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gui0007's POTS/POTS-ish Edits: Fire & Ice! Scorpion + Sub-Zero Released!


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Rainbow Mika Updated!

Update 2 Changelog
- Added optional .cmd with no AI Patch (cvsmika.cmd(No AI).def)
- Added winquotes
- Added new palettes by TDX
- Fixed the command of Rainbow Bomb

Link in the first post. :)

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Donovan UPDATED!


- Level 3 Portrait and Super KO Texts fixed
- Slay Shred bug when it's finished is fixed
- Some misaligned sprites, specially the dust effect are fixed
- Taunt fixed
- A.I. tweaked again
- Power Charge now works properly

EDIT: Hugo get another update! Link in his section in first post.

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Nakoruru UPDATED! Thanks my fella DeathScythe for the big help!


- Added Modern Super Finish Texts
- Added Modern Super Finish FX
- Removed add004 stuff
- Fixed the timing of Zetsumei Ougi
- Added more Quotes
- Added Color Separated sprites by ni-aru (aka _N_)
- Added Palettes by TDX and Rhythmical
- Fixed Hyper Finish Texts
- Added Modern landing effect + sound
- Added "Counter" text
- Added 2 Extra Lv3 Hyper Portraits

ReddBrink also did a new update on Hugo! Check first post for the new download link.
I'll show how Hugo plays in this newest update in few hours.

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23 hours ago, akenne007 said:

i wonder who that ninja is?

Here it is!

Guy released!

Trololo did an edit of POTS Guy but sadly a lot of things was missing and fixes are necessary.

So here's my re-edit+update of Guy!


The most challenging edit i did so far because now Guy have A LOT of new stuff and important fixes.
I want to give my thanks to my fella KOF_HERO_77 for helping me about the issues.

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