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[Winmugen and 1.0] Ryu by Adrian Released 8/25/14


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You know what to expect, I don't even have to say it, but yes, it does have flaws.

Also from the readme his misc moves:
D, DF, F, x+a
D, DF, F, y+b
D, DF, F, z+c
D, DF, F, x+b
He also has a Raging Demon.




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mugenversion=1.0 and WinMugen


^ Mugen parses this as winmugen only, just so you know.



^ Nice background alignment

  • Shoryuken and Shin Shoryuken has him instantly teleport back to the ground as soon as he starts falling
  • Standium Medium Punch can be cancelled into his fall state by mashing Y.
  • Tatsumaki has 32 startup frames (40 on Medium and Heavy), while also being up to -66 on block.
  • Shin Shoryuken 3rd hit doesn't make contact
  • No damage dampening
  • Grounded commands make the rookie mistake of using "Statetype = S" as a trigger instead of "Statetype != A", thus making special motions next to impossible to do in a practical setting.
  • gPwDe8j.png


  • 0CyqPiM.png


  • gwxHUa6.png


  • TJ2oPwX.pngw2e9f9V.png

    Tatsu hits crouching opponents and lacks any form of projectile invincibility

  • 6GIGVe5.png

    In simul mode, opponent can be knocked out of the throw because of the hitboxes above. Speaking of hitboxes...

  • 7cpJ4HN.pngfCcg1qR.png

    Using AutoCLSN needs to be retroactively removed from all versions of Fighter Factory...

  • 8BHDD4T.png

    Did I mention debug spam?

  • Crouching HP is supposed to be a launcher, yet he can't super jump cancel it.
  • No form of visible juggle checking. Just spamming Aerial LP takes a chunk of your health
  • Why can Aerial MP cancel into itself?
  • Taunt button does nothing except render him unable to jump.
  • Matrix Ryu does.... nothing? I'm dead serious, it seems like all it does is give him an afterimage and thats it. No other benefits or drawbacks aside from eating your meter and giving nothing in return except some fancy bells and whistles.
  • Power Up is pretty much the same thing. No damage boosts, no animation timing differences, no additional cancel properties, nothing... All for 1000 power...
  • TVSRUrj.png

    More misaligned hitsparks... on a Raging Demon of all things...

  • 1McZuEI.png

    Opponent... disappears... I swear its not even Yukari's gap shenanigans this time, either...

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