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  1. Considering a slow return to Mugen after having been gone for a while. Still need to get a fix/update to the color separation done to Sailor Uranus, and try to get some work done on Ryu Hayabusa and possibly Queen Beryl. Blame returning to work on my old review series and taking a lot of time away from things after a death in the family earlier this year.

    1. Ryon


      ahh indeed i can relate a bit. Welcome back, but it's never truly a good bye.

    2. TMC55


      Awesome man, good to hear you coming back slowly but surely.

  2. Happy Birthday Napoleon hope you have a great day

  3. Sailor Venus gets a bit of an update to fix a HUGE oversight found by UEMonthly on YouTube. Bug fixed: -ground.velocity adjusted on Standing MP to terminate an unnoticed infinite This fix has also been made to her Winmugen patch. Download her here: http://mugencoder.com/authors/view/napoleonjonamite
  4. Going through my releases and fixing sprite alignment and htiboxes. This could take a while.

    1. Trinitronity


      You posted this twice, man.

  5. Going through my releases and fixing sprite alignment and htiboxes. This could take a while.

  6. After the major update to all of the releases, I have given Mercury a minor update. All that was done was a few minor palette fixes and the use of a new default palette I was given by JDM a long time ago (Just had to do a few tweaks to it). Download her here: http://mugencoder.com/authors/view/napoleonjonamite
  7. Adding in yet another update to all of the characters. Due to the fact that I left blue CLSNs on the characters' guard push animations, they could be hit while pushing back an enemy if the attack the GP is activated on hits more than once. To counteract this, I added a NotHitBy controller to the states.
  8. Updated Pluto. Nerfed the damage total on her throw (Damage was set to the original source game value rather than a fair/traditional value).
  9. All of the Sailors and Link have been updated as of the 24th. All of them have been given a better guard push, thanks to Dcat for letting me use his code over LimitedMoon's. In addition, Mini Moon has had some bug fixes added to her earlier update. Enjoy my latest updates!
  10. Hello all, just wanted to let you know there has been an update to our favorite little time paradox, Sailor Mini Moon! What's changed: -Luna P (Air projectile) velocities modified to move like Mars' charms -Air projectiles cause falls when used on an airborne opponent Download here: http://mugencoder.com/authors/view/napoleonjonamite
  11. Not many gameplay changes made, but the major update is that the 1.0 conversion is done. For those who are on Winmugen and wish to use them, don't worry I have patch folders included in their main folders. Winmugen versions: -KOF XI style win quote screen -Win compatible HCF setup -No AI 1.0 versions: -KOF XI style win quote screen removed -1.0 compatible HCF setup -1.0 AI (Jupiter only) Download them here: http://mugencoder.com/authors/view/napoleonjonamite
  12. It's been a long time since I updated either of these two, so why not give them a couple fixes/additions? Updates to both: -Air projectile attacks now cause the opponent to fall from the air during an aerial rave Update to Link: -Spin Attack can now be used in the air as part of an aerial rave Get both of their updates here: http://mugencoder.com/authors/view/napoleonjonamite
  13. Sailor Neptune got a bit of an update since the last one a few months ago. What's changed: -New default palette by JDM -Made Submarine Reflection knock the opponent back before the projectile hits, so it won't whiff at point-blank range As always, download her here: http://mugencoder.com/authors/view/napoleonjonamite
  14. What's updated: -After noting some feedback on Mini Moon, I did a few tweaks to her on the crouching normals. -Portrait for KOFXI-esque win screen for Neptune has been updated (Forgot to change the rendered image before releasing the previous update). -Saturn now has the Hyper Combo Finish setup that all other characters have. Get them here: http://mugencoder.com/authors/view/napoleonjonamite
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