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Basara's WIP Thread: The MFFA Branch Office (now with new projects!!)


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Knock Off Top Half is finally done, and Earthworm Jim is the first to receive this claytality, and all my CF chars now have the required anims to get this done. I post this here since it's still a WIP, Jim will be updated very soon (also working on his Squeeze claytality) as well the others that will have the required anims and even their own renditions of this claytality. Stay claytuned for more :

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Cancelled 2016 ClayFighter be like:


Second preview of Octohead, in normal standards he's practically ready to be released, he has now the FXs, all his moves and supers, but there's a lot to do yet:
-Thinking in his throws (CF2 has none, so they have to be invented)
-Starting with the combo system, only has the Combo Opener and the Combo Breaker available
-Starting with the claytalities too, I got a couple in mind I want to add


Also working on Nanaman, mostly thinking in his supers, I also opted to leave out Dr. Peelgood moves, mostly because they're useless with this char, maybe I should create one new move for him 🤔


And, here's a surprise for you 😉



I rechecked out the HoboCop sheet from Extreme beta and maybe it has all the sprites to convert him in a full character, mostly talking about the moves for the game than the basics, the reason I avoided it. Let me see what I can do with this sheet during these months, maybe I got good news for you 😉


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More news about Octohead!! 😄
Even when I don't have new shots for you, I can say that the combo system is ready, the only things to do now are the Insane Combos and the Claytalities, which like the half are almost ready (but untested) which are the Launch from MUGEN and the Knock Off Top Half, the anims and the code are there, but I didn't paste them yet 😜


Well, Octohead will be ready sooner than I thought, I still have some work with Nanaman (thinking in his supers and claytalities) and Lockjaw Pooch (I didn't start with his special moves and stuff, sorry). Not to mention I've to make a massive update to my CF chars with the new claytalities and Frosty specifically with their Insane Combos (seeing how to rip that tongue attack)


Oh, and I edited the Streamable link above, now the video can be seen, sorry for that

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New video previews for you, guys!! 😄

Octohead is in process of his Insane Combos and it's ready, if the time allows me, I could release him this week or at least before September ends. Nanaman has less advance, but now has all FX (in process to align them) and supers (2 super versions of his 2 moves plus the one on the video) and starting with his claytalities. I expected to release them both, but Nana will be delayed until October, as well Lockjaw who I did nothing more yet XD

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OK, I'm gonna take a rest from ClayFighter for now (but not at all, I still have to finish Nanaman) to add these 2 chars to my WIP list: SFA2 Dan Hibiki and Evil Satomi Yajima (based on the Variable Geo OVAs). I'm starting both chars: Dan is in SFF construction and Evil Satomi in AIR construction (I'll use NyanKiryu's Satomi SFF). To get more info about these two, you can see my posts on Guild here: Dan and Evil Satomi, as well I updated the first post with their info 😉 

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OK, now I got you some advances for my 2 Variable Geo projects: Chiho Masuda (back from the development hell!) and Evil Satomi Yajima (powered by Miranda Jahana!)


1. Chiho Masuda
Getting back on what I made before, he had all basics but a couple of standing punches and that's all. Now she has all punches and kicks, but since I made her SFF from scratch, I'm still adding sprites to her. I'm actually using Sakuraka's Chiho as inspiration right now, I still have to replay VGC (and if I got some more time, AVG2 in my PSX) to get her more, but until now she's 100% playable ATM



2. Evil Satomi Yajima
With her I'm going faster than Chiho since I'm using NyanKiryu's Satomi SFF and I'm making her AIR from scratch. Also she has all basics, all punches and kicks and she's 100% playable, but I'm seeing how to make her different from normal Satomi in poses and other stuff (I have to double voice her and I didn't modify her WAV files yet), but apart of the big portrait, also I made a small portrait to follow the same way than Chiho. And I still have to introduce Miranda sprites on her SFF (you know, like M.Bison cameos on Reu's Evil Ken, you got the idea 😉)


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