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Giant Kung Fu Man


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Kung Fu Man becomes a giant and he's ready to stomp on everyone!   ?
Well, probably not an original concept (I guess somebody else has thought or done this before), but it was fun to make it in some hours.
It's still a beta and it needs to be fixed (I'd like to make him not vulnerable to target state... )

This character is an edit of the classic KFM: 5 times bigger, 5 times stronger, 5 times slower, 5 times ... dumber.

DEMO VIDEO:https://youtu.be/HgXWSSLChvM

Check it out (GAMES section) :  http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org

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2 hours ago, Oliver As Latias said:

I was about to say "is this going to be another shitty kfm edit" but when I watched the video, it was completely different.

A really nice touch about getting stomped from a giant. (why do i have a sudden feeling it reminds me of the macro fetishes)

macro fetishes? oh well, lol, probably it's because he's a giant and only the feet are visible, so it looks like foot fetish.. unvoluntarily, of course.

anyway the char needs a big fix, I'd like to make it more like the giant from Soul Calibur 3 (the bonus game/missions one)

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