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  1. Well, damn. Anyway, here's a minor update. Still working on the Undertale collection. ADDED: Mr. Giang's Weiss edit
  2. Special thanks to @Ryou for providing the link to the mentioned character! ADDED: Rayyyy's Neo Politan UPDATES: Emerald green indicates a work-in-progress character.
  3. I found an actual Neo Politan and want to add it, but sadly it's on that part of the community.
  4. Added some (experimental) previews for Frisk.
  5. Cleaned the whole collection up to make way for new previews.
  6. Happy New Year to everyone that's celebrating it now and to those who will soon!

  7. UPDATES: k6666orochi's Weiss
  8. I'm going a different way with those, similar to how I did the RWBY collection's previews, but with a more unique twist for this collection.
  9. After updating the RWBY collection, I will now focus on updating this to look so much better than it is right now (I will still be updating the RWBY collection, but that will get a facelift as well soon).
  10. Okay, so this collection might undergo some more updates (mainly visual-wise) soon. I also still need to update the Undertale/Deltarune collection, too. ADDED Mr. Giang's edit of OHMSBY's Yang NOTED Two work-in-progress versions of Neo Politan
  11. I've noticed this is in major need of updating. I kinda drifted away from Undertale a bit (I really like Deltarune tho), but I will work hard on updating this as a lot of characters were released across both parts of the fandom combined.
  12. It's been a while since this was updated. Odie by TheIranSonic (Also to clarify, this wasn't an edit of Zobbes' version, but this is a character on it's own right.) Mallow Odie by Idiot
  13. I think I did well. I drank milk earlier. ADDED: Mr. Giang's edits of OHMSBY's Ruby and k6666orochi's Blake UPDATES: k6666orochi's Weiss and Blake
  14. Fuck, again, out for a while. I was busy with stuff... I should update this...
  15. possible_color_seperation_resized.png


    Another Mappy? Yep. At least his sprites are easy to edit. Thread coming soon.

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