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  1. Alright I'm back home from le France at long last. It's been a nice big break. Got to relax while not worrying about work I have to do and the such. I very much needed the rest.


    This is the 6th or so time I have gone to France for a summer holiday. But this time we rented a different house then we normally do. The house we got was great. It was old and rustic. The walls were made of stone, like, bumby stone. And everything else was made out of wood. I liked this house, the owners did a good job on it. 


    I brought my SNES mini and played loads of games on it. In which I beat Mario World for the 5th time of so. And I'm close to finishing both Megaman X and DKC1. I played SF2 Hyper Fighting with my dad one night and it was a blast. Seriously we were laughing our heads off. I have not played with my dad like that in a looooooong time. 


    We also had a pool. It wasn't as good as the previous one from the house we usually go to since it had unsafe edges and some of the tiles came undone. But it worked. The only other thing I had a gripe with was the bathrooms. They were smol. My head could touch the dammed ceiling. And one of the toilets won't work.


    Overall I enjoyed my time there. Now, back to reality. And work. And all the other crap I have to deal with.


    (I could write more but it's 3AM... I need sleep.)