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  1. Worst Mugen Character(s)

    There are actually quite a lot of characters I have (or formerly had) in my roster that I have complaints about and the only reason I still have a lot of them is because when it comes to me... well, just about anyone and anything can go into my roster... even fools! But here are the absolute worst ones that come to my mind: 1. So... Kong, anyone? Yeah, kill me if you so desire, Kong's creations are characters in the most desperately scientific sense and easily among the worst bile that I have ever witnessed in my rather short MUGEN life (I fully began in... early 2016). The ridiculously high amount of things utterly broken in them is so staggering, they're not even as much characters as they're more like the MUGEN equivalent of stubbing your toe on the side of a doorframe. Fighting them or even playing as them feels less like actually fighting and more like putting yourself through the kind of chore that makes you fondly remember that one time you burned your hand after touching your mother's running steam iron. One glaring example has to be his Gill. You know Gill from Street Fighter? That cheap double-colored dude that resurrects when he's knocked out with a full power bar, albeit only once per round...? Well... Kong doesn't disappoint, as his Gill is now able to resurrect EVERYTIME he's knocked out with full power... guaranteeing an annoying fight that makes one question whether or not such a badly done character combusts when they make contact with air. 2. Rion by OGko OGwo... I mean, what can I even say about this walking hepatitis? Well, I can sum up his entire "character" in one sentence: It's a lion plush backpack with anger-inducingly lethal and merciless power that commits the utterly unforgivable sin of simultaneously being a grappler and a striker user, with his strikers being a polar bear plush and Domo of all things, all rounded up with a hyper move that incomprehensibly displays a rather lengthy collection of pictures taken of Rion and his companions boning eachother. If you showed this character to a pregnant woman, her immediate miscarriage would try to kill you. 3. Aaron Roulette, who is basically an unbelieveably unoriginal looking OC character in general that also happens to be a spriteswap of... Homer Simpson(?!). If his first impression doesn't already give you a pretty good idea of how much this character has the wit of nutella-induced constipations, then his repulsive cheapness will make you feel like you're watching a homeless man try to eat a brick for a dollar. His health bar appears to refill automatically over time, as does his power bar (I can't remember, and neither do I care). To add to his bullshit overpowered attacks, he has a seemingly infinite amount of super/hyper moves he can launch at you on a whim. It's also one of those instances where actually playing as such a character is only as fun as watching paint dry, as opposed to trying to fight this thing which is more akin to watching paint dry while being set on fire and listening to goats being mauled. 4. Basically all of TheMegaBrony's characters. To get my point across as understandably as possible, they're all pixelated MLP characters that blatantly and inexplicably use assets from other games without any context or reason. This is not an exaggeration, his Princess Celestia uses Mario's fireballs as a super move, his Fluttershy spams a bunch of 2D enemies from completely different games, his Lord Tirek is nothing more than a shoddy ripoff of Apocalypse and he actually believes that giving his Queen Chrysalis a moveset that suddenly transforms her into a Megaman character(!) (and I do mean suddenly, whenever she does such a move, it immediately turns her into said character) is a solid representation of her shapeshifting abilities. These characters are just a mess, with either nonsensical or loud 8-bit sounds, attacks and effects that simply don't fit their character whatsoever and just generally feeling tacked on. If you ate a whole bag of cement and used your own digestive tract as a cement mixer, you would be a better construction worker than TheMegaBrony is at creating MLP characters. Yeah... that's all I can put up for now. If I can think of more infuriatingly shit characters, I'll talk about them here as well.
  2. MFFAWN #19 (Aug 20-26, 2017) - Drunk & Disorderly

    Well... as they say, to each his own. Then again, I have a pretty messed up... sense of "humor". My signature alone proves that.
  3. MFFAWN #19 (Aug 20-26, 2017) - Drunk & Disorderly

    Great Fawn post and all, but good lard... that "Weekly Funny" was nearly unintelligible at the second half, like with that the hell did you even type this in...? This thing, or what? Not that it matters though... I didn't even get the joke, or I don't even now if it WAS supposed to be funny...
  4. And what happened to an utter ballsack of a woman who falsely accused 15 men of raping "her"? http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-41037826

    1. LuigiTheMemeLord


      Doesn't surprise me someone would lie about that these days.


      There's plenty of stories about stuff like that.

    2. Artoria Alter

      Artoria Alter

      The sad part is people defending her


    3. LuigiTheMemeLord


      Dont expect anything less from left leaning "news" networks.

  5. That incredibly stupid feeling when you have like 800 characters in your MUGEN, but only really use like 5 of them because Complacent Gaming Syndrome, a.k.a. lazy dumbass

    1. Noside


      I do that too but just to have fun fighting against a ton of different fighters, I've also set my cfg for 50 matches, tons of fun!

    2. Pluscross


      It gets even worse higher up. So hard to use characters I even genuinely like nowadays.

    3. Xiristatos


      I do that same thing often, Noside. If my laziness gets the better of me, I make sure that at least some part of it stays fresh.

  6. And I don't care whatever happens, top waifu goes straight into my roster. I was waiting for this day that... came rather damn quick.
  7. Is it possible to create an infinite stage?

    Good Question. Now that you mention it, I do sense a significant lack of infinite stages, and I don't think it's blatantly impossible since MUGEN creators always have this penchant for overdoing themselves... In any way I am confident to say that such a thing is likely possible, because one stage creator by the name of MabsKMK has one stage where I have the feeling that this thing may have been achieved. It's his Dark Forest stage, in the "2014" section of his stages in his website. Indeed it feels like the stage is never ending because no matter how long I walked to the side to try it out, it never stopped and never touched a wall... so I guess that does give me reason to say that yes, making an infinite stage might just be possible... But I'm still keeping an open eye because this is basically the ONLY stage that I was able to walk endlessly on... which is strangely suspicious. I mean like I said, there are a buttload of stages to download, and for there to be only ONE potentially infinite one I found is pretty strange...
  8. Truly, what a bizarre input... while it seems to be executable on an analog stick, it really shouldn't be this cryptic. Speaking of bizarre, I'm playing a lot of BlazBlue Central Fiction recently, and I very clearly noticed its occasional tendency for odd inputs as well. The one that comes off the top of my head is the one used for Hazama's and Izanami's Astrals: DB, HCB, DF. It's another one of those inputs that might be obnoxious on a keyboard but quite doable on an analog stick... and it's only for Astrals anyway, so that's no issue. However, the game also contains quite a few of the goddamn 360 and 720 (and in a few cases even 1080!), and they alone are the reason I ended up not liking playing as Tager that much (however, I can handle Bullet well enough though). I do realize I'm bringing up my hatred for the 360 input once again at such an unwarranted place, but I didn't even mention what I hate the absolute most about them: It's not so much that it's the most obnoxious motion to ever execute (which it really is), but how a lot of moves that require this input are ground-only, meaning it's very likely for a player to fail executing it entirely. Given that your character will automatically jump once you reach the upper part with your stick or keyboard when doing a 360, one has to time the last input key almost perfectly to execute it on the ground without the character jumping again instead... but then again, it may be just me sucking at fighting games too much to understand it...
  9. And another gureito addition to my MUGEN coming from you (and for realz this time...). And that leaves us with the question on who you will be doing next, either Mima or Mamizou... Have you ever actually attempted working on two characters at the same time? I mean not literally simultaneously, but working towards the same progress for both... you know what I mean. As for Chen herself, you naturally did a great job with the moves and all, but I have one entirely personal complaint: What the hell is it with you guys and the "Charge DB,DF,DB,UF,x/y/z" input? Like, where the hell did it come from? This seems like a ridiculously arbitrary input combination to me... I mean I'm in no position to whine about this, but I really think it's not that great of an idea to have the player fight much more with his own keyboard than the opponent he's/she's supposed to be fighting. Oh well, at least I'm able to execute this combination when it comes down to it... as opposed to the fucking 360... fuck 360, it's a strain on analog sticks and downright impossible to properly execute on the keyboard. I know someone of you is gonna tell me to just change the respective character's command inputs if it bothers me so much... but doing exactly that has caused a lot of characters to behave unnaturally, like the AI suddenly taking over for no reason, and the moves I changed not working at all anyways. Speaking of which, although your Yuuka has 360 moves as well, for some reason they're really easy to execute. Really, for her 720 moves for example all I had to do was do two half circles and press up one time along with the attack button, and the moves happened as I wanted... Kudos to you for having done... that. Why am I saying this? Because no other characters with this direction input had this benefit. I do realize I went off-topic by a lot, but... just wanted to let that out. If anyone else happens to be a 360 hater... know that you're not alone.
  10. Susanoo by Takehaya Susanoo released 5/14/17

    Well, some good news then: In his (I'm pretty sure he's a dude, so I'll go with it for now) Mugenguild thread for Susano'o, Takehaya said that he might attempt to create Valkenhayn, Terumi and Izanami (ayyyyyyy bruh) in his way, but only once he considers his Susano'o to be stable enough. Here's the thread if you're interested: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/blazblue-susanoo-melty-blood-style-released-14-05-17-179770.20.html (it's the second page though, since this is where three aforementioned characters were mentioned by him)
  11. Susanoo by Takehaya Susanoo released 5/14/17

    Finally, after all these years we got an actually well-done, smooth and fully functioning BlazBlue character for MUGEN, with a reasonable file size, fluid animation sprites without straining the framerate even slightly, wonderfully implemented moves and overall... how do I say this... MUGEN-friendly quality to it. I mean let's face it, all the other BlazBlue characters severely lack at least one of these qualities, turning them simply unbearable in the process. Not only that, but it's the franchises's final antagonist that represents MUGEN's first ever well functioning BlazBlue character (for me at least). Not the franchise's main protagonist, but its MAIN VILLAIN! I mean, now THAT'S a bombastic genuinely great entry for the BlazBlue collection. Now I do have SOME reservations about this Susanoo, mainly his way too high damage output even for HIS standards... for example, his Astral is fairly easy to launch (at least from what I've tested in training... gonna try him in an actual Versus yet) and since it's an instant kill (then again, that's what Astrals are for), I have the feeling that fights will end way too soon... like WAY too soon. But overall, Takehaya Susanoo has done this character justice. And more importantly, with him (her?) considering making more BlazBlue characters (I'll trade my soul for my waifu Izanami to be MUGENised), he (she?) might become with BlazBlue characters what RicePigeon is with Touhou characters. I'll gladly wait.
  12. Blazblue

    What? BAKANA! Gotta try him out now!
  13. The part I boldened is exactly the main problem I pointed out in my aforementioned rant. A substantial issue that was simply impossible to ignore. Actually y'know what, I really want put that rant's link here now for y'all to see: http://mugen.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:113457 If it's too off-topic, too distracting from the main point or even a link I'm not allowed to insert, just let me know... but I just wanted to share my real thoughts without having to majorly repeat myself. And holy hell, I didn't even KNOW about the Dragon Claw thing... wow, now I hate that site even MORE now! Never thought that was possible, but ok...
  14. This. This is the reason people here have so many substantial (and legitimate) complaints about MA even beyond the security issues. I constantly had that issue as well, only instead of banning me right after registering, they merely blacklist my E-Mail address everytime... even though I have never ever registered on this site ever before! They force you to register to be able to download anything at all (something I haven't seen any other MUGEN content host/site EVER do) and you can't even do THAT. I actually ranted about MA on the Mugen Wikia, and I would give the link to it, but... that would distract from the topic at hand here, and I don't wanna do that much. Which by the way, thanks for the heads up, RP. This really is a site to be avoided, no matter what side you're on.