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  1. I hope that Smash Ultimate is the last SSB game......

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    2. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      you know what lets just end all series that nintendo runs. and all video game series in general


    3. ZXRagna


      i dont think thats the point hes getting at guys....its because Sakurai is going out of his way to put EVERYTHING he can into this. To the point where its going to be IMPOSSIBLE to top what hes done with Ultimate.

      The man has worked his ass off for so long, he deserves a break after Ultimate is done, and with the way Ultimate is going, if it ends up being the last one, I'd be perfectly content with that. Ultimate has the potential to be timeless game, one that'll last a LOOOOONG time, maybe even surpassing Melee.

    4. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      nintendo is a business, and you know what smash does for nintendo?


      businesses need money to survive.

      If they were really going to make this the last smash bros game, they would be just ending themselves. same reason why they haven't stopped making legend of zelda games, mario, or pokemon.