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  1. Melty Blood Series

    The MBAA Miyako by 9link for is for Len
  2. [Creator] Street Fighter MX by Fido

    The link to the Chun-Li is down
  3. Bastard!! Waterfalls by Luiz Chuck_hikaryo (March 3, 2016)

    Who's the girl on the left?
  4. I think Tekken 7 should be renamed "Tekken Fighter 4". They added focus attacks and "Rage Arts". They are exactly the same thing as Ultra Combos. They are both become active based on the amount of damage you take and are often dogshit when thrown out by themselves. Only real difference the Ultra Gauge in SF4 is separate from the health bar. They could have did Rage Arts like new accessible moves at low health, rather than a combo that will whiff or get blocked 90% of the time. So far the only thing I've seen that looks interesting is the "Screw Attack" system. Everything else I feel needs to be reworked or it will turn into Virtua Fighter where low punch/kick beats all.

  5. SFA3 Ryu by Adamskie's palettes not appearing in-game

    Mugen 1.0 is what I am having the issue on and I am assuming State 5900 is a 1.1 thing because this Ryu doesn't have it
  6. The only one that appears is his main white and red palette.His palettes in the .def filecorrespond with the file names and contain different colors. Here's what I already tried: Checking the "Shared Palette" box on all sprites of the .sff file that share the main palette sheet (via Fighter Factory) Re-saving and renaming the palette files Re-downloading the character entirely Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a solution for it?
  7. I do enjoy the new look, yet the palettes section is still misspelled

  8. Akuma by Mr. Ansatsuken (Final Release) (Updated 05/07/15)

    I have enough Akumas
  9. Recently saw the Steam trailer for Skullgirls. I feel very uneasy because Miss Fortune says "Berserker Barrage"

    1. D.B.S Revive

      D.B.S Revive

      After seeing the systems of the game, It seems like it is literally just MvC2

    2. Agni Blackheart

      Agni Blackheart

      Yes, most of it you can compare to MvC.

  10. After using Ryu a lot (Warusaki's), is there a reason to not do the Shakunetsu in place of the regular hadouken?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Demitri


      It's easier to do a normal hadouken than a Shakunetsu hadouken

    3. Demitri



    4. D.B.S Revive

      D.B.S Revive

      For me the Shakunetsu comes out more often

  11. The Genie Game

    Granted, but you only have 3 months to live I wish I had temporal abilities (Slowing, Hastening & Stopping time)
  12. Characters You Wish Were In Mugen

    A Kazuya, King, and Marduk made like Byakko's Jin
  13. The Genie Game

    You get diarrhea so awful, you begin to defecate bile I wish non-console exclusive games could be played cross-platform
  14. D.B.S Revive's Revamped Palettes

    King by Warusaki3 (Unfortunately I couldn't find a CS Patch if there is one. Should there be one please link it my way.) I was trying to go with a psuedo-SF3 shading style, besides Q. (Main colors + shadow) Feedback is welcome 1-SF3 Attempt 1 2-SF3 Attempt 2 3-SF3 Attempt 3 4-Q DL: http://www.4shared.com/rar/GXDxbGzSba/Warusaki_King_Palettes.html
  15. 2015: The Return Of Ky

    Disorganized palette sheets are indeed horrid. It takes at least 2-3x as long to get a palette done.