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On 1/20/2017 at 10:55 AM, DuckMannnn said:

Hello... Apparently I can't add more than 5 people into my private conversation in the Messages section. Is this because of the latest forum updates and changes? Earlier last year my friends could still add 10 people without any issue

Quoting this because I can't move the post here.
But members can have up to 10 recipients for personal messages.

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On 3/27/2017 at 6:32 PM, yaminogun said:

backup all mugen related content only page to wayback machine aka archive.org everyweek or everyday or everymonth or only once 3 hour after page created.

i'm tired seeing this site down. it has happen a lot since you make a lot changes


This statement speaks volumes.


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A Pinned Thread in Content Requests where people can ask for Mediafire/MEGA/Google Drive link conversions of files of... the dreaded forbidden MUGEN website.


So that way we can avoid thread requests for when everytime somebody asks for a link conversion and so Content Requests can actually be used for its actual purpose: link files of offline content.

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8 hours ago, Muffins said:

Is it possible to have an option to download the lot or single in the chars in the collections section?

Download the lot of chars in a pack? Not possible for most at least. Here's a 7000+ char pack for you:


And it depends on the OP of the collection if OP wants that option or not. MFFA itself does not have that option atm. And it depends on the uploader too if the uploader wants that option.

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