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  1. I had the shock of my life last night. My Steam account got stolen with all my TF2 items, games and more on it. What happened was a steam friend of mine sent me a message that I had an account warning on it since he reported me by accident and I needed to speak with an admin to get this (fake) warning removed. He lead to the admins account (named [SR]Botochix23) and I sent the admin a message. He said I had duplicate TF2 items on it and I needed to send him proof that I didn't cheat. So after talking for a long time and showing proof (that was fake) that he was an admin I sent him a steam Email verification number and next thing I noticed was my account was stolen. It was a huge shocker to me. I was freaking out and everything. I even sent Oliver a message in this huge shock phase. I was in utter disrepair. I felt like the world's biggest idiot. I was cry-screaming. Then my younger brother called my mum and dad up and we settled things on my brothers steam account. After that I had to spend 30 minutes calming down. Thank god this fuckhead didn't have my passwords to any other of my accounts on other platforms I'm on. So what did we learn today? Don't be an idiot like me, and send people your verification codes. God was I an idiot! I'm going to try and get the account back today, but for now, please be very aware of the account Flare64. As of right now, it was stolen by someone else. Please don't follow it till then. And I pray to god that I can somehow get it back.

    1. HelloMyNameIsAAA


      '' He said I had duplicate TF2 items on it ''


      There is the problem. There is no such things such as people contacting you for having duplicate items or shit like this. It seriously reminds of of that ''Your computer have illegal stuff in it and you have to pay 200$ to have it unlocked. (If there is a problem they would sent a raid right away.) ''  I am fully aware of scamming techniques on Steam since a very long time.


      I will copypaste the warning sent in the Canteen Crasher discord server. You can sent it to anyone you like.


      ''Casual reminder for everyone because I've seen this happen twice now. Do not fall for the "Your items have been duped" scam.


      1: Items cannot be duped if they're in the inventory due to how the Steam database works and verifies itself.

      2: Staff will not approach you in-game or through the client under any circumstance. If someone claims they are staff through these means, they are not staff.

      3: Staff, friends, it doesn't matter. Do not under any circumstances give out your login details.

      4: Use common sense. If they're asking for your items under pretense of verification or other reason, it's a scam. If they're asking for your login details to fix an error in your account or other reason, it's not staff, it's a scam.''


      If someone who try to pull this shit at me I would instablock him. Also, I will never accept friend invites from someone I don't know.




    2. Mr.Giang


      Man, that was an old as fuck scam on Steam that has been there for like 6 years, how did you even fall for it? I'm sorry but not much anyone can do for you now. Go to SteamRep and report it if you want some petty revenge but that's it 😕

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