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  1. [Preview] [Full Image] [Download] MediaFire - Google Drive [Comments] I am sorry for what I've done. Comes with the original song as the background music. This was a dumb thing I done in under a few minutes using the stage tool.
  2. Okay, one thing I want to mention... The Handbanana assist kinda feels weird to me. Maybe have him stop when he... "grabs" the opponent, plus put them in a custom state, instead of pushing them away from you?
  3. Since I joined, I wanted to show some progress on my Garfield character, so... I got a pallete in, and the jump anims are correct. The only problem is that I don't really have enough sprites to work with. If someone is willing to help, that'd be great. (oh yeah, MUGEN 1.0 only, too. If someone wants to help bring this to WinMUGEN, just wait.) Look at posts below for future additions to the fat cat, or anything else I do.
  4. Okay, I'll bite. Not really a big fan of the show he's from (I still kinda like it), this seems worth trying.
  5. I've been updating this edit more-or-less recently. Not only does he have a few nitpick things (at least to me) removed, having a smaller file size, but there are some things added and changed. Once I get a Skeletor assist in, get ready for the "More Moogen" update.
  6. [Preview] [Download] MediaFire [Comments] A minor edit of @Brergrsart's Uncle Joel I started last month. I figured since today's the day of the dank, what better day to release him than today. (Will be updated unless the original author says something.)
  7. At this point, I got a basic attack and some other minor things for Ruby done. Let me say that I revamped Garfield again (meaning I started from scratch) and started on Yang Xiao Long. As of now, someone already made Yang. Meaning time for more Garfield progress!
  8. Added the rest of the Charas. This collection may undergo a cleanup soon.
  9. Welcome to the download area for characters from the RPG Undertale. Please take note that there are some NSFW content throughout the fandom, so few characters should have that kind of content. Hall of helpers (If you help out with the collection, you get a special mention): @Flare-Gamer-64 @AstroInkling45 @Solid Snivy @BluEngineerCKG43 I am dearly sorry if a character preview is not animated. If one is not, there will be a attempt to fix it. ^ - character is a beta and will be updated. ! - character is unfinished. Nst? (N representing a number) - character has previews, but not all are generated. Bold text: What's missing Brown text: not worth getting/collection purposes Main Characters: Frisk Shane the mugen kid's version - Pizzasause's version, thebuddyadrian's edit - Gramsen's version, Easlfre's edit, Pizzasause's AI Patch - Viorel Weber's Battle Frisk - FRISKY FRISK THAT FRISKS EVERYFRISK XxMarioLoverBRxX: Brutal Frisk - Marvel vs. Capcom Frisk - Current version sans "The weakest enemy." 1st? Lebert130's version - Bardock181's version, Gamerduck13's edit - Retro Flowey's version, Pizzasause's edit - Endercreeper's version - FourthRhyme's Glitch Sans - Gramsen's version, FourthRhyme's 1.0 conversion, Pizzasause's AI Patch - AngryBirdCooler's version - STG's Ver. S (Very OP) PAPYRUS "He likes to say 'Nyeh Heh Heh!'" FourthRhyme's version, Papyrus 64 Chaos Edition (Joke), Pizzasause's edit: Old, New, babamugen's Papyrus Clones - FourthRhyme's version (old), AI patch by DarkLuigiGames Gramsen's version Toriel "Knows best for you." Pizzasause's version - MEGA_X's version: New, Old - Gramsen's version, Pizzasause's conversion for 1.0 and WinMUGEN Alphys (As there's no official description I refuse to wing it.) FourthRhyme's version, TylorGoldenYoshi's edit Note: FourthRhyme's Alphys use the X, Y, and Z keys for attacks, while the edit linked above utilizes the A, B, and C keys. Undyne MEGA_X's version - Pizzasause's version(^) Enemies: Muffet "If she invites you to her parlor, excuse yourself." FourthRhyme and Gamerduck13's version, Pizzasuase's edit: Old - New, babamugen's Muffet Clones SPOILER-BOUND CHARACTERS Do not enter this section if you have not beaten the game yet. Minor Characters: Duck That Flies by Pizzasause So Sorry by Endercreeper: Old - New Special Editions (all of these are by FourthRhyme unless stated): Papyrus: Oktoberfest/TF2 Medic Papyrus Sans: Fall/Autumn Glitch Sans - Christmas Sans (Gamerduck13) Alphys: Egghead/Easter Alphys Toriel: Halloween/Witch Toriel (Pizzasause) Joke Characters: Mettaton EX's Legs by Pizzasause !Asgore by p0008874 (VERY CHEAP) Pahpeeruz by Endercreeper (CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTS) Stages: Papyrus and Sans' House, The Ruins, and MOGOLOVONIO by Endercreeper
  10. I think Google Photos is fucking up on me.
  11. yes this actually happened



    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      First Infinity War, Then Smash on Switch, then BBTAG and now this. Geez 2018 really is the year of unexpected crossovers.

  12. Sad to see someone had the same idea. Though mine and yours are gonna be different in a way.
  13. I'm pretty sure you all seen this: Garfield was put on hold so I could work on something using ripped sprites. Yes, I'm making Ruby Rose as of now. So far only one sprite has been put in, but I'm working on getting at least a standing animation done before anything else. Sprites face left but I found a way to work around that (It's really not that hard.)
  14. That's a lotta hitboxes...



    (Also Garfield's on hold until futher notice. I'll still be editing sprites.)

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    2. Nodog


      Is that AutoCLSN at work?

    3. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      I don't think that's auto clsn. (It would look like this, maybe.)

      Though I recommend checking the hitboxes of previous arc sys games if you want an idea of how they work. (unless the bbtag ones is already out somewhere, so you can just copy from there.)


      I've remembered a character that has a similar pose, Shadow Labrys from P4Arena. This is Aki's mugen conversion of said character, notice how it has only two boxes.



      So try using less clsn as possible.

    4. GarfieldfanMUGEN


      @Flare-Gamer-64 I'm probally gonna continue with Garf after I finish Ruby, so don't expect Weiss.


      @Mister Fael I'll keep that in mind. Honestly to me the more the clsn covers the shape of the character, the better (Except when it's the new version of Zim, unless the walking animation was changed).

  15. All icon origins (as far as I can remember): Garfield comic, DDLC, DDLC edit (the one with Skinner in it), Garfield comic (yes he dabbed in it), Pop Team Epic, The Simpsons (current)
  16. I seriously tried uploading this to the Archive yesterday. All I thought when it was gone was "What the fuck is wrong with these people? Don't they know true art, or do we have to deal with more poorly drawn shit?"
  17. Yagoshi_The_Dino_Who_Forgot_To_Pay_His_Taxes Let's bring this back, shall we?
  18. ef2d7c974151c0a0be351becd9cc0668.jpg

    Give this a few likes and I'll turn this into a M.U.G.E.N stage.

  19. I think the same thing happens when I turn down my laptop (which I am not using right now). It thinks I'm pressing the C button for some reason. As for your problem, I don't know how to fix it except maybe get a fresh copy of the main application.
  20. I've added a labing thing ADDED: Almost everything else by Endercreeper, will add the remaning stuff later LAYOUT UPDATES: Brown text signals a bad character
  21. B E G O N E , T H O T ! Memes aside, these look like great joke characters!
  22. One bit of feedback: Judging by the leftover sprites, this uses Rocko as a base. Example here: Also, altoiddealer's feedback on MFG has more bits of feedback. Other than these two things I've seen, this seems like a really promising character.
  23. i feel like makin' a screenpack for some reason

    1. MugenGuy4164


      I usually have a bucket load of ideas to make a screenpack (But mostly keeps them on hold cause im not that good at making a screenpack)