshi Hinanawi: Dager: Playable - Punching Bag Kana-chan: Miyabi / DHQ Papillonage Matchouli: Miyabi Sendai Hakurei no Miko: Hinnnyuha Hakurou Tengu: Ria-Coarst / DHQ MMD Sprites Sakuya Izayoi: Qysurg Hong Meiling: 1st: Qysurg / 2nd: SAIKEI & 酷斯査 波里諾 Double Blade Youmu: Third Hina-san: Ameri Reu / RU: Etoile [SFIV] Hisui / HSI: Barai Rurima / RRM: kamaboko_saiha ※Suzu / SZ: RUsans Digitized Sprites Shingyoku (Male Form): GS MS Paint Sprites Hong Meiling: GS Other-styled Sprites Yuuka Kazami: 1st: Arya / 2nd: Arya Koakuma: 0-Saft [STG Style] Joke Characters Yukkuri and other related characters D4 Reimu: Maitake Yukkureimu: I.M.R.F Yukkuri Reimu: Otto Tank Reimu: Otto Yukkurisa: I.M.R.F Chibi Yukkuris: I.M.R.F Yukkuri Marisa: Otto: Version One - Version Two Nouka: GS So Nanoka: Ria-Coarst Cirnoff: Pre-To Yukkuri Cirno: I.M.R.F Yukkuflan: I.M.R.F Remirya: Ika / Ika + Unknown Author / DHQ Kimelemaru: Morinonaka Kimelemaru: Satosi Yukkuri Yukari: Satosi Pateriko: Rien Shizupa: Rien Yukkuri Bonus Game: I.M.R.F Misc. Game Parody Kirby Series Yuby: Kita Gradius Series Dual Koa: 0-Saft Final Fantasy Series Myomega: Ct. Rucky Joy Mech Fight Sekiponki: Hohei Melty Blood Neco-Tewi: Ria-Coarst Giant Suika Nightmare: Moiky Misc. Joke Characters Mimichan: Ricepigeon Spinning Youmu: Kita Lemirya Sensha: 1% Ran & Chen: Ryu Ryuko Team: Popoponta Perfect Aki Shimai: Moiky Aki Shimai: Moiky Cool Beauty Aki Shimai: Moiky Ahojin / Ahojin God: Ameri Iku Nagae: Margatroid YajyuImouto: Meitoru K Cirno: Moiky Hourai-Cart: Pikapon PAL: Moiky Danbo-Minoriko: Moiky GozokuDaisya: Moiky Syakoya: Ameri Wakaking: Pikapon Power Tank: Rin and Bat MasohisTenko: Togami Taoreimu: TadanoKakashi Jibaku Tenshi-chan: Ryun Youki-so-Suika: Otto ChristmAlice: Popyadokari Korogareimu: 1/8192 Rare Reimu: MikkyunAlpha Chirno-Arithmetic: MatsudaSpecial Guruguru Flan: Reddosukato Dancing Komachi: Nankotsu_Curry ONI-MInoriKO: Moiky Will of Farm: Moiky 2HM2: Uma Sonohen Suwako_RP: Ricepigeon Boxing Chen: Ricepigeon Hakurei Omega: 0-Saft Yurusanae / Arajin God: Peke & TUGUNAIZEI: Yurusanae - Arajin God Fake Nyon / Fake NYN: kamaboko_saiha Nyon Alter / NYN Alter: kamaboko_saiha Captain Murasa no Hukisikero: TUGUNAIZEI Crappy Stuff They're here only for collection sake. Note: check the second post for stages and add-ons.
  17. Click on the author's name to download. Red: offline BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON [ARCADE] SCOUT SELECT Sailor Moon: AkagiK [NSFW] - Hyper Sailor Moon's update / El Aquadora / Nyo / TsukinoAi+ [NSFW]] / Sakuraka / Seravy / Venus-Noona Sailor Mercury: AkagiK / El Aquadora / Sakuraka / TsukinoAI+ [NSFW] / Venus-Noona Sailor Mars: AkagiK / Sakuraka / TsukinoAI + [NSFW] / Venus-Noona / AkagiK + Unknown [NSFW] Sailor Venus: AkagiK - Hyper Sailor Moon's update / DNZRX786 / Hyper Sailor Moon & MUGENVERSE / Idono Soko / Sakuraka / TsukinoAI+ [NSFW] / Venus-Noona Sailor Jupiter: AkagiK / Sakuraka / Sakuraka + Unknown / TsukinoAI+ [NSFW] / Venus-Noona Sailor Neptune: TsukinoAI+ [NSFW] / Yaten Kou / Yaten Kou+ Unknown [NSFW] Sailor Saturn: Laura St. DeLions / Venus-Noona Sailor Pluto: TsukinoAi+ [NSFW] / Venus-Noona || Sailor V: TsukinoAi+ [NSFW] ENEMY SELECT Castor & Pollux: TsukinoAI+ [NSFW] || Morga: TsukinoAI+ [NSFW] || Zoicite: Posphysylocke Queen Beryl: TsukinoAI+ [NSFW] / Posphysylocke / Sailor Sun EDIT SELECT Sailor Fruits: sailorvenus87 || Sailor Earth: sailorvenus87 BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON R / S / SUPER S [SNES] SCOUT SELECT Sailor Moon: Blaze102 / Emanuele / Kamekaze / Masa S. Sailor Moon: Alunfla / Blaze102 / Napoleon Jonamite [MVC] / Posphysylocke / Sailor Sun / Starmie / FEL Sailor Mercury: Alunfla / Alunfla + ReACt0rZ / Blaze102 / Kamekaze / Napoleon Jonamite [MVC] / Posphysylocke / Sailor Sun Sailor Mars: Alunfla / Blaze102 / Kamekaze / Napoleon Jonamite [MVC] / Posphysylocke / Rage / Sailor Sun / Starmie Sailor Venus: Blaze102 / Cartoon King / Kamekaze / Mmaluco10 / Napoleon Jonamite [MVC] / Posphysylocke / Sailor Sun / Starmie Sailor Jupiter: Blaze102 / DARK_HIEI / Kamekaze / Napoleon Jonamite [MVC] / NeoKamek - Version 0.7 - Version 0.6 (DOS) / Posphysylocke / Sailor Sun / Starmie Sailor Saturn: Kamekaze / Mmaluco10 / Napoleon Jonamite [MVC] / Posphysylocke / Sailor Sun / Starmie / Seravy / Unknown / FEL Sailor Neptune: Kamekaze / Mmaluco10 / Napoleon Jonamite [MVC] / Neocargaalpha / Posphysylocke / Sailor Sun / Starmie Sailor Uranus: Kamekaze / Mmaluco10 / Napoleon Jonamite [MVC] / Neocargaalpha / NS / Posphysylocke / Sailor Sun / Starmie Sailor Pluto: Blaze102 / LJH / Kamekaze / Mira_ / Mmaluco10 / Napoleon Jonamite [MVC] / Posphysylocke / Sailor Sun / Starmie / Venus-Noona Sailor Chibi Moon: Blaze102 / Kamekaze / Napoleon Jonamite [MVC] / Posphysylocke / Sailor Sun / Starmie / Ryoga_RG EDIT SELECT Eternal Sailor Moon: Mugenfan || Sailor Angelily: Emmy || Sailor Angelsalvia: Emmy Sailor Eris: MMAluco10 || Sailor Haumea: MMAluco10 Sailor Nix: Blaze102 || Sailor Thunder: Blaze102 || Sailor Ice: Blaze102 Sailor Kakyuu: sailorvenus87 ENEMY / OTHER CHARACTER SELECT Acabodra: MMAluco10 || Aquatiki: MMAluco10 || Atsugessho: MMAluco10 Castor: MMAluco10 || Diamond: MMAluco10 / FEL Emerald: MMAluco10 / Posphysylocke / Sailor Sun / Smhungary89 / FEL Sapphire: FEL || Kunzite: Abuhachi + Unknown Jadeite: MMAluco10 || Jamanen: MMAluco10 || Queen Beryl: UDX Rubeus: Posphysylocke / Sailor Sun / FEL || Prince Endymion: MMAluco10 BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON [GENESIS] SCOUT SELECT Sailor Moon: GatoSoft OTHER / UNIDENTIFIED GAMES SCOUT SELECT Eternal Moon: abon@arashi ORIGINAL / HANDRAWN SPRITES SCOUT SELECT - D4 SPRITES Sailor Mercury [SMC Anime]: Way-Oh || Tuxedo Mask [SMC Anime]: Way-Oh SCOUT SELECT - D0 SPRITES Sailor Moon: Ryoga_RG / LJH || Sailor Mercury: Zir / LJH || Sailor Neptune: Pockefreeman / LJH Chibi Moon: Ryoga_RG / LJH MISCELLANEOUS Sailor Pig: Michiru OTHER MISSING CHARACTERS STAGE SELECT Stages by Cadicle || Stages by Claudillo || Stages by Cenobite53 || Stages by Gabito23 || Stages by Kung Fu Man || Stages by Kaled Kalil || Stages by MMAluco10 || Stages by Navana || Stages by TsukinoAI+ Stages by Ryoucchi & Toaster || Stages by Sailor Sun || Stages by Zir || Banpresto Logo Sequence by Hello Millie || Streets by Venus-Noona Crown Game Center & Osa-P by NeoKamek || Sailor Moon Dimension by ATHO || Stage Pack by Smhungary89 SCREENPACK SELECT Sailor Moon SP by Gabito: Version 1 - Version 2 [Mugen 1.0 / 640x480] Sailor Moon SP by Legendary Team [Unknown Resolution] Sailor Moon SP by TsukinoAi+ [Mugen 1.0 / 640x480] FULL GAME SELECT Sailor Moon X: Poshsylocke - updated by Mr Nygren OTHER STUFF SELECT AI patches by Blaze102: Poshsylocke's Moon and Mercury / Poshsylocke's Venus / Poshsylocke's Chibi Moon / Poshsylocke Emerald AI patches for AkagiK's Scouts by HEESEY1228 English voice patches for LJH's Moon and Mini Moon by Japter Dark
  18. Re-posting for the sake of better previews. Click the author names to get the desired version of a characters! Feel free to post any missing stuffs. This collection't wont include any of the cheap Grief Syndrome edits. Characters - Resprited Magical Girls QB / Incubator Witches List of Characters Madoka Kaname: 1st: Waribashi - Nipa3008's Edit / 2nd: by おりりん - Nipa3008'S Edit || Homura Akemi: Cycbeam / Kohaku || Homura Akemi & Friends: Cycbeam || Mami Tomoe: 1st: Geros - Mirror / 2nd: Fuddyfunny Sayaka Miki: 1st: Fuddyfunny / 2nd: Annri || Kyouko Sakura: 1st: Waribashi / 2nd: Nyancha || QB: 1st: YAN / 2nd: Musimu / Ryusei || Gertrud: Ninnniku || Charlotte: MRCLMNDKS Elsa Maria: Noeru || Walpurgisnacht: 1st: Marktwo / 2nd: Ninnniku Characters - Grief Syndrome List of Characters Madoka Kaname: HAL || Homura Akemi: ZLC32 || Mami Tomoe: HAL || Sayaka Miki: Unknown || Kyouko Sakura: HAL / TM || QB: HAL || Oktavia von Seckendorff: Ouchi / Margatroid Characters - Parodies List of Characters Sayaka M. Kischine: ‚Í‚µ‚Ô‚Æ‚ª‚ç‚· || VH Mami: Oyaji || Megamami: Fu-Lin || Kung Fu QB Man: Arumikan || Homura Umaiboshoujo: Arumikan STAGES Stages by Margatroid || Stages by Yameteoke || Front of Homura House by Ouchi || Rebellion Fight by Emanuel667 ADD-ONS Madoka Magica Screenpack by Unknown Author [WinMUGEN+ / 320x240] Madoka Magica Screenpack by Oliviasan [MUGEN 1.0 / 640x480] BONUS AI Patch for Aririn's Madoka AI Patch + Voice Patch for Waribashi's Kyouko AI Patch for Nyancha's Kyouko by DS12 Productions
  19. ClayFighter Series

    Click the author names to download. Red: Offline Yellow: WIP CHARACTERS ClayFighter / ClayFighter: Tournament Edition Bad Mr. Frosty: Frantic || Blob: Shadowtak || Bonker: LordShade67 / Xandegraf || Blue Suede Goo: Shadowtak / Xandegraf || Helga: Shadowtak / Xandegraf Ickybod Clay: LordShade67 / Shadowtak / Xandegraf || Taffy: Shadowtak || N. Boss: Shadowtak / Xandegraf ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay Blob: Metasponge64 / Xandegraf || Slyck: Metasponge64 / Xandegraf || Ice: Metasponge64 || Bad Mr. Frosty: Metasponge64 || Jack: Metasponge64 / LordShade67 Octohead: LordShade67 / Shadowtak / Xandegraf || Tiny: Metasponge64 / Xandegraf || Butch: Xandegraf Googoo: Xandegraf || Spike: Xandegraf || Hoppy: Lord Sinistro || Sarge: Xandegraf || Nanaman: Metasponge64 / Xandegraf || Dr. Peelgood: Xandegraf || Kangoo: Xandegraf || Thunder: Xandegraf ClayFighter N64: 63 1/3 & Sculptor's Cut Boogerman: : Basara-kun || Happy Harry Houngan: Xandegraf || T-Hoppy: Xandegraf || Bad Mr. Frosty: Basara-kun / Xandegraf || Dr. Kiln: Xandegraf || High Five: Jeffry081 Earthworm Jim: Basara-kun / Dr. Kelexo || Sumo Santa: Xandegraf || Kung Pow: Some Guy / Xandegraf || Taffy: Xandegraf || Lockjaw Pooch: Some Guy STAGES All Clay Fighter 1 Stages by Cenobite53 || All Clay Fighter 1: Tournament Edition Stages by Cenobite53 || All Clay Fighter 2 Stages by Cenobite53 || The Crib by Shadowtak || Clay Keep by Shadowtak || Mudville Gardens by Shadowtak || Bungle Jungle by Shadowtak || Frosty Workshop by Shadowtak || Under de Clay by Shadowtak || N. Boss Stage by Shadowtak || The Blob Stage by Shadowtak || Frosty Stage by Shadowtak || Opera House by Getafix Mount Mushmore by Getafix || Boxing Ring by Getafix || Burning Clay by Nori-ban || Frosty Fort by Nori-ban || Opera House by Nori-ban || Ickybod Clay Stage by Nori-ban Happy Harry's Hut by Xandegraf || Camp Canaveral by Xandegraf || Viking Theater by Frantic Note: most of Shadowtak's stages were offline. The list above consists of the only obtainable stages from his archived site. FULL GAMES Super ClayFighter by Xandegraf Super ClayFighter by Xandegraf, converted to 1.1 by Gui0007 ADD-ONS ClayFighter 63 1/3 sound pack by Basara-Kun RESOURCES ClayFighter / CFTE sprite rips: The Spriters Resource & Sprite Database ClayFighter 2 sprite rips: The Spriters Resource & Sprite Database ClayFighter N64 sprite rips: The Spriters Resource
  20. Dong Dong Never Die

    Click on author names to download. CHARACTER SELECT Dong Dong: Xiami || Violent Dong Dong: Xiami || Ken: Kamekaze || Gouki: Xiami || Sheng Hua Nan: Xiami || Tuo Lei: Deathlazer Mian Hua Tang: Sakuraka || Yinyin: Sakuraka || Jie Mei Hua: Sakuraka || Sun Wu Kong: MelvanaInChains || Feifei: Sakuraka EXTRA Car Bonus: Xiami / Mabskmk STAGE SELECT An Hui: Mabskmk || Fu Jian: Dorgol || Guang Dong II: Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster || Guang Xi: Dr. Kelexo || He Nan: Dorgol || Hu Bei: Mabskmk Hu Nan: GUN0TRADIO || Huo Chai Ren: Mabskmk / MaxBeta - Whiplash's edit || Jiang Xi II: Mabskmk || Nei Men Gu: Dorgol Qing Hai: Dorgol || Tai Wan: Dr. Kelexo / E.B.U. || Xin Jiang: Dorgol || Elevator to Space: Valgallah RESOURCE SELECT Sprite Rips from The Spriters Resource
  21. Click on the author names to download. Red: Offline Yellow: WIP Characters - Akatsuki Blitzkampf / Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf. Asche List of Characters Adler: HM / Mikita / Rien / Kamekaze || Akatsuki: HM / Mikita / Flowrallia [KOFXIII] || Anonym: NS || Blitztank: HM || Elektrosoldat: HM / Mikita / Way-Oh || Fritz: Mikita / Nanashi [Last Blade] / Bluishcat [GG] Kanae: Mikita / AokManiac13 || Marylin Sue: Mikita / Shinra358 / Zero-Sennin || Murakumo: HM / Mikita || Mycale: HM / Mikita / Zecruss || Sai: Mikita || Wei: HM / Mikita Characters - En-Eins Perfektewelt List of Characters Adler: HM / Way-Oh || Akatsuki: HM / Way-Oh || Anonym-Guard: Way-Oh || Elektrosoldat: HM / Way-Oh || Fritz: Way-Oh || Murakumo: HM || Perfecti: Ari / Emperor || Sai: HM || Dawei: HM Characters - KOF Styled List of Characters En-Eins: Morinonaka || Elektrosoldat: HM / HM + Duracelleur Characters - Special Edits List of Characters Mycale M. M. W. Style: HM || No-Name: Rien || Robo-Akatsuki: ShouBuySpirit || S-Soldat: Way-Oh || Schmeissen Soldat: ShouBuySpirit Stages Stages by Mikita || Stages by Shinra358 Add-ons Akatsuki Blitzkampf Lifebars by Ouchi [Winmugen+ / 320x240] En-Eins Perfektewelt Lifebars by Unknown Author [Winmugen+ / 320x240] AI Patches AI Patch for Mikita's Akatsuki and Marylin, HM's and Way-Oh's Akarsuki by Sekt AI Patxh for Mikita's Fritz and Murakumo by Ikaruga AI Patch for Mikita's Mycale and Kanae by NS AI Patch for Way-Oh's Anonym Guard by Etoile Sprite Patches UNIB Sprite Patch for Mikita's, HM's and Way-Oh's Akatsuki by 酷斯査 波里諾 Christmas Sprite Patch for HM's Adler & Blitztank by Vosper. Nobita Nobi Sprite Patch for Mikita's Sai
  22. [STAGE & DOWNLOAD] Marble Gardens (Garden.rar) Holiday Havoc (JingleHavoc.rar) Ominous Skylight (Ominous Skylight.rar) Pumpkin Hill (Pumpkin Hill.rar) Rail Canyon (Sky Rail.rar) Sojiko Desert (Sojiko Desert.rar) Stardust Castle (sspast.rar) Wacky Workbench (Bad Future) (Wacky Workbench.rar) [COMMENTS] A newer stage of him, Ninja Training Grounds is offline. If anyone got that particular one, we'd appreciate it if you could re-upload it.
  23. Persona 4 Arena

    Click on the author names to download. Red: Offline Yellow: WIP Credit goes to Circuitous for character portraits. CHARACTER SELECT - MAIN ROSTER Akihiko Sanada: SxVector || Chie Satonaka: Son Of Aura [1.1 Only] - Kater15's conversion / Humi || Elizabeth: Son Of Aura [1.1 Only] || Labrys: SxVector Kanji Tatsumi: Son Of Aura [1.1 Only] || Marie: Son Of Aura [1.1 Only] - Kater15's conversion - Panda1's edit [Shadow Marie] Mitsuru Kirijo: Son Of Aura [1.1 Only] || Ken Amada & Koromaru: Son Of Aura [1.1 Only] Yuu Narukami: Magatsu Izanagi [1.1 Only] - KBossSlayer's conversion / Websta [Custom] || Teddie: Son Of Aura [1.1 Only] || Tohru Adachi: Kouya [1.1 Only] Yosuke Hanamura: Son Of Aura [1.1 Only] - Kater15's conversion || Naoto Shirogane: Son Of Aura [1.1 Only] / Kal [MVC] Shadow Labrys: Son Of Aura [1.1 Only] / Aki [Custom] || Yukiko Amagi: Son Of Aura [1.1 Only] - Kater15's conversion - Panda1's edit [Shadow Yukiko] CHARACTER SELECT - EDITS Shizuru: Kouya [1.1 Only] STAGES School Gate by Zinesis || Shadow World by ExShadow || Outdoor TV by SxVector [1.1 Only] || Outdoor TV (Edit) by Excahm ADD-ONS Persona 4 Arena Screenpack by SxVector [1.1/1280x720] Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Screenpack by SxVector [1.1/1280x720] Persona 4 Arena Lifebars by SxVector [1.1/1280x720] Persona 4 Arena Lifebars by DartzPie [1.0/1280x720] Persona 4 Arena Lifebars by DartzPie [1.1/1280x720] Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Lifebars by DartzPie [1.1/1280x720] AI patch for Kouya's Tohru Adachi AI patch for Son of Aura's Characters RESOURCES Persona 4 Arena Sprite Rips by Circuitous Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Sprite Rips by Snake SEE ALSO Megami Tensei Franchise Collection
  24. Tough Guy

    Click the author names to download. CHARACTER SELECT CHIESHEN NGI GERDON The_None KING Envymask666 MADIESHA Sakuraka SHEANA Shimon WACKER NGI STAGE SELECT Stages by Cenobite53 || Japan & Russia Stage by MadkaT || Nepal Stage by Reginukem
  25. Martial Masters

    Click on the author names to download. CHARACTER SELECT Crane: KenshinHimura || Drunk Master: Skiff / Duracelleur [MVC] || Ghost Kick: Buckus || Lotus Master: Skiff || Master Huang: KenshinHimura / Madcook / WANI / Duracelleur [MVC] Monk: Madre / Skiff / Duracelleur [MVC] || Red Snake: Fervicante || Reika: Fervicante / KenshinHimura || Saojin: KenshinHimura Scorpion: NHK / Skiff / Duracelleur [MVC] || Tiger: Buckus EDITED CHARACTER Wong Fei Hung: Descolor STAGE SELECT Stages by Kyoman || Stages by SophieX || Stages by SPAN || Master Huang's Stage by Cerisier || Reika's Stage by Masa00341 || Saojin's Stage by Noctis || True Lotus Master's Stage by SPAN & Skiff || Saojin's & Master Huang's Stage by KenshinHimura FULL GAME Martial Masters Full Game by Skiff