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Character Ideas


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Character Ideas

I have 8 ideas on characters you can convert into MUGEN Characters.

1. Decidueye from Pokémon Sun & Moon/Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

2. Yellow Iris, Captain Silver, & Pink Ostrich from Battle Circuit

3. Morpho Knight from Kirby

4. Chronos "Evil" Lait from Golden Axe III

5. Drill Man from Mega Man 4

6. Saturn from Mega Man V

7. All the Constellation Droids from Rockman Strategy, including Capricorn

8. Takamaru from Nazo no Murasamejou/The Mysterious Murasame Castle

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1 hour ago, PlasmoidThunder said:

For there to be any kind of validity to this thread, you'd need to supply far more than just the names of characters you want made.


Pretty much this, its one thing to say what character you want, but without a solid game plan in mind as to how the character should play, there isn't much that can be done.

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