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Variety of Chars / Stages Smoothed Out (growing list)

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   Welcome the churning monkey hive that is my edits thread.  Here you'll find a variety of characters and stages touched up, tweaked, fixed, or otherwise polluted.  The downloads available from this fine binary establishment span the vast and marvelous spectrum of second, third, and fourth hand M.U.G.E.N embellishment, ranging from stage delta realignments to entire custom character overhauls, all done in stunning Monkey Style Mugen Fu. 

   I hope you enjoy my work, as I've enjoyed furiously leaching hoards of mugen content from other members of this lush community.  Giving me credit for the hours upon days upon weeks upon months of focus intensive free labor I've provided here is not necessary, though categorically I do believe it to be good practice, so as to facilitate people's finding moar work by the creators of the creations upon which they may so haphazardly stumble and enjoy in their meandering mugen futures.


   That being said, I take no credit for the original creation of any of this glorious M.U.G.E.N content.  Only for reaching my filthy monkey paws up inside every nook, cranny and crevice of code that required twisting to my own ends, and ultimately for the pleasure of all who visit this deformed appendage of the MFFA.  Uncountable blessings to the amusement seeking droves who voraciously absorb this content into the oblivion of their flashing brain frenzies without more than a glimmer of a second thought as to the grueling and pain staking labors of it's origins.  And many more to the lucid.  We're in it together.

   The final stank belching forth from the bottom area of this digital pit of a post are the lurching scribbles and bad noises that are a few of my drawing and some recorded musicalish noise made using otherwise musical instruments.  Please enjoy responsibly.  Feedback pertaining to any means by which I can meticulously improve the quality of enjoyment obtainable from the distorting craft below is more than welcome, with a slim possibility for requests.  If they're in my fucked up roster.

     Warmly and sincerely,
Latest additions: Eric Cartman edit and some new drawing wips.

_________________________________/ - CHARACTERS - \________________________________________
                                               Click on characters pic to download.



The Bat Cave.  

__/ low res
-A rebuild of LTD's sprite.
-Added pulsing glow
-Added beams of light
-Added front railing (that was a bitch)
-Threw some fog in there.
Download Low-Res

__/ Hi-Res
-Found hi res original image, broke down to separate RGB component pics
and reassembled in mugen with transparency for lot's of color.
-again, threw some fog in on the floor and ceiling
-customized some light beams to the right angles

Ok this is a fun mashup of some existing material.  It's a bonus round that was a bunch of snakes.  I swapped the floor for the floor in an airplane crashing stage, and got a few 'snakes on a plane sparta mixes' and cut them together in garage band.  I have motherfucking had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!
Happy Thanksgiving!

SF2 Car's Revenge Bonus -   11/22/12


This fun little collage of material didn't take much work at all, mostly just assembly.  The car had one move it loved to spam so I toned that down a bit, the song had a longer intro that I copped off for posterity, and the stage got a name change, but other than that it was just a fun combination that I thought was worth sharing.  Enjoy!
Happy Thanksgiving!

____________/ - OTHER-
Some of my Drawings in Progress



Devote:  11 x 14 pencil



Sight: 11 x 14 pencil

Corpus Callosum:  11 x 14 pencil


Thralldom 6 x 9 ballpoint pen



Some of my Music





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hey RMH welcome to mffa nice to see you here : )

Thanks, it's nice to feel welcome here.

Just noticed this, Nice job posting/sharing your edits. I will be trying out your version of Nemisis.

Also noticed you describe what it is you updated (Which not alot of people do) so I thank you for that.

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks, yeah I learned a bit about form code making this post. This is my first attempt at spoilers, image posting, download link posting, mediafire uploading, all that, so any pointers feel free, but it's nice to know I'm off to a good start. and thanks for the welcoming.

are you open to suggestions for other characters??

Kinda... the way I'm handling requests is this: If it's a character that happens to be on my roster, and it has an obvious problem that someone can point out to me, I'll take a look at it. That's about it though.

RMH you should post here more alot of members on mffa don't go to guild to see your awesome edits.

I certainlly will. I didn't realize so many people had responded to this post. I put this same thing up over at cvg, and got no responses yet for about a week, and kind of forgot I even popped it up over here. I'll be checking in regularly tho now that I know people are into it.

Thanks all for the warm welcomes, and like I said, I'll be checking in regularly now, and I'm really looking forward to some good feedback / idea bouncing and the like. cheers


Also, check the dates on the characters, some have been updated since the original post. Ash, Spawn I think, maybe some others.

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yw we always welcome people to the forum they stay welcomed as long as they act like it : ). take a look around here you might find more chars for your roster that you would like to fix and contribute. enjoy your stay its alot more lax here besides a couple of rules than any forum youve been to i guarantee it. We are the largest Mugen warehouse around.

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yw we always welcome people to the forum they stay welcomed as long as they act like it : ). take a look around here you might find more chars for your roster that you would like to fix and contribute. enjoy your stay its alot more lax here besides a couple of rules than any forum youve been to i guarantee it. We are the largest Mugen warehouse around.

kick ass.

i hate to be a bitch but do you think you could add some screenshots ? I like the descriptions , but i would like to see what im downloading before i download it. Also nice post. Hope to see mor from you soon.

I kind of have a dilema with that actually. I'm using a mac, which means when I press F12 while playing mugen, It doesn't do a screencapture, it brings up my widgets. So my screenshot ability is limited to single sprites from fighter factory exports, which you will see in some of the descriptions. I just recently figured out how to upload images tho, and haven't gotten around to the rest of the them yet.

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Duke Nukem glitches out when you fight against his AI. He gets into this move where he gets stuck in his pill popper animation. Cannot be hit, will not get out of that animation. Satan does not load up in winmugen for some reason. Havnt had time to test out the others..... But just with these 2 chars im a little scared to see what else id wrong with the others. I hope nothing. But I would update Nukem and fix Satan to work on winmugen,

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so hey RMH you need an avatar dude. its a rule that all active members must have one go find one k? also the Duke nukem glitches are not his fault his ai was fucked up to begin with. My reccomendation is delete his ai altogether and have someone make a new ai for him.

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