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MUGEN Characters with Cheap AI

Super Nicholas

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I have 2 more:


Onix (UMVC Edit):

Uber-cheap AI. He has hypers that give him super armor and invincibility. Projectile spammer.


Storm (Kong):

One specific hyper makes her extremely uber-cheap. Her Lightning Shield. It makes her invincible AND gives her super armor for at least 30 seconds! And only take 1 bar to use. She spams it all the time!

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Speaking of Kong's toons, I got Thanos, Dr.Doom and M.Bison. Not only is the AI cheap but hey have bug and I call the bug "Health Restoration". If your toon hits them with an attack that would normally defeat them their remaining goes down and instantly restores up (I estimate about 10% of their health is restored) I have tried beating them with boss toons like Dust of Osiris an Gundam Psycho but to no avail since they wont just die. FYI I played them on my winmugen.

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Here is my list:

Josh Geary (Both Versions): Keeps spamming his running combo and he has a annoying healing move. 

Mr. Bean (WlanmaniaX): Keeps spamming his hyper combo, Bully in The Laundrette and headbutt. Plus he has annoying sounds to boot.

Ultra Barney- Keeps spamming his attacks and he has an OHKO when he's low on health.

Megara- Not exactly cheap if you know what you're doing, but she will spam punches and hyper combos if you're using a tall character

Filburt and Nicole- They are merely the same. Spam spin specials, projectiles, strikers and hypers.

Elmo- Keeps spamming his 3hit combo and projectiles.


Also, ALL characters by the following:


RoySquadRocks (The old versions anyway)



That's all I know off the top of my head :P.

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All characters by Kong... the only way to kill their AI is to switch the cmd in their .def file to name_easy.cmd. They'll still have this bug where they'll bounce around after getting KO'd so they can still attack you.


Magneto by KAZ- Super cheap AI. He'll fly around and spams EM pulses that will instantly cause dizziness due to the dizzy system set for his opponents. He'll also use the force field, to avoid all attacks necessary and sometimes uses the Gravity Squeeze, which is avoid by being in a guard state. PalNo 12 uses the MvC3 voice and is OP'd, making his attacks deal way more damage and Gravity Squeeze is a OHKO hyper. 


That's all I have for now.

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Thank you for telling me who that author was. His charcters' AIs are very cheap.

Forgot to put these ones.

Ryugen (Moku, Gold Palette): Both versions of Ryugen have this palette and it gives them infinite use to hypers, which allows them to spam the fullscreen attack.

The King (Quetzalcoatl_88, AI Patch, Level 8): A typical fight with The King: Mah Boi! Mah Boi! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Goes on...

He can beat just about anyone by spamming dinner.

Captain Falcon (Kamekaze): His AI is programmed to never give you a chance to attack, otherwise known as a lockdown AI. He can use attack cancels to keep using moves on you, especially his Raptor Boost.

Still, this is one epic Captain Falcon!

Also, I totally agree that hi-res Goku's AI can be cheap, especially with his ability to gain stats. One of his specials took out around half of my health because of that ability. Sephiroth is pretty much a pushover for me. I fixed his hitboxes and now he's pretty easy for me to beat. (He had no hitboxes on his legs.)

Also, note that Light Yagami doesn't fit into cheap AI, because his only move is an instant-killer.

Sephiroth doesn't exactly fit here either, because he's cheap himself.

That just sums up what happens when I play as either The King or Hotel Mario. I just constantly spam dinner or toast, and occasionally use other attacks, then go back to spamming.

Anyway, I would have to say all of SNS and MUGENX's SSBB characters.

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