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  1. The part I boldened is exactly the main problem I pointed out in my aforementioned rant. A substantial issue that was simply impossible to ignore. Actually y'know what, I really want put that rant's link here now for y'all to see: http://mugen.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:113457 If it's too off-topic, too distracting from the main point or even a link I'm not allowed to insert, just let me know... but I just wanted to share my real thoughts without having to majorly repeat myself. And holy hell, I didn't even KNOW about the Dragon Claw thing... wow, now I hate that site even MORE now! Never thought that was possible, but ok...
  2. This. This is the reason people here have so many substantial (and legitimate) complaints about MA even beyond the security issues. I constantly had that issue as well, only instead of banning me right after registering, they merely blacklist my E-Mail address everytime... even though I have never ever registered on this site ever before! They force you to register to be able to download anything at all (something I haven't seen any other MUGEN content host/site EVER do) and you can't even do THAT. I actually ranted about MA on the Mugen Wikia, and I would give the link to it, but... that would distract from the topic at hand here, and I don't wanna do that much. Which by the way, thanks for the heads up, RP. This really is a site to be avoided, no matter what side you're on.
  3. Ay, so I tried her out in the Arcade mode, and one thing I noticed is that you can't actually change her palette and Lv. 3 spellcard at the beginning of any next match after the very first one. It's not too much, but with RP's characters you can do exactly that... I mean, since that's the style you're going for, I felt like this was worth pointing out... I guess. Still, nice work regardless.
  4. Ay, she's just perfect, you really outdid yourself with this one. Every single move you gave her is just spot-on (though it's a bit sad her 3D Print Gun didn't find a place in here somewhere), and the sprites are as fluid as they could be. Hell, not even any bugs have been found on my part (though that doesn't really say much, given that I merely look at the overall characters in-game rather than check their coding thoroughly). You're absolutely wonderful at re-creating RicePigeon's style into these HM/ULiL style characters. That's gotta be your regular thing! Ay bruh I swear, you'll be my favorite breathing person thing ever if you were to make Shinmyoumaru Sukuna (You know, that super-tiny purple-haired lad-in-the-bowl) in your style as well! I mean... if that's okay for you of course.
  5. Who knows? Maybe your own site was playing a AF jokes with y'all too? But ok, good to know there only being one angry Cena now... 16 were just too much.
  6. I know, right? You just fell victim to it too!
  7. What the hell?! I only clicked on "Submit Reply" once and then this happens?! I can't even delete these other 15 replies because of that damn error message I keep getting... MFFA, wat te hel?
  8. Ayyyy... you guys know how to bring dankheads like me in a great mood.
  9. Ay, not to go on your nerves with this, but I just wanted to point out that in your MUGEN website, the download link that's on Sanae redirects to Ichirin's MediaFire file instead. On Ichirin the download link is correct though, it's just that Sanae's isn't. Just wanted to let you know... you know, in case you might wanna fix it or something...