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How to play Mugen Online Using IKEMEN


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Thanks to Alexei for figuring out how to use Tunngle with Ikemen.

To play Mugen Online You need Tunngle installed, A copy of Ikemen (both users need the same characters otherwise you get blanks in your roster), I recommend Notepad ++ for editing LUA file to modify Ikemen.

First Step is to log into Tunngle and search for the network "Game Emulators" Once you are logged in you will be issued a Virtual IP. that is the number you give to OTHERS in the same network/room to play you.

Second Step is to load up Ikemen, Go to network and IF you are HOSTING just click OK when the Input Server window pops up do not enter a IP.

If you are challening someone you will enter THEIR Virtual IP into the Input Server window, and It will almost instantly go to the select screen.

Third Step, Have fun, And Don't spam moves that you can't escape..*cough Ultra Fatality cough*

If your interested in Ultra Fatality's teaser that we missed in the video, Check out his Full Game topic on Mugen Free For All to find out more info on it, And Hey you never know He may post another teaser.
Download Tungle

Download Ikemen

Download Ikemen (Ryon's Version)

Download Notepad ++

Ultra Fatality's Full Game

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Does this thing still de-sync on turns mode?


I noticed Desyncing at random times, sometimes turns, sometimes, simul, sometimes single.


1 time we had a complete desync where Ultra Fatality won and I lost, where on my end I won and he lost.

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Thanks brother!


Yeah dude, This is a big step up for Mugen characters.

If Ikemen keeps getting updates to support more technical characters (big sff's and 1.1, 24bit images)

Its worth showing people how to use it.

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ssz folder

config.ssz (open with notepad or notepad ++)

scroll down till you see this.

-1, (int)k_t::UP, (int)k_t::DOWN, (int)k_t::LEFT, (int)k_t::RIGHT,
(int)k_t::a, (int)k_t::s, (int)k_t::d, (int)k_t::z, (int)k_t::x, (int)k_t::c,

and the rest I leave to you, its trial and error baby!

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Well, I recently started using Ikemen and I have found out that Ikemen can handle old version of Mugen characters well although some of the characters' moves are slightly off, characters such as Order Sol by Akutagawa: http://www.geocities.jp/akutagawa_s154/ as in Mugen 1.0/1.1, it crashed but when he is played in Ikemen, he does not have any problem :awesomethis same goes to some of the characters' issue which I have pointed out here: http://mugenfreeforall.com/index.php?/topic/19100-end-corner-infinite-combo-in-mugen-1011/

seems to have no problem at all :awesomeand also Terry Bogard by Sander 71113's Max version of Buster Wolf can be executed unlike when he is used in Mugen 1.0/1.1.


There are still some issues when some characters are used in Ikemen, such as Divinewolf and VictoryS' characters where when I perform his run command, they jump forward :confuse:and also some gethits problem.

Some of the Hi-Resolution stages are not working as well such as Kaine's Mizuchi, NeoDio and Shishioh's stages.

Ikemen does not completely close down the whole engine if a character has got problem such as incompatible issue as I add Kyo by Neogouki into Ikemen and it gives an error message. It will just return to player select screen and allow player to select another character. I think I like Ikemen more than any other engine although it lacks a few things when compare to Mugen, it doesn't even suddenly crashed and shut down the engine which I have problem with the Mugen engines :awesome

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