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The Best Mugen - Characters


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Updated with more popular picks. Micky has been dropped and replaced with Popeye (coming soon). Unless someone knows of a more popular DDR mugen release? I rarely see Micky... I think Popeye is the better choice? Though i'm not sure if him or Duck Dodgers? Maybe Marvin?



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My personal favorites:

Super Mario and Super Luigi by ShinRyoga and NeoAnkh

Hotel Mario by Gruntzilla94

The King by Quetzalcoatl_88

3D SSBB Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario by SNS

All Clayfighter characters by Shadowtak

All creations by Warner

Apocalypse, Master Hand, and Pocket SSB Mario by N64Mario

Homer Simpson by Team S.M.R.T.

Marvin and Duck Dodgers by DDR Creations

Yoshi by Mysteryvore

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These favorites of mine aren't too well known and need some more love, they're great:

Astraea by Sankiti
Ayu Tukyima by 586
Wu-Ling by mass
Rage Rock by Vans & The_None 
Rozwel by unknown author
W-tenko by nns&macbeth
Kirby by Bane84
Akashi Kaoru by baggy
Silvermoon by neo
Wind-SE by Warheit
Orochi Akuma by ANONYMOUS_data-Demon
Windows 95 (female)
Hato Sabure
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I am excluding haruhi suzumiya, Why do you find haruhi suzumiya the best? I dont know what is haruhi suzumiya doing there, its a char that is supposed to be the worst, please dont tell me you like her panty shots.

-Everybody's opinion excluding you

Did someone ever taught you to respect other people's opinion? 

Verbal warning for you good sir, don't do it anymore in the future.


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Ok, i choose

best joke characters:

Omega Tiger Woods by The_None & Most_Mysterious

Uppercut by The_None

Dee Bee Kaw by The_None & Most_Mysterious

AKFGZ (haves a joke to kenshiro so, why not as a most best joke character?)

Geary Stu by Lightningdood

Adom by MattTheBiscuit

DBZ best characters:






Other best characters:

Donald by Kishio

Colonel Sanders by peg

Touhou best characters:

Reimu Hakurei by Ricepigeon

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Well, for me dont exist  The best character.

For all kinds of characters (except retards), have their good points, bad points, well no matter what kind of content that have (explicit or hand are passed on certain issues that have appeared throughout the years in mugen ), to admit that there was a good job and put a lot of effort into them.

But everyone has their opinion and I respect that. and this is my opinion,no offense.

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My Fav Chars Is

Chuck Norris 

Michael Jackson

MK1 Chars and MK2

SF Ryu 

Evil Ken And Ryu 

UMK3 Ninja 

Johny Cage From Mortal Kombat Trilogy 

Ronald McDonald


MegamanX and Old School 

YTP Mario Luigi 

Heavy TF2 edit

SF ken

Sexy Juli

King YTP






Robotnik robots



Sonic style 2 

Homer Simpson

Mario And Luigi By Shin

Mario SMBZ

Crasher As (Angry german KId)


From Marvel, Dragon Ball z, DC comics.

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List has been updated with deadpool and batman!


I'm considering Rojin's taskmaster as he had a lot of hype before release, though not sure if it's absolutely big enough on the mugen scene?


I'm definitely considering some of the ryus and kens and akumas/gouki's with angel/god/dark/evil/orochi/ghost/phantom/angry versions; since they were a huge collector's item for many years and probably still are. That's all i could remember at Mugen Fighters Guild, Infinity Mugen Team and Mugen Infantry at the time. They were flooded with these characters and youtube mugen was mostly about these versions.


I read a few mentions here on evil ryu and evil ken, perhaps these were the most popular out of the bunch? I'll have to consult the fans a bit more and find out more info to be certain of this before they are added to this fantastic mugen list. Thank you everyone for contributing these fine choices.


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