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Post Ur Roster Picture & Roster Mugen Videos


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Hi everyone ^^ this is Yuyu
I like to make a post base on are favorite mugen screen pack that we all love and enjoy
On this topic u can post your favorite Mugen Roster
You can use any screen pack of your liking

Rule you must follow

1.You can show off what u made or created by you but only if gonna be release them

2.Please don't put your roster into a character's name list.
for example :

psycho ken

just post a image or video of the roster you like using Posted Image

3.Please don't request any characters that you see from other member's Screen pack when they showing off there mugen roster that why we have a request section here are new forum Posted Image
Can be Located here


5.Post any incomplete or complete Mugen Roster that created by you or by Auther

6.If your using someone else sceenpack please give full detail of the screenpack Name and author

7. Please be kind and keep it clean

8.Dont troll or stay anything negative on other Member ScreenPack or Mugen roster

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Im make a roster with all my fav chars, so I tried making a specific roster for it and add that effect when the player's select icon is not on the char, the portrait will be b&w, turning out good so far

Posted Image

Btw chars in the roster

First Row:

Ryu by PotS

Kyo-Type-U by Ultrasonic50 & SamSouji

Kamijo Touma by otika

Shiki Tohno by Ina

Saber by kuri

Arcueid Brunestud by kuro

Weis by aki

K'M by MDK

Battler by Boomer

Goku Z2 by Cybaster & Balthazar

Terry by Vyn

Archer by kuri

Spiderman by Seth Zankuten

Second Row:

Evil Ryu by Vyn

Shin Gouki by PotS

Kamen Rider Kabuto by Alf

Alex by GM

Ragna by Daimonmau

Waki Miko by nyoibou

Nyal by 41

Angela-san by 風のマスターのもの

Sanada Yukimura by syouga

Sol Badguy by Muteki

Dragon Claw by Reu

Jotaro Kujo by Warusaki3

Saiki by Werewood & BoyBoyz

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Wouldn't call it a roster, just a conglomeration of the good, the broken, and the ugly.

Posted Image

Screenpack is EvE Battle (HD) by DJ Van

LOL learn how to insert characters into a select def.

Your screenpack looks like shit with those HUGE spaces in between characters.

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LOL learn how to insert characters into a select def.

Your screenpack looks like shit with those HUGE spaces in between characters.

Oh I agree Entirely, I'm just too lazy to go through it and fix everything. http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//sad.png

You know what. It's been bothering the fuck out of me all day, So I finally plugged in the spaces between characters.

I'll be making some select icons hopefully for dem black boxes

Funny how this stuff gets to you when someone points it out.

Posted Image

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Thx I'm going to change the icons and some vs screens to make it a lil' better. All the characters got the remix of their own music, or the newer version of their original music, or some cool song to go with, like the songs by The Megas *humming "I wear my sunglasses at night"* Too bad there isn't a cool MvC MegaMan.EXE The screenpack is the Robot Masters Mayhem

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