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  1. Three years ago, a song was uploaded to Youtube. This very song went on to become one of the greatest memes in recent memory as well as possibly the best meme from 2016 overall. Of course, I'm talking We are Number One.



    Three whole years this song has existed. And it graced memers all around the world. Many edits of the song were made. Often replacing replacing every "one" with ether a clip from another source or after the one is said it would speed up the video. There were also edits where Robbie Rotten was taken out the video entirely, the video was in opposite mode and many, many others.





    However the story does not end there. As the meme was gaining relevancy the actor of Robbie Rotten (Stefan Karl) was dealing with cancer. People took notice of this and so many people donated money to help him. This is one of the few times where a meme has helped somebody in a good way.



    However, as of late Stefan's cancer has returned. And it is worse then ever. The state as gotten so bad that it can't be worked on. This is extremely saddening.




    We tried did our best, and that's what counts. This is just how life goes. Unfortunate, but we else can we do? Life is life. And we did all we could to help him. And all we can do now is wish him the best of luck.


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