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Karin Kanzuki


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Karin Kanzuki's Read Me

Character Info

Name: Karin Kanzuki
Birthplace : Japan
Fighting Style : Kanzuki Style Martial Arts
Rivals : Sakura, Ken, R.Mika, Blanka, Guy
Version : 1.0

There have been very few Karin's throughout the years, most memorable being POTS' Karin being in the mainstream.
My version of Karin is not to compete with POTS', but rather to compliment the character but giving her a new twist.
All of her moves are in the game with some tweaks to make her gameplay a better, at least in my opinion.

Move List

Move Command
Guren Ken D, DF , F, Punch
Hou Shou F, D, DF, F, Punch
Mujin Kyaku F, D, DF, F, Kick
Ressen Chou B, D, DB, B, Punch
Ressen Ha B, D, F, UF, Kick
Yasha Gaeshi D, DB, B, Punch
Yasha Gaeshi D, DB, B, Kick
Arakuma Inashi 360°, Punch

Level 1 Supers

Move Command
Kanzuki-Ryuu Shinpikaibyaku D, DF, F, D, DF, F, Punch
Kanzuki-Ryuu Kou'ou Ken D, DF, F, D, DF, F, Kick

Level 3 Supers

Move Command
Kurosuoba D, DB, B, D, DB, B, Light Punch

Special Thanks

My Wife
Capcom (for making Karin)
Elecbyte (for making M.U.G.E.N)
You for downloading my work.

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Tested. Pretty awesome.


Feedback (first time, so take this with a grain of salt):

There was a praticular combo I did, possibly with one of the hypers, that took out just about half of the opponent's health.

Sakura kinda steals the show a little bit during the crossover hyper.

The SSB4-esque sounds are a nice touch.


Kinda all I have to say. I may have found a new main!


Also, this is kinda odd to say, but is Karin wearing her panties over biking shorts? Just something I noticed in her sprite design.

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I just noticed this from the Char of the month thread. This is awesome and you should really do that SFA Chun-li you telling my none coding ass to do a while back after you finish SSGSS Goku Admin Sensi Ry


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