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    This feeling when you spam "BURN TO THE GROUND!"

  2. When i have nothing to do.


  3. Robert Shigabutdinov (i know, this sounds a bit funny, i'm from Russia, anyway).
  4. You know who is inspired me to do this.



    Progress is very slow...

  6. Showing everything i done on my Amy.







    Only russians will understand.

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    2. Dark Chaos

      Dark Chaos

      Переходи на мой родной язык. :3 Я из России.

    3. Алексей


      Я (думаю что) из Украина, но мой русский – плохо.) Там я жил в детдоме и не знаю биологические родители. Теперь живу в Америке (и не все знаю русский язык).

    4. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      i feel offended, that you didn't use the new version of -Z-

  8. Just made the avatar for my profile. And i don't want to change it. :P

    Code isn't by me, but announcer sounds cool. B)

  10. Are you doing any more character work? and if so, do you ever consider looking at the "Character you wish were on Mugen" thread?

    1. Dark Chaos

      Dark Chaos

      Well, yes, i have a lot unfinished characters. But i should to rest from this. About a thread - maybe, i will check it.


    Battle between evil chars.