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  1. So predictably, the FCC voted against "net neutrality" and thus automatically "against the entire internet".


    If I were to say anything about this it would be a recommendation to you not to freak out about this. I swear, the same thing happened back in early 2014 and the internet did without "neutrality" for a full year, and it didn't turn into a shithole. And that's not mentioning everything before 2007... this does absolutely nothing, as even when it currently existed, it didn't fully work out as battleforthenet pretended it to be.


    The only effects this vote has is the inevitable outrage of everyone who was against this repeal, and of course one of the top-trending hashtags on Twitter is "#RipInternet".

    Is this for real? Most people have no idea how the internet works, but so many are still super passionate about net neutrality and convinced that without it the internet dies.

    Even without taking 2014 into account (which I can't stress enough), what would ever convince you of such an infantile view?


    I'm not at all convinced that most people freaking out about this have even looked up what net neutrality is... and for that matter, how the internet even functions. This issue just pisses me off. There are certainly ways the freedom on internet in countries is hampered, like anti-privacy laws or actual, genuine government-caused censorship of politically unfavorable websites, this "net neutrality" shit is not one of them.

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    2. Flowrellik


      Um yeah it's called the FCC FABRICATED them for their own defense. @White Ranger

    3. Xiristatos


      Yep, I actually do agree, that deceased comments thing likely seems to be true. It happens with a lot of policy issues nowadays, thanks to fucking Twitter (fuck Twitter). It's not hard to fabricate something like "majority opinions" to make it feel like the real deal, but the FCC did it way too openly. I don't even know why they'd do this if they knew all this repealing thing would enrage a lot of people, it's not like those deceased people will come back to life to defend them...


      I could believe them doing this, definitely. While I wouldn't outright call Ajit the satan's anus as everyone else seems to be doing, I really wonder how he's able to take the heat so... shockingly well. Like, what the hell is up with those two videos he uploaded of himself? Especially the one where he's... Santa with a Nerf Gun and a Fidget Spinner? Even as someone who despises this overhyped issue, I really wonder... what was he sniffing?

    4. Xiristatos


      Really, @uaguilar, hell if I know more than others do. What I can definitely tell you is that the only real effects this vote will have is on the emotions of everyone involved, only to then have the issue forgotten by quite a few again. It's like the five stages of grief actually kick in one time and subtly disappear, due to barely anything having changed. That is one thing I am fairly confident in, because I followed this issue more than it seemed. Back in 2014 when it was first "repealed" (different way, but same outcome), I did believe in the same thing "everyone else" did, only to then realize after a while that absolutely none of these infantile doomsday scenarios even CLOSELY came to fruition. It simply made no sense anyway, especially ironic considering I'm the type of person who would even follow this issue in the first place.


      Really, as I said before, I have no real position in this... I can believe a few of the arguments and scenarios the pro-NN side gives, but this "EVERYONE WILL BE SLOWED DOWN, ALL WILL BE CENSORED, INTERNET IS FUCKING DYING, CORPORATIONS HAVE COMPLETE AND UTTER CONTROL OF EVERYTHING EVER!!!" bullshit is just that, utter bullshit. Hell, don't take my word for it, take it from someone who's more knowledgeable on internet issues than me: http://illusionofmore.com/why-im-neutral-for-now-on-net-neutrality/