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  1. Don't sweat it, Scythe. I don't see myself as much of a socialite either. Though my reason isn't so much timidness but rather Intolerance to petty drama & lemmings ..... reasons why I don't have Twitter. Regardless, you can rest easy here. Folks around these parts are the friendlier sorts, so making a friend here should come easy.
  2. G'day to you too, mate!(what am I doing typing this?) We hope you have a pleasent time here on MFFA.
  3. I'm not the best at explaining things, but I pasted a bit of code as an example on how to do arcing projectiles. This is merely an example so be sure to experiment on your own. ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Statedef 1000] type = A<---------------Make sure the type is A(air) since you're tossing the flask up in the air movetype= A<-----------Naturally, this should be set A given it's a projectile Attack physics = N<------------Since gravity shouldn't have the same effect on a small incendiary as it
  4. What is this, like a month from now? What a time to respond, eh? Regarding the topic of this question. Initially I was going to set up a MEGA to do this ... then I got cold feet after reading the ToS. Now I'm too scared to set up an account for MEGA(or any cloud storage for that matter). Okay, so I make an account on another M.U.G.E.N based site & link to the webpages of the downloads, eh? Problem is that all the other sites(save for one ... which I'll get to) either require a cloud storage account like MEGA or Dropbox ... or are dead sites(Trinitymugen for example) So
  5. If the Stun state is a custom state, the problem is that there isn't a changestate trigger that reverts the character back into an idle state or any state that gives the character control again. Listed below is an example you can look at to give you an idea on fixing the Perma-stun issue. [State 5300, stun time over] type = ChangeState trigger1 = AnimTime >= 300 <---(every 60 ticks is 1 second. Animtime means the ticks only count when the character is in the state's animation) value = 0 ctrl = 1 If the Stun is not a custom state, then the problem lies
  6. My pick would be the Centurions from Ogre battle 64, specifically Europea Rheda and/or the generic male & female Centurian classes. I envision them as being setup heavy characters that revolve around ordering soldiers (the short, spear wielding dudes that fight in groups of three) to do stuff like charging through people or holding a position, ready to strike foes that get to close. The Centurions CAN fight on their own, but all specials & supers are striker-based, with supers involving other characters like calling forth an Archmage to bombard the field with a powerful lightning
  7. I browsed around the character collection threads & wondered ... how exactly do you set up a thread like this? I am well aware that you'll need an account for file storage sites like MEGA & Onedrive, but how do you provide the links? Are there any prerequisites that must be fulfilled before you can even post a collection thread?
  8. Another fresh face has entered the realm of MFFA ... Toasted Milque! So who am I? if you're expecting stuff like my actual name, you must be tripping something fierce!๐Ÿคจ I'm just a handsome fellow that dabbles with mugen from time to time, be it setting up a roster of fighters that all have a real chance of victory ... or just messing about with DSP vs LTG battles.๐Ÿ˜† Expect me to be inconstant, as desire to talk is never routine, unlike my fondness for a good laugh.
  9. I have that version of Nyal, the sub-boss mode triggers when it's fighting in the Madness City. During Sub-Boss mode, Nyal's AI recovers 72 HP for every succesful Parry, the AI also parries strings more often. To change the stage in which this effect is applied, find this block in Nyal.cns: [State -3, Messiah's Influence] type = varset triggerall = AIlevel trigger1 = StageVar(info.name) = "THE MADNESS CITY" var(37) = 1 ignorehitpause = 1 replace "THE MADNESS CITY" with the name of whatever stage you want this to apply, make sure the stage's
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