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Post Ur Roster Picture & Roster Mugen Videos


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1 minute ago, SSBK65 said:

Nijikaku over the years, I have 3 versions with minor differences:

Nijikaku 24 (2003)


Nijikaku 36 (2006)


Nijikaku 61 (2016)


Holy crap, I need that new version of Nijikaku! Judging by the appearance, there's been a lot of new characters added to it...


Can you send me the newest link?

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On 2/2/2016 at 7:20 AM, Retro Edge said:


Thank you both very much, it sounds very good, but its not working somehow... :( If i do that, its not working at all. Nothing shows up ingame, in Fighter Factory everything looks right.


I import the normal PNG files (not indexed), don't click on "reversed colors" (tried both), let it stay on "image's palette" and then it looks perfect in FF. I click, in the sprite menu, on Save as, chooses 1.1, override the old sff file, save the fighter in FF and try to play it, nothing shows up. If i choose beta in the sprite menu, it shows up, but wrong because of not indexed, if i choose 1.0 it shows up, but if i try 1.1. Its not showing up.

If i load up the fighter in FF again, its there and everything looks right. Huh?


Have i forgot or missed something?












Ok, somehow the system.def in my screenpack says i use 1.0. (mugenversion = 1.0        ;Version of M.U.G.E.N motif is compatible with (new in MUGEN 2009)) I think thats why its not showing up? But originally i downloaded and use "mugen-1.1b1".

Is it possible that the screenpack i use, disabled the 1.1 version? Man, I'm so confused. :D



Sorry for all the questions in this screenshot thread.... :(


Use Fighter factory Ultimate instead of fighter factory 3 and open the system.def and then go to sprites tab then open your sff file, when you do what you want to do, just click the save button on the actions bar dont go to file save as or anything, under sprites after you finish just click the floppy disc icon that saves save and exit, test and let me know if that worked for you

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On 10/4/2014 at 3:44 PM, Kiwicake Tinyegg Hypermix said:


My, what, 9th roster? I'm going to need another screenpack... Although, it only took me about a week for this, and for whatever reason, the space placement is messed up as well.

If you havent fixed that yet, i know this was awhile back but i can help you fix it, you have to tinker with your select.def file

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Well... My roster grew a ton since then and kinda abandoned that one ages ago... I think I pressed Enter once too much and that occurred. Happened to me a few other times after that, too, but I fixed those issues.

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On 4/8/2012 at 1:27 PM, Phantom Blood said:

Current select


Posted Image


- Removed all the crap from news reporting and updating with all the fun stuff i should have in

- Updated select with bbcsextend sprites i ripped

- New name fonts

- Still no vs or title screen implementation

what is the name of this screenpack it looks nice as well

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On 7/24/2013 at 1:57 PM, Flandre Scarlet said:

Posted Image


I Told you I Could Not Post My Entire Rostor BUT ehhh Here I Guess this counts For Something ^^

what screenpack is this and how did you get it to say each of the names of different types of characters?? I would love to add that type of info to my screenpacks or even get this 1

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