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  1. Is it me, or is MFFA just not very functional at the moment? 1/3 times I've used it in the past week it's ether been down, there's been bugs or it's just crashing. 

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    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Yea no it's definitely not just you.  I don't want to go to far into what the problem's but bluehost's host side caching keeps kicking back on randomly every time their servers get too much traffic, and that causes problems on the site.  I disable it on from my end, they disable it from their end (supposedly permanently 3 times) and it just keeps kicking on.

      I've been the scourge on their freakin tech support over the last 5 days, but we've yet to figure out what can be done about it.  They're having an admin look at it at the moment.  Once I get somewhere solid I'll update everyone on the full story, but that's all I got right now.

      And yea holy shit is it annoying. 

    3. Flare-Gamer-64


      Thanks guys. Good to know I'm not alone in this situation.

    4. GarfieldfanMUGEN


      Like everyone else is saying, you're not alone. I've been dealing with this problem myself.