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Bowser: SNES Re-imagining


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Haha yes you are right. I've been writing that everywhere. Bowser's original sprite look like they belong in NES, so I wrote that. Shamefully never played the game. :\ Anyways, hope you like it. KFM in that video is fighting him with lower defense for testing, so that's why it looks so simple.

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Easily the best Bowser in mugen!


dat pixelated shading

Yep, it's a good use of noise, that's for sure.



Definitely going to have to give a shot against this.

Cool, I appreciate any feedback you can give. Also, geeze man, I didn't even know it was you until I double-took the name. Your avatar completely threw me off, lol.



Same, this is interesting.

Hope you like it!


Based on some feedback from yesterday, I'll be releasing an update today, but I'll probably wait a little longer just so I can get everything noted at once.

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I'm going to test this when I'm home.

Sweet, let me know what you think. :)



My edit  :awesome

(HD)Bowser by K.Y-Shanxi : http://www.4shared.com/rar/jOpnZCO7ce/Bowser.html?

Um, why?


1. That's not an edit of this Bowser.

2. Probably not a good idea to post other releases in someone else's release thread.

1.) Oh good, you downloaded it, because I sure as hell don't want to. Even if it was, that's kind of rude in my opinion.

2.) Yes, you're right.



Man! this looks awesome i need to try this Out! :awesome


Cool release Алексей. :-D

Thanks Galvatron! :)

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And here's video of my tryout:

Nice playthrough. You know that video showed me something I guess I hadn't noticed. In the released version, Bowser doesn't have any invul frames after he's hit. That's so weird because he was supposed. Hell, in his update, he's going to have even more invul frames lol.

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