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  1. [UPDATE: 7/12/18] El Cid Campeador by Jor8a was added. Fennel by MoloMowChow was added.
  2. [UPDATE: 7/10/18] Goomba by Below273 (Edit) was added. Syamerimaru by Below273 (Edit) was added.
  3. HelloMyNameIsAAA

    Pennywise and Hsekum by Mukesh Fazbear Pro (2018)

    I think you are dealing with a child there. There is nothing much we can really do. Just ignore and carry on with your life.
  4. In case you're worried abouty EU's Copyright Directive, the Parliament rejected the current proposal 278 in favor, 318 against and 31 abstentions.


    It will be put back on the drawing board, where the MEPs will paricipate in a full debate and will insert admendements to it, with a vote set around September 10–13.


    News source: https://www.politico.eu/article/european-parliament-votes-to-block-copyright-reform/

  5. It's the beginning of July and I have seen someone who light up his christmas lights.


    FFS turn off your christmas light. Stop wasting electricity like that.

    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      That's just rude in my book.

    2. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      A literal Christmas in July, now that's something you don't hear often.

  6. HelloMyNameIsAAA

    Knuckle Fighter X/Alpha

    Censorship in MUGEN ? The engine has more porn and lewd stuff that you can think about.
  7. HelloMyNameIsAAA


    As soon as MUGEN authors make new Pokémon chars. This collection has nearly every Pokémon related stuff for MUGEN ever released, good or bad.
  8. Whoops ! You don't really need a reupload, you can just use the author's original link. http://tstorage.info/djcqjzzd57yw
  9. [Update: 6/5/2018] (NEW!) Claudette (Character) (Below273) (NEW!) S_Flan (Character) (Below273) (NEW!) Drunk Flower Girls (Character) (MoloMowChow)
  10. Both me and JamPress are in touch with many SpriteClub authors there. This collection will be updated as soon as we got new releases. As for Jor8a, many of old edits are public since long ago. It is because his chars are on 4shared and linking to this website are strongly discouraged, so I rehost them to Mega. As for 2012 himself, in a private discussion with Jor8a, he feels that releasing this char is pointless since it is just a nuker that spams fullscreen OHKs like many similar edits does. I don't think he got leaked though.
  11. So, the NBA went into its fourth Cleveland-Golden State finals in a row.


    What kind of league is this ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Darkflare


      It's not ever surprising.

      Warriors have no less than 4 damn All-stars on the same team while maintaining great synergy and a very respectable bench.

      Meanwhile, the East teams aren't anything to write home about except for the Cavaliers and only because Lebron has a dominating presence. Say what you want, but he's placed himself at a very high standard of play with good reason. In fact, he's pretty much the one carrying his team, so much that the team falls apart anytime Lebron sits on the bench.

    3. HelloMyNameIsAAA


      This is EXACTLY my thought about the Cavaliers. The team is fucked is LeBron leaves the team. Remember ''The Decision'' ? The entire team felt apart as soon as he moved to the Heat. Their fans should consider themselves lucky if he ever managed to come back and won a championship for them.


    4. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- UT Provided Another Glorious Dank Video About This! LOL!


  12. HelloMyNameIsAAA


    Link ! This characters literally turns into a copy of your opponent, just like in the original game. This thing is WinMUGEN only due to the DisplaytoClipboard coding it has.




    While we have been talking about disgusting Spongebob episodes almost 2 months ago, there is a new stinker named ''Ink Lemonade''. Well ! It is exactly what it says on the tin.

    1. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Who even drinks Ink Lemonade anyway? That stuff can make you piss Ink and you'll shit out Ink poop for a week

    2. Pluscross


      The Splinter is still worse by a small margin. Most will still say One Coarse Meal, but how are those worse than My Leg. Worst episode ever.


      I love how direct the names to the more infamous episodes are. That lost and found episode was super annoying too, as well as the more recent one where Patrick searches for ice cream.

    3. Flare-Gamer-64


      And just when it seemed Spongebob would actually improve after the first movie. Modern Spongebob has it's moments, but then you have stuff like this... Yuck. Also a Pal for Gary made me not want to watch TV for a whole week.


    When visual novels with cute girls in it are the scum of the Earth but your have no problem accepting the shittiest kind of asset flips.


    I don't even like visual novels but this is outright ridiculous ffs.


    Here is a change.org petition link, if this could ever work.

    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      "Bobs are evil! Ban them! We cannot allow such a evil to spread on our store! But slashing a person to pieces in a game like the Witcher 3 is perfectly okay." - Steam staff.

  15. HelloMyNameIsAAA

    Nymphaea by MoloMowChow released (4/30/2018)

    Sir, this character is made by MoloMowChow, not me ! But you're right about MUGEN needing new authors like this.