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  1. sorry, not being disrespectful here. for a file that is less than 40mb, it took me 2 hours long and still couldn't download it! do you have an alternative site where i can download it like mediafire or dropbox?
  2. they're kind of meh patches to be honest. spamming special most of the of time and no chain combos at all! i give it a 4/10.
  3. Kazecat's Characters

    DAMN!! they sure all got some cornbread fed phat ass damn it! WOOHOO
  4. Creator's Collection: Cerenas

    Shin Rimururu link's down. can someone provide another link for it please?
  5. Arxos' AI patch release ('Force AI')

    sweet! now the patches work fine thanks, and sorry for the inconvenient dude!
  6. Arxos' AI patch release ('Force AI')

    but some of them aren't aggressive at all! like Gogan-IF, she's not fighting and rusty, all she does is grabbing. i thought these patches would work the way like in the video, but they don't unfortunately!
  7. ED-209 by Ryou Win (February 3, 2017)

    ED-209 huh... i know it might be off topic, but do you know Tommy Sotomayor?
  8. Creator/Editor's Collection: AVPboy6754

    oh man, that's some good stuff you got us brotha, thanks!
  9. Catwoman by Ninja Brl, Mistah Jorge, and volzzilla updated (01/0/2017)

    woo she's quite loaded in the right places! she's a real piece of work!
  10. Creator's Collection: Tradt-Production

    wow! i clicked and "open sesame!" a discovery to a bunch of cool stuff here! but "mayday mayday!" can someone help please? the Antartica stage ain't working, got me an error message whenever i load it.
  11. TvC Orbital Rings by Dazardz

    the stage i've downloaded is just one layer background, totally not like what is shown in the video.
  12. Shewolf, Hornbuckle, Ninja Flame MKP by DEMON225 (Aug 26 2016)

    same here, mcafee keep on blocking the link. is there alternate links you could provide please?
  13. FNAF 2 Office by Tradt-Production (Aug 23, 2016)

    WOW, EPIC! that's a cool stage right there, thanks for sharing it man!
  14. Ryoucchi, you're the man! i don't know why it detected something malicious when i downloaded it last time but now it's cool, thanks to you bro!
  15. interesting characters but mcafee detected potential risk and i blocked the download. is it okay to download them?