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How to play Mugen Online Using IKEMEN


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anyone want to play on ikemen?

me :awesome I wanna try out this awesome engine through network battle :awesomebut I stay in this time zone: GMT+8


I am good in using mainly shotos, Ryu, Ken, Gouki, Sagat and Kyo Kusanagi. My only handicap is I can't dodge forward/backward due to my keyboard doesn't allow me to do that :confuse:

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Sorry about that, I wrote wrongly, should be Ryu, Ken, Gouki, Sagat and Kyo Kusanagi without adding the word shoto :bow:so anyone interest in playing ikemen with me? I stay at this time zone: GMT+8 and the character roster will be:

Ryu by GM, Ken by GM, Gouki by GM, Ryu by Umihei, Gouki by Umihei, Ryu by Rei, Ken by Rei, Gouki by Izumo, Kyo 98 by Ikaruga, Kyo 02 by Ikaruga, Kyo XI by Ikaruga, Kusanagi by Ikaruga and Clone Kyo by Ikaruga

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