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MGMURROW Garfield Gold


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A very bizarre Garfield edit. I'm fairly sure it's a heavy edit of aperson's version... I think Garfield is readying to fight the forces of Monday with full force. He's got laser eyes, time slowing, numerous beefed up projectiles, homing blasts, can spawn a wave of Odies to kick without pressing a button/bury for food or run into the enemy, a couple odd hypers involving melee attacks (and even a piledriver of sorts.) super armor from being hit sometimes, a Raging Demon clone, and a odd green spark that follows him around and he can turn it red which does... Something. He has insane comboing but does underpowered damage on everything to make up for it. Still probably not enough for the first day of the week... He also interestingly has hurt voice clips from various characters like Donald, Dee Bee Kaw, and Ghetto War Machine. Not sure why he's named after (in his .def) MGMURROW either. Doesn't seem to play like his characters at all. (Although I've only used one...) Also, there's something wrong with his winpose... It's "kinda" a jumpscare... But it's not scary "per say"... it';s also very easy to see coming too, so it shouldn't stop anyone's heart. Made by Dooermaster.

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Kater... Isn't Karter?




Even then, it's not THAT cheap. I can beat it with little issue with GooGoo64's characters. And this Garfield too... I know he made some Gardeclone that's most likely a spriteswap of that one cheap Kula clone.

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Hey, if your wondering, doomermaster was one of my oldest aliases back in my early MUGEN days. This was an old creation of mine I made solely because I thought that character was funny so I made this abomination you have obtained. I started working on him almost 5 years ago, so he's very dated and I am making a brand new, much more balanced remake of him without the strange and downright bizarre stuff you see in this one.

I based him off of MGMURROW's Hulk by the way and a few other characters.

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