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  1. From my experience, the Mugen community has always been keeping to itself normally, likely due to the flak it received in the past thanks to a few vocal(not to mention rotten) apples. Regardless, I bid ye welcome to MFFA.
  2. For the last week or so, I was getting beat down by some bad pneumonia. It started off so bad that simply breathing or trying to sleep were both tasks in of themselves. Eventually, I was able to get it under control & later make a recovery. Here's hoping I don't go through that crap again.

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- We're Glad You're Okay, Toasted Milque! Keep Being Awesome And Keep Having Fun, Yo! (o^.^)-b

    2. jo19sh92


      Even though I have no idea who you are, I'm glad you're feeling better.

      Wishing you the...


  3. Well I'm certain that the various creators, big & small, appreciate the kind words. Welcome to MFFA, JerzyGameboy.
  4. When a trash talker gets washed by "scrubs" in video games. Shout-outs to GREED.

    Language warning btw.

  5. What's going on, scrubs? Back at you with a link to Proud of Ragequittin's edit of Vampy. This one plays differently than the original & has AI(a fairly decent AI at that). The ragequitter also gave her winquotes(which he stated are not in the original) as well as ... Juri Han's voice clips?(also not in the original) She is also ... "compatible" to CR characters for the most part.(she disappears in one of the sub poses) The sub sprites aren't present in the original, they were cobbled together by Berk Rider.(said sprites don't appear during normal play unless she's hit by specific moves by a CR character) Here's the link, doods: https://mega.nz/file/l0J0xbRb#VOksldwba6GZhiya33kFy0jM6c0wwYOU3-Kp0F48t3g For those wondering about the (v1.255) in the file name, the ragequitter must have been updating this edit of her over the past year or so.
  6. Back again, not to answer a question that I've already answered, but rather to post the updated version of Proud of Ragequittin's edit of Nyal, which was initially posted by Legeo364. She's the same as the version posted by Legeo364, but with slight buffs to a few of her moves as well as the AI. The cmd was also optimized in this version, whilst retaining all functionality of the previous version. The link is posted below this text: https://mega.nz/file/M1x0EJrB#x9WQ7wyLUdN1T32YMcj0jC-h9DbQ1PXpOk8IYXwyws8
  7. Huh... small world we live on, Kris. I figured I was the only person who has an account on both sites, neither of which I'm locked out of. Regardless, I bid ye welcome to this site, Scarlet.
  8. Well crap! I was actually hoping there would be a way to get the URL without having to post the images on other sites.
  9. Apologies for the late response(babysitting & pets). I honestly thought it would be more complicated, but I appreciate the answer. Now I just need to know how to get the URL from said screenshots. You know how to do this, right?
  10. Just recently created a MEGA account, meaning I can now bring what characters that interest me here, as well as things that my ... other self has tinkered with. To avoid getting into hot water, I'm only re-hosting original characters that interest me in my MEGA, as well as derivatives of said OCs(original creator(s) will be credited because duh.) Since having at least one screenshot to accompany the link is necessary, how does one take a screenshot on the Mugen engine, & where are they stored?
  11. It's good to see that you are willing to turn a new leaf. Hopefully, this will lead you to a brighter path.😀
  12. There's actually a lot of mons that I like somewhat, the only few that I ever harbored disdain towards being anything that gets outclassed by their pre-evolutions(hello Blissey & Dusknoir) A few of my favorites are the adorable stretchy-armed Breloom, the versatile giant that is Celesteela, & Tapu-Koko's double buddy Alolan Raichu(who I've pounded many Uber scrubs online with.) Oddly enough though, I would probably say Gardevoir is my favorite, despite struggling to find a use for it since it's power-creeped by Tapu-Lele ... & the divisive reception it receives among fans. Firstly: Some of the dex entries mention that it's willing to give it's life to protect it's trainer, which to me makes it a bit of a guardian angel(yes I know it's actually a paper doll of sorts) Second: Even as my interest(& faith) in the franchise begins to diminish, I still remember Gardevoir's CANON design vividly, where as my memory of the names & designs of others begin to fade. Finally(& you may get a laugh out of this one) ... the inspiration I got for my Gardevoir FC Allumeuse(a french translation for Tease). I'm WELL aware of the existence of fanart of the "particular" kind & how many people either get upset by said pieces, discover something new about themselves, or derive laughs out of the situation. I am in the latter of the three, but rather than mocking one side or the other, it gave me an idea for Allumeuse, a curiously equivocal Gardevoir that loves to confuse & tease(without the REALLY naughty bits) This isn't the place to speak of Allu of course, so I'll just leave it here. Maybe I'll speak of her(?) in more detail if there exists threads discussing fan characters.
  13. I would say lift the ban, but not to a full extent. since the limitation of not being able to download files that exceed 10MB in size without registration is still in play, links to said downloads should still be blacklisted. After all, what's the point of linking to download pages that you can't download anything from?
  14. I've noticed that the majority of mugen characters with charge moves lack a means of preventing the AI from spamming it relentlessly. in the case of some, this can be a death sentence to whomever is at the receiving end of these moves. Nerfing these moves to pot is not an option, especially if you aren't able to spam them like the AI can. one of the solutions that I've discovered is implementing a "Spam control" variable for charge moves, one for back charge & one for down charge. for this explanation, I'll be using LowTierGod's Triggered Tackle for a back charge move. The process is the same for down charge moves, the only difference being the variable number used. Here's the part of the state that's shown as an example ;========================<TRIGGERED TACKLE>============================= [StateDef 1100] type = S physics = N moveType = A anim = 1100 ctrl = 0 velSet = 0,0 sprPriority = 1 powerAdd = 30 faceP2 = 1 [State 1100, Spam Control]<--------------take a look at this block, as it's one of the things needed for Charge spam control to work type = varset trigger1 = Animelem=1<-------------------The spam control variable is set the moment the character enters the first frame of this move's animation var(27)= 35<------------------------------The value that var(27) will be set. You can use any unused variable number, just make sure that ALL blocks that will be using this variable are the same number ignorehitpause=1 Now we add the following blocks to the cns-2 state. If the character doesn't have a cns or st file with cns-2, add it. ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- [State -2, Spam Control BC]<------------This block acts a timer for spam control, which activates if the move that set the variable to a value above 0 is used. type = varadd trigger1 = var(27)>0 var(27)= -1<-----------------------------For every tick that var(27) has a value above zero, this block will reduce it by one. 1 second is 60 ticks. ignorehitpause=1 [State -2, Spam Control BC]<-----------This block sets variable's value at 0 once the value reaches or exceeds below 0. Effectively ending the timer for the move's Spam control type = varset trigger1 = var(27)<=0 var(27)= 0 ignorehitpause=1 Lastly, we go to the cmd file. You'll need fighter factory in order do this step. NOTE: I will only be showing the triggerall parts of the move, as the Spam control will be placed in a triggerall line. ;----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [State -1, Triggered Tackle] type = ChangeState value = 1100 triggerAll = AILevel && NumEnemy triggerAll = RoundState = 2 && StateType != A triggerAll = power < 1000 & var(27)=0<----------------------Whenever var(27) is at a value beyond 0, the AI cannot use this move. You can also add the variable to the player's command block for the move as well, though it's usually not necessary. ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [State -1, Triggered Tackle] type = ChangeState value = 1100 triggerAll = !AILevel & var(27)=0<---------------------------Whenever var(27) is at a value beyond 0, the Player cannot use this move. triggerAll = command = "ChariotTackle" & var(49) > 0 triggerAll = RoundState = 2 && StateType != A triggerAll = power < 1000 trigger1 = ctrl || StateNo = 40 || StateNo = 52 || Stateno = 106 trigger2 = var(6)
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