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  1. I haven't done one of these in eons so all I gotta say is


    Oreo cereal is yummy yummy

  2. Roman55

    hey it's melvana 'ere

    Oh hey. You got around to popping up here.
  3. Roman55

    Street Fighter II

    Masa's newer versions of characters are down, along with his whole site.
  4. Roman55

    The Last Blade / The Last Blade 2 HAL's new site link. Might wanna update with this since archive didn't grab all the characters it seems (like Kojirou).
  5. Roman55

    Welp, whos next? -Closed-

    Hidedar. That design caught my eye lol
  6. Roman55


    Other thing that happened upon today, if either of his hadokens hit another projectile it clones him. Updated version btw
  7. Roman55


    Not my picture but something to look into regardless
  8. I love it when it rains like this. It's as if the tears of my enemies are being shed all over again in unison.

  9. Roman55

    Saikyo Karakuyakumi

    Thanks a plenty.
  10. Roman55

    Saikyo Karakuyakumi

    Well uh...if you have it you're still free to share it lol
  11. Roman55

    Saikyo Karakuyakumi

    Well an updated version of it at least (Karakuyakumi's seems to be gone for good lol). oh right should probably vote for the best answer and all that
  12. Roman55

    Saikyo Karakuyakumi

    Thanks. Both of ya. Oh and @CoolAnimeHustler: The reason why the other one doesn't work is because it's missing a ton of files from the original upload ya see. And that's cause it's just a straight up AI patch for the conversion I was actually looking for. BUT this other, much more finished conversion is a decent enough consolation prize. So thanks for finding it.
  13. Roman55

    Saikyo Karakuyakumi

    Tried it out and still wouldn't work :I
  14. Roman55

    Saikyo Karakuyakumi

    I appreciate it but the password doesn't seem to work? EDIT: yep the password isn't working on my end 7-zip and the normal Windows extraction software doesn't recognize the ⑨. If someone can get the character and post an alternate link that'd be fine (and hey why not include the S-Cirno_110AI file too, so I can see what causes the SFF error).