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Seeing as though he's going through tough times which we all hope he'll pull through, this request thread is dedicated to finding the rest of his stuff that was not only taken off his site, but ALSO his MediaFire page. Seeing as I already uploaded his Duck Hunt Dog, I feel It's only fair to put all of his stuff on a checklist as more of his things are reuploaded.

Character Checklist:

Duck Hunt Dog - Check

Jacky Bryant - Check

SNES Spawn - Check

Omanyte - Check

Muncher - Check

Mari (Bootleg Mario) - Check

Luke Skywalker - Check

Aladdin - Check

Ditto - Check

Road Runner - Check

Koopa - Check

Heartless Ken - Check

Blue Ranger (I really wanted this to be complete, but we all know what happened) - ?????

Stage Checklist:

Mareep Grassland - Check

Sonic Bonus Stage- Check

Muscle World - Check

Zippity Splat - Check

LIST COMPLETED (minus a certain Ranger)

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