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  1. This is surreal, I can't believe a live action Pokemon film is a real thing. This stuff is something people would make mock-ups off back in the 2010s. Jesus Christ man. And this actually looks pretty good. Of course I haven't played the detective Pikachu game itself so I have no idea if it's accurate to what happens in the game but still this movie is looking pretty great. Even some of the CG Pokemon aren't the best (Looking at you Psyduck.) I'll defiantly watch it when it comes out.



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. PlasmoidThunder


      It looks surprisingly good, and the positive early screening reviews give me hope it may actually be good.

    3. Noside


      I don't know about this one, watching pikachu talking like a regular person looks weird.

    4. PlasmoidThunder


      I mean that was the main point of the game this movie is based on ?

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